It’s Official! ‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Maci Bookout & Taylor McKinney are (Finally) Engaged!

"He finally did it y'all!"
“He finally did it y’all!”

It’s finally happened– Maci Bookout is officially engaged!

The Teen Mom OG star, whose storyline this season has basically just been about her pushing her longtime boyfriend Taylor McKinney to propose, announced today that Taylor  finally popped the question.

Maci took to her Instagram, as well as her Twitter account, to announce the big news.

“Well y’all, my best friend asked me to marry him! I’m one lucky lady, I love you T!” Maci captioned a photo of her and Taylor kissing.

The proposal took place within the past few days, at Venice Beach in California. (Maci and Taylor had been in California to film the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 5B reunion show this past weekend.)

“We were on Venice Beach!” Maci told MTV News. “He (and MTV) had told me that I was going to do an interview for, which turned out to be a complete trick just to get me to the beach for him to ask me. When he asked me to marry him, I was in complete shock. I couldn’t believe that it was actually happening, and to be honest, I couldn’t believe that he had pulled it off without me figuring it out…because I usually know everything!”

Maci told the site that she is thrilled to have Taylor as her fiance (finally).

“I honestly don’t think it has actually ’hit’ me yet,” Maci said. “But I am very excited and feel super blessed that I get to marry Taylor. He’s an amazing man and dad.”

Maci’s son, Bentley, is apparently just as thrilled about the proposal.

“He was shocked and emotional,” Maci said of Bentley’s reaction to hearing the news. “He actually teared up a little bit — I think his exact words were that he was just so happy that T-Money was finally going to be his step dad.

"There, I proposed. Will y'all leave me alone now?"
“There, I proposed. Will y’all leave me alone now?”

“Taylor has asked Bentley to be his ’mini’ best man, and Bentley agreed,” Maci added. “Not sure he is aware of the responsibilities of a best man, but I’m sure he will do just fine! Jayde will definitely have a part in our wedding too — it’s just a matter of figuring it out considering she is still so young. I am excited to have them share this day with us.”

Maci did not state when she and Taylor planned to tie the knot.

Maci is just the latest ‘Teen Mom’ franchise member to get engaged. Last year, Maci’s co-star, Amber Portwood, accepted a proposal from Matt Baier, and Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska recently became engaged to her boyfriend, Cole DeBoer. Both have stated that they will get married sometime in 2016.

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48 Responses

  1. I really think Maci only complained about in on camera because MTV brought it up and wanted this kind of reaction from her. Taylor was getting sick of it too, you can see that in the last episode. It’s constantly brought up and they ask Maci ‘do you want it’… Of course she does and she replies to it (sometimes a little bit too pushy, of course) but I don’t think she brings it up all the time off camera. I’m happy for her and Taylor and I hope it isn’t something they were (both) pressured into doing.

    Sorry for any grammar mistakes, I’m from Europe 🙂

    1. I agree. I feel like she’s no angel but half of her plot lines are based on her complaining about Ryan or her complaining about not being engaged to Taylor bc MTV prompts it over and over again.

    2. I completely agree, Morgane. People need to realize that a lot of the things that are talked about on the show are initiated by the producers.

  2. Taylor must wanna be ib tv something bad to have impregnated that control freak Macy. She must be a nightmare ti live with. Her own family doesnt even wanna to be on show, their like damn the money.

  3. Who knew we would soon need a flow chart to keep track of all these weddings, exes and children.

    1. That’s not really fair now, is it? If you’ve forgotten how mentally abusive Ryan was to Maci.. well, I don’t know how you’d forget about that. He strung her along so badly, he toyed with her emotions, and left her to fend emotionally on her own and raise Bently. It’s no wonder she was so anxious to get engaged to Taylor, I would be too. People can have wonderful relationships and be great parents without a marriage, and I think that it seems Maci and Taylor are pretty solid there. But a marriage is something she has always wanted, why fault her for that? Many girls want a marriage, family, etc! And there’s no shame in it. The only shameful thing is the way that Ryan treated Maci in the beginning.

  4. You guys are acting like it as Maci pressuring him to porpose. It was mostly the public! Maci even said she had to defend him about NOT being engaged. Maci is asked to talk about it on camera by the producers. I highly doubt off camera she was breathing down his neck about it. She already said that they already feel like they are married.

  5. Congrats for finally pressuring him to propose. Ob the other hand I dont understand guys like him or Tyler. They are ready to have a baby together which is a life long commitment wether or not they make it, yet they were not ready to get married. Wtf? People these days think having babies is all about fun, joy and cute instagram pictures. Responsible parenting is an obsolete term used by their old-fashioned parents. Well, its not.

    1. I mean, you can want to have a family without feeling the need to be married. I know people that function perfectly with kids without being married, because finances work better that way etc. I know people that were together for a few years, had a child/children, and broke up amicably and still coparent wonderfully. Ideally, you want the family to stay together and marriage bonds make it harder to separate. But morally, I see no problem with not being married and also having children as long as you’re mature enough. I’d say Taylor and Tyler are probably two of the most mature guys on the show.

      1. I agree with you 100%. I’m not against having children without being married at all, in fact, i believe everyone should do whatever they want as long as they don’t hurt anyone else 🙂 but what’s bugging me with Taylor and Tyler is that they were specifically afraid to get married and make a commitment. those are different things. deciding not to get married because of various reasons and being afraid of commitment are not the same.

  6. He probably would have proposed sooner if she hadn’t been so annoying about demanding he propose because she deserved it.

      1. I think he’s on Farrah’s payroll along with Debbie the dickhead and Michael the mini bitch. Farrah even has to pay spoiled Sophia to be around her hence the $600 from the tooth fairy. It’s been over a year and Simon still hasn’t given her that ring…so clearly she’s an “ugly girl”….either that or she hasn’t been able to pay him enough to marry her…or both, n I’m going with both. but congrats to Maci!!!

        1. He’s probably a paid escort Farrah found online that she deemed attractive enough to be worthy of being seen in her mighty presence on camera. Poor guy probably thought he had a good deal going between making easy money from Farrah and free meals at nice restaurants from MTV until he realized there is no amount of money to compensate for the trauma one suffers from being in the same room with her and Sophia for any length of time.

      1. HAHA!!! no arguments here! Matt is one creepy dude! Amber for sure doesn’t have a winner with that one, and Farrah probably wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole. But it’s gotta sting that everyone else on this “trashy show” has been able to find the one thing shes been yapping about wanting since the first season of teen mom, which is a husband and a family.

  7. congrats to them! although I feel like they’ve been engaged for a while now….they just weren’t allowed to say anything until now

  8. I give it five years. My prediction is that all the couples that are now attached will be donzo within 5 to 10 years from now. Including Gary and Kristina, Amber and Matt, that will last way under 5 years, Catelynn and Tyler, Leah and her personal trainer, Kail and Java, Chelsea and Cole, even April and the new husband, all eventually end in divorce or in parted ways!

    1. So basically all of them? I think a good amount of the teen mom couples could break up, but I think some have a decent shot. I think Maci and Taylor could make it work.

        1. I think Chelsea and Cole have a really good shot. They are more mature than a lot of the other couples and have actually spent a reasonable amount of time getting to know each other before making a commitment. They seem to genuinely have fun together and don’t fight constantly. I get the feeling they are engaged because they want to be together rather than because they feel under pressure to create a “family”. They also have a lot of strong family support to see them through rough times and they are not as dependent on the show as some of the others, so it won’t be such a shock when it is over.

          1. “I get the feeling they are engaged because they want to be together rather than because they feel under pressure to create a “family””

            That’s exactly what it is and I feel like they are really the only couple who comes across that way. Sometimes it seems like Catelynn and Tyler are only together because it’s all they know and because of their shared experience of placing Carly for adoption. With Maci and Taylor, it seems like Maci has been more concerned about her reputation and family/friends/viewers judging her for being unmarried with two kids by different dads

    2. I’d give Catelynn and Tyler 10. Id bank on life if she lost weight. (Not that I think she needs to but Tyler seems a bit shallow in that regard).

      1. Yea, I could see Cate and Tyler not lasting forever, only because they’ve been together for so long, at such a young age, and didn’t really date anyone else. Tyler has always seemed to have moments when he’s like I’m not sure I want to be with Catelynn.

        1. She is absolutely nothing like Mama June. You’re just being mean! She gained weight. If the worst thing she is is overweight, why does that make her so horrible? There are drug addicts, there are abusers, there are cheats, liars, neglectful parents.. she is NONE of those things!! Why people judge others solely on their appearance is beyond me.

          Yes, if you’re wondering, I am overweight! Currently taking on a change in lifestyle and have been eating clean and exercising since Jan 1st, but I really want to have children, badly. In my line of work I speak with mothers and pregnant women who need Suboxone because they’re addicted to heroin or opiates, I speak with women who don’t bother to schedule OB apts until they’re 6 months pregnant, I come across all sorts. And I think to myself on a daily basis, if the worst thing I am is fat, how is that SO bad?

          This whole group of teen mom “fans” need to lighten up on her about her weight. It’s not nice at all.

          1. I never said anything about her being horrible. I’m just pointing out that she’s at a high health risk.

          2. As I am sure she already knows. It gets past a point where you are “pointing out she’s at high health risk” when you’re comparing her to a redneck 400 pound woman complicit in child abuse. She already knows she is not in prime health, I guarantee you she has people like you reminder her all the time. Unless you are HER DOCTOR, it doesn’t need CONSTANTLY pointed out IMO.

  9. I’m happy to see she got that proposal she’s been hankering for for so long. Next season of Teen Mom OG will be all about wedding bells. The one after can be divorce papers being served and custody battles.

  10. Really? She’s “shocked” when she’s been hounding him for months about it? He probably did it just to get her off his back.

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