Wanna See Pictures from Leah’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ Wedding?

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Leah Messer and Corey Simms got hitched on October 17, and we will get to see the wedding on this season of Teen Mom 2, but if you’re like The Ashley, you’re so pathetic that you just can’t wait until then!

Luckily, Leah posted a few of the photos from her wedding onto her Facebook page. However, MTV got mad and made her take them down. (I guess it kind of spoils the episode or something?)

From what The Ashley know, it was a fall-themed wedding and the twin girls were involved in the ceremony, which took place in West Virginia.

Her bridesmaids were dressed in a sea foamy green color and the maid of honor wore some sort of purple color.

Anyway, after Leah posted the photos to her Facebook fan page, she soon yanked them down, and posted a frantic message for everyone to delete them off of their pages, due to MTV being angry that she posted them too early.

Update March 2011: Here’s a clip of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ episode about Leah and Corey’s wedding! Enjoy!

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  1. Not to sound too mean but I really do think that Leah and Cory are going to be the only ones from the whole mtv babies series to actually make it and work be happy together because Cory and Leah are more mature they the rest of the girls. I really cant see any guy wanting to date farrah because she is just so annoying and she thinks she so much better than anyone else and its not like farrah you are no Jennifer love hewitt get over your self.

  2. Soooo glad Leah and Corey got married! & ur right, Leah looked very beautiful!! Thanks The Ashley for posting this!

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