EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom’ Crew Member Speaks Out: Why We Didn’t Stop Ryan Edwards From Driving During Scary Finale Scene

Ryan Edwards was filmed driving while allegedly under the influence on the ‘Teen Mom OG’ season finale…

Monday night’s Teen Mom OG season finale was full of dramatic scenes, but none were as drama-filled (and downright scary) as the scene in which Ryan Edwards is shown driving to his wedding and nodding off while behind the wheel. His bride-to-be, Mackenzie, frequently had to nudge Ryan to keep him awake and, after turning off the GoPro car cameras, accused Ryan of being under the influence of Xanax.

Since the episode, ‘Teen Mom OG’ viewers have been outraged, taking to social media to scold the show’s production crews for not stopping Ryan while he was driving to intervene.

The Ashley spoke to a ‘Teen Mom’ crew member who, on the condition of anonymity, revealed why the show’s production crew didn’t intervene and stop Ryan.

“The reason the producers didn’t stop Ryan from driving after he was seen nodding off is because the producers would not have been able to see him nodding off,” the crew member tells The Ashley. “That footage (and almost all car footage) is captured on Go-Pro cameras installed on the dashboard. We do not have a live feed to watch the cast in their car, despite what some viewers think. We do not have live eyes on them the whole time we’re filming them.

“That footage is captured and watched a few days later after the producers/crew get home from the shoot. It’s edited in later. When things happen in the car, we don’t know about it until the cast tells us, or when we watch the footage later on.”

Ryan during the terrifying ‘Teen Mom OG’ scene…

Cast members are supposed to alert production if something important happens during a car ride, or if there’s an important conversation that takes place, the source said.

“In the case of Ryan, he or Mackenzie would have had to alert us  to watch the footage ASAP,” the crew member continued. “We wouldn’t have seen it happen as it was filmed. Obviously, Mackenzie unplugged the GoPros, which isn’t really allowed, but we wouldn’t even know she turned them off until later when we watched the footage.”

The cast does usually wear mics while driving, and the producers can communicate with them via a walkie talkie in the car. But, again, there is no visual live feed inside the car.

‘Teen Mom OG’ viewers have been accusing the show’s producers of allowing Ryan to continue to drive because it would make for good ratings, but the source insists that’s not the case at all.

“People think that the production crew is just looking for footage that will get the best ratings, no matter what and that is not true at all,” the source said. “We really do care about the safety of the cast and other people. A lot of these people on the show are our friends.”

The production source tells The Ashley that the producers also have a personal stake in keeping everyone on set safe.

“Even if you take the human decency element out of it, we care because it’s our butts on the line if something happens,” the source said. “The show would have been absolutely liable had Ryan gotten into an accident or something while filming, even if the producers were not aware that he was under the influence. It doesn’t matter, we are still liable. They would be risking their jobs and possibly be liable personally for allowing that to happen.”

The source suggested that Ryan may have taken something that started to take effect as he was driving.

“Had Ryan been, for instance, falling asleep or acting erratic right before getting in the car, and a crew member saw it, we have to report it and intervene,” the source continued. “Not only would the show be liable if something happened, but that producer on set would have absolutely lost their job, and possibly so would any crew members. We are not allowed to watch something illegal take place and not intervene.”

No production members ride with the cast while filming in the car, so there was no one (except for Mackenzie) to witness what was happening inside the car.

“Even if the crew was following Ryan while driving, they weren’t in the car with him and could not see what was happening,” the source said. “Had he been violently swerving or something, they absolutely would have called to see what was happening and would have intervened. In that situation, though, the only person aware of what was happening would be a passenger in the car.”

The source says that, in the past, crew members have had to intervene when something was deemed unsafe. (A few instances involving ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Messer come to The Ashley’s mind. Most of those incidents were not aired.)

“Producers have intervened in the past. Viewers don’t always get to see those scenes,” the source said. “But one memorable time they did have to intervene because something was unsafe and it actually made it on the show is when Jenelle and David left the [most-recent] ‘Teen Mom 2’ reunion with Jace when they weren’t allowed to. That’s why [producer] Larry [Musnik] had to call the police. The show and possibly Larry personally would have been liable had something happened to Jace. Larry even made a comment about it when David told him that the situation had nothing to do with the production. Larry said ‘It has everything to do with us’ and that’s why.”

The franchise’s executive producer, Morgan J. Freeman, once addressed this topic in an interview.

“We’re there to document things, but if someone is doing something that puts someone in harms way we would definitely step in.” Morgan told Observer in July 2015. “There’s no science to it, it’s a human thing. If someone was in danger yes we would step in, but for parenting decisions we don’t step in. You know when that line is being crossed. We put the welfare of everyone front and center.”

UPDATE! MTV has released a statement regarding the scene.

“MTV does not condone driving under the influence,” the statement made to Us Weekly on Wednesday reads. Ryan’s erratic behavior was due to actions that he took without anyone’s prior knowledge.”

(Photos: MTV)


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  1. This is not anyones fault but Ryan’s he is the one that chose to take what ever he took then get in the car to drive i don’t blame anyone but him

  2. The MTV series True Life showed peopel who have addictions getting high. I mean it is called reality TV. That is a harsh reality of life people do bad things but after filming Ryan high MTV should offer him rehab and refuse to film him until he has successfully completed a rehab program. Its unethical to film an addict for ratings and profit and not offer them help.

  3. Ho-lee sheeet. Wow.
    Ryan went off the deep end.
    Hes nodding in the car, that slow facial twitch with melty expressions & doing the dope lean at his “wedding.”
    This is not new to fam or Mac bc the dynamic is skewed..instead of taking action in a dangerous situation, Mac gets pissed bc he is “inconveniencing” her by getting high for an important event. That usually happens in the later stages of addiction.
    This is really sad & i hope he gets help. Opiates are very difficult to get off of

  4. Dry that one out and you can fertilize the lawn…
    Such bullshit on MTV’s behalf. Morgan J Freeman has sat idly by while single parents do drugs around their kids and are noticeably under the influence around their kids. They enjoy a nice profit on human misery (since they don’t show music videos anymore), so hope that someone gets to yank that carpet out nice and hard one day. I am not impressed by production’s vetting of the cast, since as we have come to see and learn, they are very much involved in their lives and sometimes possibly pants.
    The lavaliere mics are wireless and would reach the range of the production’s chase vehicles. I am almost certain, in a court scenario, MTV would find/destroy some lost audio track to clear themselves lol.

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    There’s no way someone hasn’t already mentioned this, but just in case…WHY CAN NEITHER ONE OF THESE IDIOTS EVEN MANAGE TO PUT ON THEIR GOSH DERN SEATBELT?! That is just dumb frosting on the crazy cake. ??‍♀️

  6. Drug use also explains why Ryan has been late for literally everything. There is a lot of waiting around when you’re trying to buy drugs. Meeting in parking lots, waiting for the dealer, getting a call saying that the dealer is actually going to be somewhere else, getting there and noticing a cop so everyone moves to a different location. And then once drugs have been procured, they have to be used which can take time. And addicts often feel the need to use before big events, or family time, or work which in Ryan’s case is filming. They are physically and emotionally sick if they don’t use and feel they need to use in order to see people or deal with family.

    1. This is what is called “being on drug time”. Nobody cares about being late or not, as long as they get their high.

  7. If Ryan is injecting drugs (based on what I’ve heard about track mark pics bein seen online), then those drugs would affect him immediately upon injection, not minutes later after he had already started driving, as suggested by this crew member. So there’s another hole in the MTV list of excuses

  8. I didn’t read all the other comments yet, but I’ve seen MYV production butt in on a conversation happening in a car between cast memebers so we know that they are listening in to these conversations. So when Mackenzie asked if he had taken xanax, didn’t they hear that? Wouldn’t that be a red flag and a reason to at least check in? I don’t believe MTV in this instance. Filming the season finale, something as important as a rushed and really weird wedding, seems like something they would be paying close attention to and that the conversations happening in the car btwn bride and groom would be something they’d be listening to.

  9. Oh, so MTV cares so much?
    (Warning: rant, this has been bugging me for years now)

    MTV never called anyone when they saw cast members smoke weed or discuss that they had taken drugs (Jenelle), while that is illegal.
    MTV never called anyone when Jenelle abused two dogs.
    MTV never called anyone when both Jenelle and Tori were under influence and there was not a sober person in the house to take care of a crying sick Kaiser.
    MTV never called anyone when other cast members were taking care of children while there was not a sober responsible adult present.
    MTV never called anyone when children were living or transported in filthy, hazardous and unhealthy environments.
    MTV did not call the cops when abuse took place right in front of their camera’s a few times. Amber would not have been arrested when MTV had not aired that footage.
    MTV never called Chelsea so she could take necessary actions when Adam drove with Aubrey or was with Aubrey unsupervised, while MTV knew he was not allowed.
    When they care so much, why did they never ask any cast member to take a simple alcohol breath test or drug test, both don’t cost a damn thing and they could obviously see a cast member was under influence in some cases or should suspect it. They could have prevented a lot of addictions spinning out of control and possible harm to children.
    Ryan “just gets tired sometimes”? Another clue MTV should have tested him.
    MTV had people sign contract while these people were not in a state to fully understand what they signed and what would be the consequences. Just take Farrah, they (and other channels) are just abusing the fact that she is clearly mentally ill, for ratings. Farrah needs help, not a reality TV career. Her image will be ruined for the rest of her life. Where is the integrity of all those channels? When did it become okay to use fragile people who don’t really get what they are doing to make money? I know, their parents should never have agreed, it was hard for them to refuse to sign again with MTV with all the money being thrown at them later.

    I’m sorry but MTV does not CARE for their employees nor their children, they only act when there is a real risk they will get sued.

  10. Well, if his wife wants an annulment, I’m pretty positive she can get it as he was under the influence during their ceremony.

  11. I think Mack is more to blame than MTV because she was right next to him in the car. She should have told him to pull over ASAP, they are lucky they didn’t kill them selves or anyone else. And let’s face it, Ryan is the true culprit of the situation. He took drugs and drove, he made that decision and didn’t care about the consequences. What he did was HIS choice and HIS fault. Also who gets married knowing your future husband is high as a kite?
    Even though it was disturbing to watch it needed to be shown because driving under the influence is a huge problem and people just don’t seem to get it. It’s scary and real and instead of covering up or giving vague details they showed the truth. Ryan was f*cked up and drove and has a substance abuse problem. Maybe it will give pause to someone else who has a problem, show them just how scary and stupid it can be.

    1. You know what I wonder? How do Ryan’s parents feel about Mack now?
      Ryan’s life was at risk there, she let him drive the car but turned the camera’s off?
      I would be furious as hell when my daughter in law did that to my addicted son. Think I would ask for an annulment almost.

      1. I agree that if I were Ryan’s parents I’d be furious but not at Mackenzie. She didn’t “do that to him,” he did it himself. She should have intervened but the situation was not wholey her fault. In fact, I think his parents might even be glad she turned off those cameras considering how hard and for how long they’ve been trying to hide his addiction.

      2. That would just feed their list of excuses about why this also isn’t Ryan’s fault. MacKenzie didn’t make him take drugs or let him drive. Those were choices he alone made.

      3. How about putting the blame where it belongs and that’s on RYAN. And your son, not your daughter-in-law. Ryan is what – almost 30? Grow up, take responsibility. He is an ADULT.
        I can’t stand Mackenzie and she’s to blame too, but how about everyone stop making excuses for Ryan and other ADULTS. No wonder they’re all screwed up. As for how Ryan’s parents feel? THEY ARE JUST AS BAD AS MACKENZIE. Especially his Mom. All she does is cover up cover up cover up, to protect appearances. She wants to be the happy perfect family. Well guess what, your only son is a loser and a terrible father who is lucky he hasn’t killed anyone yet. How about get off of Twitter bashing Maci, and deal with your family mess, Jen.

  12. I think the most disturbing aspect of this episode was Mack’s reaction. She seemed very annoyed, but like “oh he forgot to take out the trash” or “oh he forgot to buy toilet paper” annoyed. Not OMG THIS MUTHAF#CKA SHOT UP BEFORE OUR WEDDING AND IS ABOUT TO KILL US BOTH DRIVING THERE! So why did Mack still marry him?
    A) she’s an addict too, but way better at concealing it
    B) he needed her insurance to go to rehab
    C) she wants those Teen Mom coins
    D) she’s pregnant
    E) all of the above!
    I honestly can’t wait to find out.

  13. In the wake of pictures now circulating online showing Ryan’s scabbed-over track marks from his alleged heroin use, whatever MTV’s explanations are and whatever Mack’s “sketchy” reasoning was for quickly questioning him about Xanax (for the camera) then turning the camera off – somebody PLEASE keep this man away from the driver’s seat of any moving vehicle until he gets the PROPER treatment.

    It’s being rumored now that he didn’t even stay out the complete 30 days of his rehab stint, while he and Mack are smiling proudly for the paparazzi cameras with a “Hallelieujah, He’s Clean. It’s A Miracle!” glow on their faces.

    He is not. He can’t be.

    And if he and Mack won’t admit this, at least they owe it to the general public namely you and me — to simply keep him OFF THE ROAD!

    1. Heroin or opiate addiction takes a long time to recover from. Even if you aren’t taking any, it will still consume your thoughts and even your dreams at night for a long time. His life is clearly built around abusing some substance, a few weeks (if we are lucky) and hes out and all is well?! NOPE! His rehab trip was so obviously an attempt by him and his stable full of enablers to get ahead of the incriminating episode that they knew would be aired and would upset people. There is no evidence of a real attempt at getting his life together. That horror of a human being that he married is about the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen, and i know the peeps who frequent these comments think so too. How desperate is she to marry that babbling drooling addict? Is she so desperate to have a man that she has completely lost any mothering instincts? This is insane, even for Teen Mom

  14. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Ryan should of been dropped from show

  15. Mac’s initials were MES…yes, she is a mess! I don’t even know what to say after watching the car scene. Can’t believe that she was so intent on that wedding that she would risk her life and everyone else on the road! I believe there is something so off and others are saying Mackenzie is also on drugs. I think they are on to something. You know this isn’t just pills, I think it was meth and now it’s heroin. Ryan is on a collision course with his life. Something has been off about him for years. I hope he gets himself straight, but with all the money, denial, and the leach he just married, I don’t see a good outcome. This show is slowing coming to an end. These “kids” are going to get a real dose of reality soon.

    1. Mackenzie’s last name was Standifer. Her married last name was Stephens so her initials were Mackenzie E Standifer Stephens. (The “wedding guy” referred to her as Stephens) so her initials really were MESS. Lol

  16. UHM? A crew member let Ryan hop into his car and drive off after claiming he needed a haircut for the wedding and he was clearly f&cked off his a$$ at that time as well. This is ridiculous.

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    McKenzie should have stopped him!!!!

  18. This whole thing makes me SO MAD. I just can’t stand Ryan. He has ALWAYS been a jerk. He has never been a super involved parent. He is a spoiled rotten man child. His parents (mainly mommy) have raised a complete loser. And that’s not even beganing to touch on his drug addiction. He was a crummy person to begin with and gen he went and threw drugs in the mix. I hope he stays (gets) clean and works on finally growing up. Until then, MTV should stop airing anything with him on it because he’s not worth watching.

  19. A lot of people are upset that MTV aired this, but the main reason why it’s so upsetting is because it’s REAL. This is a reality show after all and I think things like this should be shown. We all had no idea how bad his substance abuse issues were; now we know. People drive under the influence ALL the time. This clip has already made us more aware and it has helped us to think about what we should do if we are ever in this situation. This clip also showed us a lot about who Mackenzie really is…

    1. Right. And he’s been on drugs for YEARS and driving his big ass truck for YEARS, high as a kite. He’s crazy lucky that he hasn’t killed anyone yet. That’s HIS fault. He’s almost 30. An ADULT. His parents kept it hush hush and his wife is too busy doing damage control on effing TWITTER of all things to deal with the problem. The FOUR OF THEM are the ones to blame. Not Maci, not MTV, not fame, not any of these tired excuses. Go back SEVERAL seasons and every time he gets in or out of that huge truck (that could easily crush someone) his eyeballs are popping out of the sockets. High high high for YEARS. Loser and horrible father. Bentley can’t even relax around him, he always looks uncomfortable. He’s almost as bad as Adam but because they played cover-up, because he’s cuter, and because Jen created the illusion of a perfect middle-class family – suddenly everyone blames MTV instead of RYAN. Ridiculous.

  20. Just a sad situation..I really wish the best for him..Who in the world would marry someone so freaking high?!

  21. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Does anyone womder why his fiancee didnt do something whem she realized
    ? Why she married him while he was under the influence.

  22. Errr, sounds like a very low level crew member who doesn’t understand production. They aren’t personally nor professionally liable for anything. On many reality shows, the cast members sign away any right to sue even upon death. The Jace situation was unique because Jace was taken from the premises that MTV owned or was leasing as a studio for the reunion. Production is covered on all fronts. Liable if something happened? Lol ever seen Intervention? Do you think that crew is getting sued every episode? Nah.

  23. Is this really true? I remember a scene where jenelle and david were talking about baby #3 and they either saw or heard it and questioned them when they got to the house. I could be wrong maybe they viewed it later

  24. Don’t buy it.

    They were filming that day, because he as obviously f’d up getting ready RIGHT BEFORE the wedding. Production and Mack already knew he shouldn’t be driving.

    1. Ryan was high when he left to go get his hair cut and it appeared that he got in his truck to drive there. He couldnt even walk straight when he was walking to his truck, and it kind of looked like he fell behind the trees
      too. Hopefully MTV stepped in and we just didnt see it.

  25. So, MTV, the moral of this story is that the fans pay a hell of a lot more attention than what you give them credit for. We are not stupid so stop feeding us your bullshit. Come clean. Why do you, MTV, continue on with this shit? Drugs, physical, mental, emotional abuse. Not just of the teen mom cast but also of the cast to the producers and yet you do nothing but feed us lies and bullshit stories. This is real life here and it’s disgusting. MTV you are disgusting for allowing this to continue.

  26. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    That footage is going to kill both of their custody arrangements.

  27. Everyone knows that Ryan and Mackenzie are at fault, and their actions are inexcusable… mtv airing this mess was just insane and then to act like they had no clue what was going on?? It’s just sick and so sad to watch. My heart was breaking… and the safety of the drivers sharing the rode with those two?! YIKES. Sad. I still can’t believe they aired this.

    1. I’m sad it happened but I’m glad they aired it rather than ignoring and covering it up. This is important stuff that needs to be talked about and I think that Ryan’s drug problem being finally talked about and shown on tv was a HUGE part of what brought him and his entire family out of denial and forced him to get treatment.

  28. Um…fuck off. Ryan and Mackenzie were mic’d up. Since they broke the fourth wall, we know that producers have a walkie talkie in all of the cars so they guide conversations and whatnot. We’ve heard them talk back and forth with castmembers through it.They heard what was going on
    On top of that, production drives behind them in order to follow them to locations, Mackenzie said several times that Ryan was swerving, badly enough that she had to grab the wheel. They could’ve seen that. Why don’t they just cut the shit and say “We did it for rating.” Cause we all know that’s the truth. Disgusting.

  29. To be honest, I am a lot more concerned about why Mackenzie was allowing him to drive since she was the one that was aware that he was high.

    1. I hate to be a bitch, but IMO, she let him drive like that for two reasons. The first being that she has shown herself to be a sociopathic manipulator. She was getting to that altar, come hell or high water. If they both died en route… so be it.

      Secondly, and I’m just speculating because I don’t know any of these kids from Adam, I’m not sold that she’s not reaching into the pharmacandy dish herself. Her almost possessed level of determined, self absorbed narcissism could allow her to be waaaY more high functioning than a man child junkie like Ryan. His sloppiness must drive her nuts, but not more than her pipe dream of pseudo fame drove her to that wedding.

      Again, just my take on this shitshow!

  30. I don’t buy they didn’t know. He’s been a MESS the whole season and clearly strung out. I don’t think they knew it was that bad, but I also don’t think it’s their responsibility to keep him in check. That girl on the other hand…

  31. I call bullshit on MTV because just look at Ryan before he left for his drug run…ahhh…I mean “haircut”! He was whacked out then and they let him behind the wheel!!

  32. I haven’t watched either Teen Mom in awhile…but I’m surprised no one has mentioned this possibility.
    People are talking about why Mackenzie didn’t intervene/how she should have done xyz…is it possible that Ryan isn’t the only one using? Maybe she was so blitzed out of her mind her reaction time was also poor. Maybe they got married because they were both so high it sounded like a good idea…

  33. Ok so maybe MTV cannot see what is going on in the car but I was under the impression they could hear what was going on. Two instances come to mind. The first one being when Lurch and Jennelle were in the car talking about being pregnant. I clearly remember a producer asking them what they were talking about. And another time when I think when Piggy and Mooch were driving. Now I don’t remember if they were on the phone with s producer but I didn’t think Jenrlle was.

    1. Chelsea too: her friends were talking about the clothes for the baby and they mentioned suspenders, so the producer found out she was having a boy. Chelsea also said something like “I know what it’s called, I just mimed it cause I didn’t want to say it out loud! You guys!” (so the producers can’t see in the car, but they can hear what’s going on).

  34. Ok so Ryan goes to get his haircut, higher than a kite. Grabs his backpack as you do when one is getting their hair cut.
    Then comes rushing out of the house, late bc he just shot up. A mere few moments while getting on the road the drugs hit him. His flat out if his mind, higher than I’ve ever wanted to think someone would be behind the wheel of a car. She sits there annoyed at the fact that he’s late and mumbling about picking up a bow-tie and staying in between the lines. So instead of thinking I can’t marry this man in this state of mind continues onto the so called service. I think we all would have new found respect for her if she told him to pull over, dress and all and get him immediately to a hospital that could admit for substance abuse issues. Instead she lets the issue go full steam ahead until the end of this season, when she’d have to do something after that footage.
    I don’t really blame mtv for allowing him to drive more than I blame Mack and she would have been the culpable one had he God forbid killed anyone. The staff had seen Ryan way high like that before. Even for them after watching that they probably couldn’t believe he was that high for his ceremony.
    So kinda props to mtv for showing that train wreck…although it still no matter what they profess is wrong.

    1. Mack should have made him pull over: full stop. That said, a grown adult can’t be admitted to the hospital against his own consent for detox. Also, rehabs are often full and even when an addict agrees to go, there’s often a few interim days/weeks during which they get high AF. Since Ryan went to rehab so soon after this “wedding,” I’d imagine his bed was already booked and they were just waiting for it to be open. Hence Mack’s exasperation, annoyance, etc.

      The wedding is because she’s a better gold digger than Matt.

  35. Oh and at the end of the day, it’s Ryan and Mackenzie’s fault…Mackenzie knew what was up, but she wanted to keep up appearances so she let Ryan drive…and Ryan drove so that he could keep up appearances like he wasn’t an addict. For some reason Mackenzie was basically sprinting down that isle to marry him, and I’m pretty sure its not because she loves him, or has his best interest in mind….THAT’s clear since she let him drive like that.

    1. Seriously. There is something so shady about that woman. Who in their right mind would marry someone with that bad of a drug addiction especially if you have a child?! She said they wanted to be legally married so Ryan could get his rights legalized to Bentley but does she really think with him being a drug addict that he’s going to have any custody? Wtf?

  36. I wanna know why Mackenzie wasn’t offended that Ryan had to get that zonked to marry her…That would hurt my feelings if my husband to be was wheeble wobbling all over the place seconds before our wedding. Clearly the girl has ulterior motives….Hope he has a prenup….or maybe he can say that he was under the influence and can get the marriage annulled

    1. Yeah, generally the groom showing up for the wedding completely wasted would be grounds for a bridal meltdown of epic proportions.

  37. All I can think is…what if there was a kid in the back seat (and no Mackenzie in the front seat to wake him up?) As a mom that makes me sick. If Bentley were there would Mackenzie have stepped in and stopped him from getting into the car? Since she hopped right into the front seat…I doubt it. So if I were Maci I’d question my child’s safety when he’s at his daddy’s house.

  38. “We are not allowed to watch something illegal take place and not intervene.”

    Bullshit. This is a lie. 100%.

    This is the typical verbatim answer MTV has to give out so they don’t get sued when a cast member ends up in the ER.

    Let’s not forget that MTV never intervened when Jenelle did heroin and other ILLEGAL drugs. Or when Amber, Leah, Catelynn, Butch, April, and Adam did drugs.

    Or when the moms constantly drive around without their kids in carseats. Or drive around while texting.

    Or straight up abusing others physically. Oh that’s right, MTV didn’t do shit when Amber and Kailyn physically assaulted their significant others on national TV.

    This shit show won’t end unless it gets pulled off the air by the FCC. A cast member death would be huge ratings that the blood sucking scum of MTV wouldn’t dare pass up.

    You can bet the executive producers have had that EXACT conversation several times through the years.

    1. I agree with you Plain Jane! They don’t care at all. Jenelle almost overdosed on HEROIN right in front of the film crew. You can’t tell me not one of those crew members couldn’t tell Ryan was high as f**k before he got into the car?!? It was very obvious.

      1. Oh, it’s not only Teen Mom shows tho. There were a lot of situations on Real World and The Challenge when they got drunk and high out of their minds and MTV didn’t really care. Brandon from Real World: St. Thomas was the only one who got booted cuz he was high.

  39. I’m sorry, the whole time I was thinking Mackenzie is the one who should be at fault. If she knew what he was like on pills (which she did since she asked him about it) she shouldn’t have gotten in the car!

    That was so scary to watch. I’m just glad no one was hurt, especially in another car or a pedestrian.

  40. How bout putting the blame where it belongs, which is on RYAN and then MACKENZIE? Both grown adults who were the ones breaking the law and putting others’ lives at risk? Why are people worrying about MTV’s involvement? How about for once acknowledging that 2 adults – parents even! – should know better and should take responsibility for THEIR OWN ACTIONS. He’s not a cute teenager anymore that everyone is crushing on – so for the love of god can we stop making excuses for him?

    MTV is a BUSINESS. I do believe this person about the cameras – I have Go Pros, and you can’t watch the footage until later. But either way, so what? Their business is to make money and expand their viewership. They have every right to try to get ratings. If they didn’t, they’d be a failing business. It’s their job to get ratings. Not saying they should let people drive under the influence, but other than that, go for it. If Jenelle wants to shoot heroin in her house or get in a fight with Tori, go ahead and film it. And while you’re at it, send it to the court system so poor Jace will never have to live with her. She’s a grown woman. Why should it be their job to try and stop her?

    Leah “anxiety and depression” Messer is damn lucky they didn’t show all the footage of everything she did to put her kids in danger. She’d probably be in jail and Corey/Jeremy would have permanent full custody of the girlses. I wish someone would leak that footage to show Leah’s defenders that she’s not a “great mom” AT ALL.

  41. MTV is full of shit. They do EVRYTHING for ratings… (unless they are fucking cast memebers). ? They can give two shits about these kids lives. The cast is just a J.O.B and money makers to them.. stop lying MTV you don’t give a damn! let’s be honest, it’s not easy to exploit people’s lives, unless you are a heartless POS. (hulk smash would be a great addition to the film crew). MTV, save your comments.. you can smell the BS on your breath.

  42. I think the only reason that makes sense for why they married the day before rehab is so that he could be on her insurance policy. A month in rehab could easily cost $30,000+. With insurance one might need only pay a few thousand or perhaps as low as $500. I don’t see anybody making this connection. It makes me think the viewers of this program are young and feel entitled to healthcare, not realizing that sometimes people must make decisions they would not otherwise make to get coverage (staying at a job they despise, rushing into marriage, etc.). I am honestly glad that so many people are able to take healthcare for granted.

    1. OK genuine question and not trying to throw shade what does she do that she would have insurance? Also I really believe that Jen and Larry would’ve paid for rehab so to act like they had to get married for this reason alone is ridiculous you could tell McKenzie could not wait to get married clearly by having an addict drive you well he is not in the right frame of mind proved she was not gonna let anything stop her from the altar sorry what was I thinking I mean parking lot

    2. Oh and for everyone asking about Bentley/legal stuff, that was a straight-up lie. Mackenzie is a terrible liar anyway, but there’s no way that’s the reason they got married. Both of my sisters work in that area of law, and they said it absolutely would have no affect on any changes he might want to make. Besides, for 8 years he hasn’t ever gone to court to get anything officially changed with Bentley — why now? When he’s an addict and about to go to rehab? Makes zero sense. I’d bet my life on it.

      They got married like the day before he went to rehab – it was either for insurance reasons or so that she could visit him there or get phone calls or something. No doubt. Plus Jen was visibly emotional and upset. If they were getting married for him to get more time with Bentley, she wouldn’t have been so upset, and she would’ve mentioned being proud of him for doing it. She was a mess because it was an embarrassment of a wedding in a parking lot on the side of the road, Bentley wasn’t told, her son was half-asleep during the vows, and was about to go to rehab.

      Mackenzie you might want to work on those lying skills if you’re going to be on national television girl. Good luck, you’re gonna need it to cover up all of Ryan’s messes.

        1. I’d have agreed w you except for your name. She’s not ugly and ffs, it’s not like she has an ugly personality a la Farrah, where maybe you could excuse that

  43. MTV doesn’t film for rating. OMG BullS**T! Janelle alost overdosed in front of them.Catelynn and her Mom smoking pit while driving. DV in front of kids. Smoking pot in front of kids.

    1. You nailed it! When they’re doing drugs, or committing acts of domestic violence, there is no intervention from the producers. The only thing that sounds true is that they would intervene if they thought they’d be sued…

    2. Oh my gosh I’m glad you said that I could not believe MTV’s excuse it’s just a bunch of BS they’re saying they needed a court order to intervene or family to be there please I don’t buy it at all a stranger on the street could’ve intervened and wouldn’t face legal charges they didn’t want to get involved and let’s not forget that at the very beginning of the scene when Ryan first went to get His haircut because that was important the producer Lala Jada whatever was there and you cannot tell me he was not high as a kite when they let him get behind that wheel the whole excuse is ridiculous disgusting and really pathetic

  44. Is it legal to get married when your that high? What kind of person would marry someone that high? Do they really think that will help them get custody of Bentley? Would Ryan marry her if he were sober? JW

  45. I call bull crap. It was obvious when him and Mackenzie was sitting on the porch talking about him needing a hair cut. His eyes where barely opened and even the way he was talking was off. It was so plain that he was high on something. There is absolutely NO WAY what so ever that the crew didn’t notice and yet no one stepped in to say that maybe he shouldn’t be behind the wheel.

    1. Thank you, I was about to say that! The way they were talking to each other on the porch was so odd! Not only the things Ryan was saying, but also the very irritated way Mackenzie responded. It was already very strange before they got into the car, no way MTV didn’t know he was high!

  46. Color me confused…but weren’t the producers at least listening in on Chelsea’s road trip when one of the girls slipped up and said that her unborn baby was a boy? The producers immediately dialed in and said, “What did we just hear?” Why would this not be happening en route to Ryan’s wedding??

    Also, sorry to sound like a hater, but wtf is up with the chick he married? I missed a season or two and read recaps and comments here to get intel. Everyone thought she was grounded, but I have yet to see it. Like most people said, she should have had him pull over and she should have driven if she was that desperate to get married that day. What kind of mother lets herself stay in danger like that?? Also, you can also only be so grounded if you’re newly divorced and immediately jump into another serious relationship–with an addict at that. Maybe she’s a great person, but she has A LOT to learn!

    1. I haven’t watched the show in a while either but from blogs I hear that in the beginning she was very sweet to everyone, including Maci, but then she just turned around and became this vile person that seems like she’s in it for the money… So I guess she tried to give off a ‘good girl’ vibe but then the real her came through?

    2. MTV’s source has explained that: the cast members wear microphones and they can hear what is being said in the car.

  47. What about that time Janelle and Keiffer were practically ODing on heroin? Did they do anything besides film it?

  48. While I believe they don’t have a live visual feed of what’s going on in the cars they have lice audio feeds. I remember when Chelsea and her friends were driving to the cabin and she didn’t want them to talk about the gender of her baby because the producers were listening. One of the friends slipped and made a reference to her expecting a boy and you could hear the producer interacting with them. They absolutely would’ve heard McKenzie talking to him about being messed up as they have live audio contact with them while they’re in cars.

  49. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children created with soulmate of the day #justlikethenotebook says:

    [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    I call bullshit. Amber best Gary in front of Leah and the cameras. No one intervened or cared. No one.

  50. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Unrelated to this particular scene with Ryne, I’m very curious if they have ever intervened when Juhnelle was seen with Kieffah, when Juhnelle was smokin’ da weed in front of Babs’ house, or when she and Keiffah was high, high, both high? Or when Leah accused people of puttin’ dye on da baby’s head?

    I can’t imagine a film crew wasn’t there for any of those scenes. I’m not saying that Ryan did is okay by any means, but some of making really bag decisions that could cause harm to themselves or others.

  51. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Honestly, this seems like a pathetic attempt to cover their asses more than anything. Ryan was completely out of his mind in the scene before, freaking out about his haircut. They were right there when they got in the car to leave both times. He was swerving while he was driving. They CAN hear them on the mics while they’re driving because they heard Chelsea’s friend give away Watson’s gender before she announced, they radio’ed Tyler to ask him to pull over saying they couldn’t hear Butch clearly and needed to mic him, and they knew something was wrong with amber when Matt pulled over. Dear God, I just defended Amber/Matt in a sense, lord help me. So they would have heard Mackenzie ask Ryan if he had taken a Xanax, they would have heard him slurring his words and speaking incoherently and losing his train of thought mid-sentence. I get that they don’t always have eyes on the cast, but it’s been shown that they do have ears. I’m not buying this persons excuses.

  52. You know nobody has asked why the hell didn’t she drive? Or make him pull over so she could drive I mean come on she knew he had a problem and everyone can see he’s so high I just want to know why? She’s definitely in this for some reason to benefit herself… sad. I have been there myself and this is so sad I was so nervous and shaking watching this hoping no one got hurt. I hope he gets ongoing treatment… 30 days is not enough.ive been there and know.

    1. The only thing I can say in her defense is that sometimes you’re too afraid to speak up. I drove with my mom when she was drunk too (I was 15-17 and I couldn’t drive so it’s a different situation, and my mom never swerved or closed her eyes).

      I don’t know.. I’m really angry with Mack bc she could drive or she could stop him (she got married to the guy right after that I mean… wtf) and she didn’t…

      1. That’s what I think, as well. She’s young – far younger than he is (by seven or more years? I forget how old Ryan is), and she was also desperate to marry him. It’s no excuse, but I’m sure she’s looking back on it and wishing she had handled it differently.

  53. He was 100% under the influence before he even left for his haircut that day. If the crew/Mackenzie didn’t notice that then they’re all f’ing blind. Sorry. He could barely pay attention when she was talking to him about the officiant’s schedule. I guess I didn’t realize his problem had gotten this bad…it seemed like a storyline more than an actual issue…but he’s got a serious drug problem, and everyone’s just lucky that he didn’t kill anyone behind the wheel.

    1. I honestly wonder how would they react if something actually happened. Now they can say “All is well that ends well” but what is something ACTUALLY HAPPENED?! MTV would be to blame and this show would get cancelled. I honestly hope this is the last straw and OG is indeed over with. They lost a lot of viewers showing this situation.

  54. After watching that driving scene and reading many reports/stories, I have no will to poke fun at this situation. It’s not a funny case, nor do I think it is appropriate to maliciously troll the people involved.

    After sorting though my feelings, I ultimately feel sad, and of course, partly angry. I’m sad that Ryan, father of Bentley, was in a place where he was using and putting his life, as well as Mackenzie’s, at risk. Worse yet, Bentley or another child could have been in that car. It’s heartbreaking to see someone falling asleep at the steering wheel, where he could have be killed or killed others in a passing vehicle. This is all too real, we hear stories of innocent people who are victims to car crashes and some don’t make it. Parents lose their children, loved ones lose their spouses, friends lose friends…my heart hurts just thinking about it.

    Lastly, Mackenzie–I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt that she truly cares about Ryan. However, what I want people to take from this car scene is what she should have done is immediately have the driver pull over and take over driving if you witness something like this. For the sake of your own life and others. Not sure if she reported Ryan’s behavior to his parents or crew members right away (this has not been confirmed as far as I know), but it would have been very crucial to do so as well.

    I look forward to the reunion show to see what everyone has to say about that scene, and I can only hope that it can be utilized to teach others how to respond better to a situation like that.

  55. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    You know nobody has asked why the hell didn’t she drive? Or make him pull over so she could drive I mean come on she knew he had a problem and everyone can see he’s so high I just want to know why? She’s definitely in this for some reason to benefit herself… sad. I have been there myself and this is so sad I was so nervous and shaking watching this hoping no one got hurt. I hope he gets ongoing treatment… 30 days is not enough.ive been there and know.

  56. The ONLY people responsible is Ryan and Mackenzie. Ryan for getting F’ed up and Mackenzie for letting him drive knowing he was F’ed up!

      1. Yes but why? I know she was so hurried to get married to him for whatever her motive was but she could have made him pull over and drove them. This shows to me that she isn’t in love with him. I don’t care what why would you let someone you love drive like that when you could have driven yourself?!?!?

  57. Yet they have had kids, newborns, toddlers, etc in unsafe illegal car seats and restraints. I am by no means a perfect parent- but they should have stepped in several times with how kids have been in seats.

  58. I’m glad you addressed this because I was actually just talking about it in one of your previous threads about the teen mom News pile up and I really really was shocked to see that no we one had intervened clearly McKenzie was not Using the appropriate actions in this situation she needed to get him off the road at least to have Ryan pull over I just for his and her safety but the safety of the people that were on the road he seriously could’ve heard someone and they’re just seem to be no comprehension of that from either one of them I do wish MTV was there because I think had they shown some kind of intervention it would’ve been good for people to see that if you see this kind of behavior you do not condone you Cover it up you do not overlook or try to cover it up I just think this set the wrong example this is a show about preventing teen pregnancy instead it’s literally one bad decision after the other and covering it up I honestly think McKenzie needs help she let him continue like this and drove her to their wedding is beyond crazy to me. I just hope Macy keeps Bentley safe because judging by what I’ve seen of McKenzie and watch is OK with she should not be around anybody’s kids so she shows them good judgment I think is for Ryan but there’s just something about McKenzie condoning this that just makes me Ill

  59. He was wasted before he even got in the car,it was obvious when his now wife was telling him what time they were going to get married.I do not buy that they didnt know.

  60. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    They’re so full of it. He was clearly high (but not falling asleep) when they were filming him and her talking about haircuts and what time they were getting married, and they still let him drive them too. He was making no sense, slurring his words, and looked wicked out of it.

  61. Here’s an idea: DON’T LET THAT SH*T GET ON TV! I mean, now they are defending themselves but they did purposely let it through to get ratings! I mean, they could have edited it out, they were just driving there, people already knew he was high af before so it’s not like they showed it for the first time but they hid it before. It’s completely irresponsible, I hope there was a talk with Ryan about this because he sure as know should know not to drive under influence! As for the b*tvh he now calls his wife: I have no words, she couldn’t have gone lower. I hope he sobers up and gets the wedding annulled.

    1. MTV is a business. It’s literally their job to post interesting things to get ratings.

      The blame lies 100% on RYAN and MACKENZIE. No one else. They are both grown adults who know better. Everyone shifting the blame to MTV are enablers and coddlers and everyone knows that those 2 things in an addict’s life will prevent them from getting better.

  62. How could she marry him knowing he was That F’d Up!? I thought she was a Smart girl at first…Not now!

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