Jeremy Calvert Says He Wishes He Had Never Appeared on ‘Teen Mom 2’

"Please forget you ever saw my mug on this show!"
“Please forget you ever saw my mug on this show!”

Jeremy Calvert is tired of being a part of the Teen Mom circus!

The former husband of Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer took to his Instagram account last night to express his frustration about a recent article that was written about him and his girlfriend Brooke Wehr on a ‘Teen Mom’ clickbait site.

At the end of the rant, Jeremy wrote that he wishes he had never allowed the MTV cameras into his life.

“I don’t need ‘Teen Mom’ in my life,” Jeremy wrote. “I was doing just fine before I knew [what the f**k] the show was and truthfully wish I’d never became part of it.”

Jeremy has been a part of ‘Teen Mom 2’ since the show’s third season, but now that he and Leah have divorced, he is ready to be done with ‘Teen Mom 2,’ partly due to the spotlight the show brings to him.

“The BS has completely ruined my life,” Jeremy wrote, adding that, unlike some of the show’s other cast members, he doesn’t need the money he makes from the show.

“The money isn’t amazing or enough to live off of either, [which is why] I have a job,” he wrote.

In addition to his regular job, Jeremy is also working on an apparel line, which The Ashley told you about last month.

Stay tuned– The Ashley will have more info on all of this very soon!

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  1. Yet he continues to have a public Instagram and an agent…I’m calling BS. His rant was ridiculous and embarrassing, no one even read or heard of that article until he posted this nonsense! Now it’s being covered solely because of his reaction, and that article that upset him so much will be read by thousands of people who would have been otherwise unaware. I even attempted to search for the article after his posts and came up empty. I was only able to read it after another site posted a link to it while covering this ridiculous rant he posted on Instagram in response. If he hates teen mom so much, I suggest he gets himself a private Instagram and stops bathing in the teen mom attention.

  2. I’m sorry but he knew what he was getting into when he met Leah. I like Jeremy, I think he’s great, but the minute he decided to date Leah he signed up for being followed by cameras, interviewers, and click bait articles.

  3. Would it not be more classy and better to just tell MTV you want more money or really leave Teen Mom and take your daughter with you when they don’t pay you what you think is fair?
    Just a thought.

  4. He needs to stop bitching. He wasn’t even portrayed in a bad light on the show. If anything he seemed like one of the more fit/responsible parents in the franchise. If he doesn’t want attention then get off social media and go into oblivion. It’s not that hard.

  5. Cry me a river, dude. No one would be offering your own clothing line if you were just an average divorced dad.

  6. This makes me laugh. I used to follow him on twitter and he was trying to get twitter to “verify” him just 3-4 months ago. I also find it amusing that he wouldn’t have met brooke nor would he be involved in this t-shirt company he is embarking on without Teen mom.

    Jeremy – don’t shit where you sleep. You regret Teen mom but wouldn’t be where you are at today without it.

  7. If jeremy wants to be honest he should say that he at least enjoyed being filmed for mtv way for then ge enjoyed his marriage with leah

  8. At one point in a season, he offhandedly mentioned how much he made and it was easily six figures. He doesn’t need the money. He’s not lying about that.

  9. Lol he hunted Leah down on Facebook and married her asap. He knew what he was doing. He loves the twitter and instagram drama.

    1. exactly! he pursued her! He knew that she was on TV, and he hunted her down and made sure to knock her up and and marry her so that he could get on the show. All of these guys date those girls to get on TV. They know what they’re signing up for. The only one I feel like isn’t using the show for a come up is Cole. He’s been doing the same thing since day 1. He’s not starting some “clothing” line or some other venture. He’s just chillin and comes gets filmed when they ask him to. Jeremy needs to stop complaining about nothing.

  10. While I appreciate that he had a job the entire time …. Dude, you MARRIED LEAH!!!!!! Her only source of income has only ever been Teen Mom…. You knew that before you married her !!!! I’m pretty sure he enjoyed the chequer he was getting …..

  11. He may hate the spotlight, but he wouldn’t be working on an apparel line without it!

  12. I do have to say he never seemed too keen on filming. Seems like a pretty level guy. But you sign up for a tv show this is kinda the territory.

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