Two Players Quit Survivor! Say 'So Long' to Naonka's Creepy Face!

OMG...why did Naonka keep making those horrible faces during the Tribal Council. I know it was raining, but Jeez 'o' Man she was scary!

Two people left Survivor this week on their own! People rarely quit the show; in fact, The Ashley can only think of a few instances that people have left voluntarily in all of the seasons that she has been watching it. She was shocked as she watched Kelly and that horrible, no good Naonka hit the road on Wednesday’s episode.

Now, two things need to be addressed here, so I’ll start with the one that bugs me the most:

"Waa! Nobody told me Survivor was going to be hard!!"

Why the hell do they still call her “Purple Kelly” even though the other Kelly left months ago?! Every time I hear someone call her that it makes me want to scratch someone’s eyes out!! It’s so annoying. Thankfully we won’t have to hear them call her that anymore. She will now be known as “Quitter Kelly.”

In other news, Ding Dong the Witch is Dead! (Well, off the island!) Naonka is GONE! With all her talk about being so hard and straight out the hood and all, she ended up not being able to hack it and quit.

In a lame explanation, she said she was “anemic,” therefore her being in the rain made her bones ache. Um…what??! For those of you who aren’t as disease-obsessed as The Ashley, anemia means you have an iron deficiency. It makes you feel tired, among other things. It’s very common in women. However, um, don’t you think that anybody who is out an island eating a spoonful of rice a day is probably iron deficient?! How is Naonka “special” and hurting worse than anyone else? That’s just one of the things that make her one of The Ashley’s least-favorite people ever. She is going down in The Ashley’s Hate Hall of Fame.

Take a flying leap into a pile of donkey crap, Naonka!

On top of being a whining, stealing crapnugget, Naonka proved that she is selfish and plain mean when her team won a reward challenge to go watch and movie and eat movie food (hot dogs, nachos, etc.) Because the teams’ tarp got burned up in a fire (as did most of their rice), and the production didn’t want to see people die, Jeff told the winners of the challenge that if one of them stayed back and didn’t enjoy their reward, he would give the entire group a new tent and rice supply.

Right before this, Naonka tells everyone that she plans to quit and will be leaving that night after the reward challenge. She ends up being on the winning team, but even though she will be chowing down within a few hours after she quits, still goes on the damn reward and eats, leaving Holly to stay back and get the tarp.

What a self-centered horrible person. She’s a gym teacher– can you imagine being in her class? She probably makes those poor kids braid her nasty ass hair during their gym period!

It’s been a while since The Ashley literally has to hold herself back from punching her television set, but Naonka pushed her to the edge. I was thisclose from just bitch -slapping my TV when this incident went down. Thankfully, The Husband was there to protect his precious TV!

Anyway, if you want to read more about the quitters, here’s a good article with a Q & A with Naonka and Purple Kelly. Naonka’s inability to refrain from using a crapload of expletives, even while being interviewed,  just shows her lack of character. How is this woman a teacher?!!!

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