5 Things We Learned from Watching the New ‘Teen Mom’ Season 5 Trailer

This season is gonna be goooood....
This season is gonna be goooood….

By Holly Rasmussen

It’s been more than two years since we’ve had a new season with the Teen Moms who started it all: Maci, Catelynn, Amber and Farrah. To prepare for the upcoming fifth season of the show, which premieres on March 23, MTV released the first trailer for Teen Mom: OG (Original Girls) today and boy is it a doozy! Here are the Top 5 things we learned while watching it:

  • Everyone is pregnant. Maci and Catelynn are both pregnant and Gary has knocked up his new girlfriend. Why weren’t they all using Gary’s own brand of condoms?
  • Amber claims Gary doesn’t want his new child. Uh-Oh.
  •  Ryan is still a sucky dad. “I’m not gonna have my son be ignored,” Maci drawls.
  • Amber’s new man proposes to her. Let’s hope it’s not another $24 Wal-Mart ring.
  • Farrah is back and all of the other cast members are not happy about it. We will get to see their reactions when they find out Farrah (and her backdoor) are back on the show. (More on in a later post…)

It looks like this season may turn out to be the best one yet. As you may know, this time the cast will be “breaking the fourth wall.” Previously, the cast had to go about their daily lives pretending the cameras weren’t there. This season, we will actually get to see the cast interacting with the crew and we will get a closer look of what goes into making the show happen. Get ready because all of the Farrah-ugly-crying, fighting and pregnancy test-taking starts on March 23 on MTV!

Watch the full trailer below:

23 Responses

  1. Maci’s reaction to the Farrah news was priceless. I don’t blame her for being pissed. Farrah is an embarrassment.

  2. All the specials did was reaffirmed my low opinion of these ‘girls’. Not one of them have changed for the better, or achieved anything worth wild. In fact, most are making even bigger, and more egregious, life choices.

    In other words, I am OVER them. I wont be watching.

    1. What do you find egregious? I’d say that Farrah and her choices would be the only thing that falls under that category. That’s pretty sad you find Motherhood to be so horrible. These are grown WOMEN now and just because some of them are choosing to grow their family doesn’t make them less than considering motherhood is the toughest job of all.
      In fact, Tyler and Catelynn do conferences educating young women about teen pregnancy and adoption. Is that not worth while enough for you? Bashing young women instead of encouraging and empowering them makes you sound more like the “girl” in my opinion.

        1. You sound like a bitter as old lady speaking on ladies’ backgrounds that you know nothing about. How do you know what they do outside of the show? Most of these ladies’ do exactly what I would do in their position, create a career out of the name they made for themselves. Allowing them to be more present as parents’ in their children’s lives than the average American drone.
          Oh, but I’m sure you are a perfectly semi absent parent with a FABULOUSSS job! The world is so proud of you, girl.
          Who are you to judge somebody’s path? NOBODY. Please just stfu and go back to your sad little corner of the world, please.

          1. So working parents with good jobs are all “semi-absent”? Wow. Well I’m glad your husband has a good job or else I guess the government or your parents are supporting you and your kids.

          2. Wow, keeping it classy there, right ‘aj’.

            Not that I have to qualify, or justify, my posts, but…

            Sorry, that yes, as a single parent, I actually WAITED until I finished college, owned my own home, and had some money, before I had a kid. A kid who’s off to college, with EARNED an scholarship, next year, mind you. I must have done something right.

            Who are you again?

          3. Really guys here? This isn’t a mommy blog, save the SAHM vs working mom debate for those sites lol Ashley when is the Valerie update coming??

      1. I don’t really care about the porn.

        It’s not a long lasting ‘career’ choice. She’s a less than ‘D’ list ‘celebrate’, no one will be interested in in a couple of years. Especially if they see her stank attitude on TM2.

        What else is she doing? We all saw her example of ‘cooking’ on the show, so that’s not really much of an option, either. When was the last time she even mentioned her ‘fresh/frozen restaurant’?

        Stripper? Career choice of last resort, and yet, still for the long term.

  3. This sneak peak just makes me dislike Farrah more – she looks incredibly fake and her personality goes against everything the show was suppose to stan for. Lucky for her she has an excuse for everything, but I would like to hear the truth – she literally wants more than her 15 mins of fame. How are people suppose to relate to her when she can’t be real to herself? And then people get called out as “haters” for dissing her – this is nothing that I truly would not say to her face if I ever got to meet her. All the other girls on the show either worked, improved their lives and basically drifted out of the spotlight..

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