Was Chrissy From You're Cut Off "Frontin?"

We should have known from the Forever 21 dress...this bitch is broke!

Well, it depends on who you believe.

If you believe VH-1, “Chrissy is a spoiled-rich princess from Los Angeles. Chrissy’s highest goal in life is to be married three times so she can have three fabulous weddings. It takes a lot of money to even get her to look twice at a man, and she wouldn’t entertain any proposal that didn’t come with at least a $300,000 engagement ring.” (So says her bio on the show’s website.)

Now…if you believe a source that claims she knows Chrissy, (I’ve posted it just like she did to preserve the extra flava!)

First off, her name is Christine. She has a baby and she’s not married. Her azz doesn’t come from some privileged background. She used to live in an apartment off the 710 freeway in Long Beach. Her stepdad was paying the rent there because he had divorced her mom and she (Chrissy) had nowhere to live. He paid the rent for her until she had a job. Which she didn’t keep. So he stopped paying the rent and she had to move in with her grandmother. She used to drive a Ford. Now she’s Chrissy? Get the phuck outta here.”

The source goes on to ‘spill some tea’ on Chrissy. (Am I out of the loop? Is ‘spill some tea’ a hip new saying that the kids are saying these days? The Ashley is so out of it.)

“I remember when her ass was at a video shoot walking around in her bikini during down time. Most people had on robes or cover-ups. Not this trick. She walking around giving people a free show. Her reasons was she thought by doing so, she would get a principal role. Guess what, she didn’t get shyt but hit on by a bunch of scrubs.”

Now, of course, this is just internet speculation, but honestly, I kind of believe it. Of all the girls, Chrissy seemed to be the least classy and the most fake. (And I’m not just talking about her creepy Sharpie-drawn eyebrows. I’ve seen better eyebrows on cholas walking through Anaheim.)

It is strange to know that Chrissy’s family was never shown in the beginning of the show like the other girl’s families were, and Chrissy was conveniently cut out of the show before the finale, so that we wouldn’t have to meet her “rich” parents. But couldn’t they have just cast a guy with a jerry curl and a woman with creepy eyebrows to play her parents?

Well, this source posted this info on a message board  and the comments came flying. The Ashley’s personal favorite response came from a poster called Chillaxion, who writes:

“My first indication that Chrissy didn’t come from Nothing…..those teeth are hideous….I can take the brows but if you gonna be all fabulous Ms. Chrissy please do sumthin bout yo grill girl!!!!!!”

LOL, girl!

But anyway, I don’t think anyone would be shocked to know that a VH-1 reality show is fake. But the thing I don’t understand is why they had to find girls to pretend to be spoiled and annoying. There are plenty of girls who are really like that. Seriously, go out to Melrose Avenue and grab the first 20-something with a designer bag and a bad attitude and I’m sure  the producers would have gotten the drama they were looking for. Why make us suffer through Chrissy’s orchestrated annoyingness for eight weeks?


  1. why are you soo concernd about what she says on tv and how she lives her life sounds likee you are hater! your mad becausee you didnt get on the show and why are you putting her buiness on the internet anyways! all the shows on tv are so fake anyways so chill

  2. wow. im so late considering dis wuz bak in ’10. Anywho…i didnt notice all da fakeness about her. She jus has a really bad attitude. And if she is broke more power 2 a broke ass bitch tryna make sum money on a fake ass reality show.

  3. How is it that you think Spill some tea is new…babe that is from way way back in the gay days…..
    Give me the T
    Spill the T
    Its all about giving the backstory, the dirt..
    and if that Tranny Chrissy is real, RuPaul ain’t doing drag…and well we got that on lock.

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