Where are They Now: The Couples of ‘Engaged & Underage’

Still in love? Or in divorce court?!

Back in 2007, The Ashley was in love with the MTV show Engaged & Underage. If you never watched this show, you missed out! Basically, it followed couples that were between the ages of 18-21 that were getting married. Most of the couples already seemed like train wrecks, even before the wedding. (The Ashley liked that!)

It’s hard enough to make a marriage work. When you add in a two very young people and a shaky relationship, it’s recipe for disaster! The Ashley did some sleuthing to find out whatever happened to some of the show’s most interesting couples! Who’s still together and who can’t stand each other?!


Aussie & Jason:

These “straight-edgers” had their reception in the driveway of his parent’s house and had a metal-core mosh pit for their first dance (as you do). They even got interlinking wrist tattoos to show their love.

Together or Not in 2012: Together!  Aussie and Jason, now in their mid-20s, have lasted longer than most people probably expected. However, they apparently went through a rough period this summer. In June 2012, they both changed their relationship status on Facebook to “single.” By the end of August, however, they were back together!

engaged and underage

Erica & Josh:

This was the couple that had the “Beauty and the Beast” quality about them. Erica was a spicy and super hot Latina girl and Josh was a straight-edge hardcore punk guy. They made absolutely no sense. Josh would always get all butt-hurt when Erica would have a drink, because apparently if you’re straight-edge, and you kiss someone with alcohol breath, that makes you un-straightedge. Or something. Another problem? Erica liked to spend money and Josh had none.

Together or Not in 2012: D-I-V-O-R-C-E! After moving in with Erica’s mom around 2008 to “save money,” they ended up hating each other and got divorced!

engaged and underage

Cassandra & Emmile:

As the only lesbians to be featured on the show, Cassie and Em stirred up lots of controversy when they decided to get married at age 19. They fought all the time, and their parents were super unhappy that they were 1) young, 2) lesbians, 3) getting married. They met on MySpace (awesome) and were engaged after a month.

Together or Not in 2012: No way! Since their marriage wasn’t actually legal, the girls  didn’t have to get divorced, but by the end of 2009, their lesbian love affair was totally over. And from the looks of Cassie’s MySpace blog, it didn’t end pretty:

[The marriage] was a huge mistake…but one thing I do know is that I learned a great deal from being married at age 19. It’s so strange to be 21 and “divorced.” I was too young to get married…yes everyone was right. The best thing I  learned from my experience is what true love is, and that is someone that is willing to make you feel like an equal…not being too good to suck it up and work hard to make it work and still is head over hills in love with you and wants to spend their life with you.  Not to mention someone that doesn’t believe that people deserve to be hit as punishment for stupid little things. Pathetic.

engaged and underage
Don’t leave these two alone with anything sharp.

Michelle & Ben:

Michelle and Ben drove me crazy throughout their whole episode. Michelle seemed like a brat and Ben seemed to already hate her, even before the wedding. They had been together since they were 15, and Ben’s family didn’t like Michelle because they knew she was a demanding bitch. The day before the wedding, Ben assures Michelle that she doesn’t need to be upset or afraid of what’s to come. He thinks they will prove everyone wrong by making the relationship work, no matter how much — or little — money he makes. He says he loves her more than anything, and that is all that matters.

Together or Not in 2010: Hell no! This one didn’t even last a year!! Michelle said in 2008 that they grew apart, which probably translates to Ben not being able to take that bitch one second longer! Michelle did get a boob job after the show though, and Ben’s still not interested.

According to a good source, Michelle got remarried in 2010. She later got her college degree and was last known to be working as an embalmer in a funeral parlor in Florida.

Josh & Mandy:

You will remember them as the surfer girl and her boyfriend that lived in Florida. Mandy was the one who had super blond, curly hair and said “dude” a lot. Mandy took care of (but was kind of mean to) her mother, who had MS. She dropped out of college, they got married and moved to the beach at age 18.

Together or Not in 2012: Together, as of 2011 (I couldn’t find any information on them after that). Mandy gave birth to their son in 2009, and later a daughter in 2011. Josh, Mandy and their kids are still living on the beach in Florida.

Josh & Ashley:

Josh was the baby daddy of both of 18-year-old Ashley’s two children. (Yes, I said two. And yes, I said she’s 18. Good Lord girl, use some birth control!) Ashley used to be in pageants, but put the tiaras aside to focus on producing illegitimate children with Josh. Awesome. Here’s the full episode summary if you’re interested.

Together or Not in 2012: Split! Ashley and Josh have since divorced since the show. (Special thanks to Roundup reader asdhas for sending an update on them!)

Josh & Bre:


Josh and Bre appeared on the first season of the show. They seemed relatively drama free and were one of the few couples that seemed to have a chance at making it.

Together or Not in 2012: Together! These two are still very much in love. In 2010, they welcomed a son and in June 2012, a daughter named Lila Blue. In 2011, Josh sent a great letter directly to The Ashley to update us on their lives together:

Bre and myself couldn’t be happier; our son, Jude, is a year old today. Here’s a link to his website:http://JudeOliver.com.

I’m the Director of Social Media & Graphic Design for a franchise of 10 restaurants and I also own a design company called “Hook” — and I’m still pursuing my music —Bre is a stay-at-home mom to Jude and she loves every bit of it. We have been truly blessed; it’s hard to believe we’ve been married for nearly 4 years. Time flies when you’re having fun

engaged and underageDavid and Lauren:

These two were the very first couple to appear on the show.  They were the religious couple who remained “sexually pure” for each other until their wedding day!

Together or Not in 2012: Still together and going strong! The couple now resides in Brooklyn, New York, and run a non-profit organization called The Love Alliance, according to their blog. They also travel around the country doing charity work with the organization. It seems Lauren did some work for MTV after their show, even hosting a live on-air wedding which served as the series’ last episode.

(Update May 2013): Lauren and David welcomed their first child, a baby girl, in early 2013!

engaged and underageChad and Amanda

Together or Not in 2012: Together! Chad and Amanda have been married since 2008 and are now the proud parents of two children. They documented the story of them finding out they were pregnant with their first child here. They bought a house and are now living in Arizona.

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  1. Tiffany mommytothree on YouTube was on engaged and underage. Her husband’s name is David I do believe. He’s in the military. They are still married and expecting baby #4. They have a daughter Aubrey, son Austin, and another daughter Brooke. The new babys another girl. By the looks of it Brooke was like 4-5 months old when tiffany got pregnant again.

  2. This is awesome! Haha, glad you were a fan of the show! I was too even before we were on. It was a pretty cool experience being on the show. They are airing new episodes on Logo now for any other fans of the series.

  3. Yes, Chris and Amanda update please!!! I wanted to reach through the screen and shave her pretty blonde hair.

  4. Update about Chris and Amanda, please?? I think we’re all dying to know how that trainwreck went down!

    Also, I’m glad Josh & Bre and Ashley & Byron are still together. It seemed like they were both realistic about their expectations.

  5. what happened to maribel and julio? i loved that episode and she said at the end of theirs that they had some important news hmmmm……..

  6. Jenn and jake are still together. I am friends with her on facebook. They were the couple from cleveland i believe, but lived together in hawaii. He was in the US army

  7. Yea Josh and Erica weren’t even good together as a couple. We told Josh not to do it. Honestly I feel that he only married her because of her physical aspect. Any guy lucky enough to have a girl that turns heads will make him get cocky. Josh is a good guy though. Gotta love having your friends on MTV LOL

  8. Angels mom Suzy is one of my facebook friends. Angel and Cristian are still togeather and had another boy sometime ago!!

    1. I am Jacob’s cousin, Jacob and Chantel are not together anymore. She woke up one day and decided she didn’t want to be married, was no longer in love, and basically split town. Jacob is doing really good. He has a great job, house, and family and is dating someone who seems to make him a lot happier.

  9. Chris and Amanda are divorced. David and Lauren are still together and living in Brooklyn, via david’s twitter.

    What about Angel and Christen and Chantel and Jacob??? or Maribel and Julio??
    You should do more updates, this show rocked!!!!

    1. I am wondering about Chris and Amanda too. Amanda was psycho. I can’t believe they are divorced since she was so religious. She was ugly and he could do a lot better.

      1. I think Amanda is ungrateful, unfair and a BRAT!! I wish I could use other words. I’m glad they ain’t together poor Chris done everything for her changed his religion for her etc. I can keep goin all day long. I mean that brat didnt even take Chris’s feelings into consideration when he wanted his parents to be part of the wedding. I wish he would have asked her what would’ve happened if the tables had turned and her parents weren’t allowed to see her get married and your right that brat is ugly lol

  10. Ashley & Josh from Florence KY are not together anymore & working on a divorce. Ashley is also ENGAGED AGAIN to another guy!!

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