Jenelle Evans Says Appearing On ‘Teen Mom 2’ is “Harming Her Mentally” As Fans React to Shocking Episode

“See? I love the kid.”

Angry Teen Mom 2 fans took to social media last night to lash out at MTV and Jenelle Evans after the network aired this week’s episode of the show, which contained a shocking scene revolving around Jenelle’s young son Kaiser. Fans were appalled as they watched Kaiser scream for food and be yanked around by Jenelle’s husband David Eason, as an MTV film and production crew stood by watching.

Jenelle, who had deactivated her Twitter account hours before the controversial episode aired, finally took to Instagram late Monday night to address the episode, her frustration with the show’s producers and her future on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

In a series of Instagram rants, Jenelle revealed that she was “probably calling it quits for filming this show.” (As The Ashley just told you, though, Jenelle is not going anywhere any time soon!)

She also stated that being on the show was harmful to her and her family.

Yes, me and David have our ups and downs but yesterday’s episode was uncalled for. Because David didn’t feel like explaining another argument or drama on camera they make it look as if David is hiding some weird ass shit from the public as if he was hurting me in some way?! ? I have decided after this season I’m probably calling it quits for filming this show. I told Morgan it’s getting to out of hand and it’s not healthy for us anymore, just harming us mentally. They treat all of us as if we are in a freak show and in cages. WE aren’t human beings to @mtv what-so-ever. The first screenshot of the custody episode someone posted photoshopping a hand mark on my arm. The other screenshots are pictures I’ve taken myself from the same episode… and there aren’t any hand marks. Once they treat me with respect I’ll be back, if they don’t I’ll be happy with the life I’ve got. I told them this last night. #MarriedLife #MIA ?✌?

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“It’s getting to out of hand and it’s not healthy for us anymore, just harming us mentally,” she wrote. “They treat all of us as if we are in a freak show and in cages. WE aren’t human beings to @mtv what-so-ever.”

Jenelle, of course, left the door open for herself to go back to the show by adding, “Once they treat me with respect I’ll be back, if they don’t I’ll be happy with the life I’ve got.”

“I’ve blocked all my producers numbers,” Jenelle wrote in another post. “I will not stand for the negative s**t anymore. I’ll be off social media for a while to be focusing on solely my family.”

(Naturally, Jenelle was back on Instagram within 12 hours, hawking some sort of miracle lashes or whatnot. Her Twitter account remains deactivated…for now, anyway…)

Last night, the official @TeenMom Twitter account got a lot of backlash from angry fans when they chose to turn the clip of Kaiser screaming “FEED ME!” to his mother, who was very busy taking her engagement photos with her soulmate, into a meme about being hungry.

The tweet in question…

Fans were outraged that the network was making fun of Kaiser’s plight, and many responded angrily to the post.

“This is gross,” one fan tweeted back to MTV. “Way to capitalize on child abuse and neglect. Kai did not sign on to have his life exploited by MTV! This needs to be deleted.”

“He was screaming and crying because his mother is neglecting him and won’t give him food,” another person wrote. “It’s not funny.”

Even ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast members commented on the disturbing post.

“You might want to pull this tweet #NotFunny,” Randy Houska wrote in response to the tweet.

“Is there an intern running this account?” Kail Lowry tweeted. “There’s nothing funny about this.”

“I’m so sick to my stomach right now,” Ashley Lanhardt, the girlfriend of Kaiser’s dad Nathan Griffith, tweeted. “No editing can fake that…why would you post this? This is disgusting! Not a joking meme! I’m appalled. MTV how can you guys film such abuse?”

“All these kids are driving me crazy, dude!”

In her Instagram rant, Jenelle attempted to explain why Kaiser was yelling “FEED ME!” to her and David. She claimed it was due to his speech issues, insinuating that Kaiser didn’t actually mean he wanted to be fed. However, this is not the first time fans have expressed concern for Kaiser’s well-being after watching Jenelle and David’s treatment of him on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

She later told People that Kaiser screaming “Feed me!” had nothing to do with food.

“He was actually yelling and pointing at Jace because Jace took his toy,” Jenelle insisted. “They bicker like this all the time.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Nathan’s mother, Doris Davidson, filed for emergency custody of Kaiser last month, but eventually dropped her bid. A court case was supposed to take place at the beginning of this month but was continued due to Doris’ husband needing surgery.

Jenelle spoke to People on Tuesday, telling the magazine she feels she’s “always portrayed as ‘the bad one’ to them no matter how much I change.”

“I don’t like the fact that I’ve changed for the better and happily married, yet [people] perceive David as some angry dad that gets annoyed by his children,” she added. “Or, if MTV does not have the drama from the storyline they want, they try to create drama as hard as they can.”

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  1. As a mom of three I can tell you that babies scream and throw temper tantrums all the time. He could of just been fed and wanted some attention. All of mine took speech…I think Jenelle has been made to be defensive and therefore feels the need to make up something to keep people off her back. Ask some older moms, kids will be kids. Kaiser is a needy child and seems to throw fits a little more than some. My middle one was my needy baby, still is and she is thirty! Don’t make something out of nothing. David on the other hand is another story!!

    1. I agree completely! Regardless of what the kid wants, screaming a throwing a fit the way he does is NOT the way to get it. I have to admit kaiser kind of annoys the shit out of me sometimes ?

    2. Sometimes kaiser deserves a big smack across his mouth for all that screaming and tantrums kid annoys me to no end

  2. In benefit of the doubt land…he could have been saying give it to me. But let’s face it, poor baby was saying feed me. In any case, Whatever he was saying, he was also visibly upset…where was his mother to comfort him? Oh right, too busy not giving a shit. The tweet from MTV is ill judged and I hope that by now a ‘joke’ mocking an abused child has been removed. I hope that kaiser’s grandmother is successful in any bid for custody she may make…poor Ensley won’t have that help I fear.

  3. I hope MTV has a Happy Hanukkah this year 😉
    Yall work hard to make so much money off of human suffering. Oy vey!

  4. Drugs. Did anyone else see that janelles friend, tori, who was at the wedding, got busted for heroin… if Janelle was clean she would not allow a drug addict like tori at her wedding.

  5. Even if kai has a speech implement, how could he mix “feed me” and “Jace took my toy”…. Really Jenelle, we’re no THAT stupid! Even if he meant something like “help me” she still ignored he son when he clearly needed attention… Nobody cares what he meant to say, he did ask for assistance and NO ONE helped that poor boy…

  6. MTV, you can no longer pretend that you are doing this great social service by producing this show. It’s not helping, it’s harming. I really don’t want to see another season of this garbage followed by a reunion hosted by Dr. Drew as he pretends to ask them hard hitting questions that are anything but that because these girls are divas who think the sun shines out of their asses and refuse to have actually answer for their actions. And please, if I had a dollar for every time one of those gals threatens to quit, I’d be able to pay off my mortgage.

  7. Jenelle was acting like a middle school girl making out with boyfriend for camera while hey kids were freaking out. Disgusting She still acts like a teenager and nowhere near ready to be a mother

  8. Did anyone catch the scene in the last episode where Kaiser was outside playing with the dogs, and camera hungry jenelle yells for pumpkin (the dog) with her arms out…. Kaiser and both dogs ran to her. It seemed her arms were open for her son, but nope! She completely ignored Kaiser and gave the attention to the dogs! Which is fine, BUT To see Kaisers disappointed face and his body language killed me. He sat down next to his “mom” and just stared out in the distant with a blank stare on his face like that wasn’t the first time she neglected him. I can’t even watch her parts in the show, I have crazy emotions seeing how she treats her kids. She really needs help… forgot about being “in love” and focus on you and your kids. They deserve it! Jase would have been treated the same if barb didn’t step up. Jenelle is delusional.

  9. Someone in the comments to either this article or another recent one called Lurch the Blotchy Sasquatch. Normally I’m not comfortable with making fun of someone for something they can’t control (Lurch’s vitiligo condition in this case). However, any turd that hurts children and makes fun of others for all different reasons deserves that title. Lurch isn’t a mean enough name for that SOB – Blotchy Sasquatch is a better description. Although UBT is a darn good nickname too. UBT the Blotchy Sasquatch has a nice ring to it.

    Janelle really scraped the bottom of the barrel when she selected this winner.

      1. It stands for Uncle Bad Touch. Stems from when he was asked during the Dad’s Special what his porn star name would be, and he said “Uncle Dave”. Total creep.

        1. And also when he took a picture of Kaiser’s hand down his (Kaiser’s) diaper and posted it on Instagram with #deesnuts. What a creep.

  10. I’ve watched this show since day one. After last week, I can no longer stomach to watch this. When there is no longer any entertainment value and causes me to be sad for all four of those children (Marissa included), I’m out. MTV is disgusting to enable these two natural born killer type personalities. Barb and her screaming during that exchange, was unbearable also. How as a mother do you not feel the need to comfort your screaming toddler who is clearly in distress. Instead your worrying about your make up and how hot you are creating pretend “happy” photos. She is absent of any type of feelings. I have thrown in the towel.

  11. O/T I read that kailyn is starting a podcast show thing and I also read that if she did that it’s in violation of her teen mom contract. So let’s hope it is and she gets fired from teen mom. I would miss seeing her boys but never would miss her.

  12. We should start a Go Fund Me for Doris, to be able to get a really good Family Law attorney and pursue custody of Kaiser (and maybe criminal charges against Jenelle). I would hope they start by subpoenaing a MTV footage to help suppprt an abuse case.

    I’d pony up cash to help little Kaiser Roll, I suspect a lot of us would.

    1. and subpoena hospital records from Ensley birth showing positive drugs at birth. And have David’s son mama testify about his violence and permabent restraining order. I would gladly donate to that cause

  13. That meme by MTV making fun of kaisers abuse and neglect was grade A appalling and such an accurate depiction of how they view him. Just as a prop that they see when they film at jenelles house and not as an actual human child who is in desperate need of help and rescue. And then the way that they placate her and kiss her ass and apologize to her and try to calm her down and make her happy in the text exchange is disgusting. I am so angry with MTV. She is pond scum and they treat her like a princess.

  14. Even if he has a speech impediment and says “hot” instead of “not,” how is she telling us “feed me” should be translated? “Heed me”? “Need me”? In what way does “feed me” translate to “give me back my toy, jace”? If she wants to go with the speech impediment thing, then she needs to give a viable and believable translation. But there isn’t one. She is so full of shit. And why is the speech screening form written in two different handwriting samples? Everything is in one hand, and the. Kaisers name is written in a different hand. Also, this seems like it was a sign and turn back in to the school form, so why does she still have it at home to upload into texts? Everything about this is fishy and fake as hell. Just like her picture with kaiser. All dressed up and made up, giving kardashian duck face, with the child as a prop on the side. If I’m making kissy face in a photo with my child, it’s bc I’m actually kissing my child!

    1. Rest assured, instead of screaming feed me little Kaiser roll was probably screaming: “Free Me.”

      I pray constantly for that sweet little boy, who is now a “throwaway” kid in Jenelle’s eyes, because he failed at being “relationship insurance” for her now defunct relationship with Nathan.

  15. Am i the only one who wonders why Janelle just doesn’t get a nanny to wrangle her litter? She can obviously afford it. I know she doesn’t have a real job, but she can just say she is working while being filmed to justify the nanny. She has no shame anyway, and could do a disclaimer like “we brought our nanny along to help, because we were busy taking engagement pictures”. A loving nanny would make Kaiser’s days so much better (his nights would still be hell though). Maybe they don’t want a nanny because she/he would see too much of what goes down on “the land”.

    1. Jenelle would never spend that kind of money on her kids. Plus, I bet she pisses away most of her TM paycheck on herself: cars, makeup, trips, plastic surgery, and DRUGS. Plus, Lurch wouldn’t want someone around if he’s abusing them all.

  16. Gotta say, I’m starting to question a lot of Jenelle’s past actions. Is it possible that Kaiser wasn’t as planned as Jenelle led us to believe? What if Jenelle was already pregnant when she and Nathan started “trying” for a baby? We all know she will say just about anything in a vain attempt to paint herself in a positive light.

    As for her second (of which we know) pregnancy….. I personally don’t believe in abortion but I don’t judge those who make that incredibly difficult decision. In my opinion, that abortion may have been the most selfless act of Jenelle’s life. Certainly it wasn’t entirely selfless but she chose not to bring another baby into the world she knew she was ill-equipped to raise. I think she could greatly benefit from extensive therapy because her issues run real deep.

  17. if my children’s actual father grabbed one of my kids the way David grabbed Kaiser, I would lose my shit. The fact that Jenelle lets that clearly deranged psychopath step parent treat Kaiser like that is so disturbing. She is too fucked up to realize that’s not appropriate “discipline.” It’s not surprising that she doesn’t know what a non-abusive relationship would be like (has she ever had one?) but she is completely devoid of a motherly instinct. All she cares about is what she and the psychopath do for appearances.

    I could see both Jenelle and David blowing a gasket and killing each other. I think each of them separately is capable of it. They are so gross and creepy. What the actual hell is CPS doing leaving these kids with these two deranged individuals?

    1. so if Jenelle refuses to stop David from mistreating Kaiser roll why the hell doesn’t Nathan ? He should use his muscles to kick David’s ass

  18. To say that Jenelle is an unfit parent would be the understatement of the century, what worries me is the fact that she allows this ogre to be the disciplinarian of her children. She should be ashamed of herself, but that’s an emotion she is completely foreign to. Jace is clearly afraid and uncomfortable around him and Jenelle asking if he “ratted” on David in the therapy session is completely inappropriate, that should be a safe place for him to express his feelings. I have absolutely no sympathy for Jenelle as far as being in a $#*tty relationship, but I feel awful for Jace and Kaiser because they have the most selfish, co-dependent, piss-poor excuse for a mother, who has no interest in their safety if it interferes in her current relationship. Once her relationship with Lurch implodes, Ensley will become just as disposable as the other two.

  19. It pains me to write this because I really, really, really wanted the fantasy that Jenelle has been selling to be true, for her and the kids’ sake. But after watching the scene with Kristin and how Jenelle was obviously in fear and trying to deflect from talking about their fight, and after watching David damn near rip Kaiser’s arm out of the socket, and watching David and Jenelle scream at each other multiple times this season, and the video of them screaming at each other the night before the wedding, anddd the fact that she’s been investigated by CPS, it’s hard to not face reality. I know that most people think she’s an urchin but I feel for her. Jenelle will only be 26 this year, and has been engaged multiple times, divorced, pregnant by at least four men (that we know of), been to rehab, been arrested more times than I can count on my two hands and the list goes on. Maybe she’s improved by way of substance abuse (she hasn’t – addicts don’t need to touch anything including weed), but she still finds her validation and self worth by being in a relationship and her children are going to pay the price. I am afraid of what Jace, Kaiser and Ensley will become, and of what Jenelle will become once the MTV money runs dry. Jace at least has a shot under Barb’s watch but there will be damage from his mother’s choices, there’s no getting around that. And David…Jesus Christ. I can’t imagine marrying a man who encouraged me to isolate myself from my mother. That alone should have been large enough of a red flag. But Jenelle needs the aesthetic and the pretty IG pictures and needs to LOOK like she’s living her best life, and as long as she can do that and fool herself, there’s no way that she’s going to make strides to improve. I bet that if she had focused 1/3 of the energy that she’s focused on relationships on genuinely improving herself and her life, she would have had Jace back a long time ago. Say what you want about Kail, but she made those babies and is taking care of all of them. You don’t see her kids getting man-handled by step dads or screaming for food. Leah’s either. I just hope and pray for the sake of Jenelle, the kids, and her relationships with them that she gets a wake up call here soon and works on fixing the parts of herself that make her feel like she needs a man above anything else. No functional person has two babies and two engagements by two men within 2 1/2 years. It’s all very sad and I will pray for her.

    1. People tend to hate Kaitlyn because of her attitude and the way she treats the men her life. Honestly I think out of all the moms on the show she’s the best. She has a degree, her children are well taken care of and well behaved, her house is always clean, her children are into sports and you know that if a man treated one of her children like Jenelle let’s David treat Kaiser shed come for theor ass.

  20. It’s pretty shocking she has the balls to accuse MTV of making her look bad when they covered up her drug use during pregnancy. She should be thanking them for giving her way more money than she deserves and also making her story look nicer than it actually is.

  21. I don’t think Kaiser screaming “Feed Me” is even the salient issue about this episode. Let’s start with the fight between Jenelle and David and the next day. The next day David claimed there was no fight and Jenelle silently sat by looking cowed – a classic sign of abuse. Also, let’s mention Kaiser’s striking Jase VERY HARD with a stick or strop when angry – looks liked learned behavior to me. All Kaiser’s anger is what he is seeing in his home – why is anyone surprised that a screaming fit is the only way this poor child knows to express himself?!! I hope Nathan’s parents continue on their quest to obtain custody. Poor Ensley is doomed.

    1. Totally agree. The way David and Jenelle acted when Kristen asked about the fight the day before was the scariest part of the episode. The way he looked at Jenelle when Kristen said it….it was obvious he had told Jenelle not to tell them about it and he realized she did. And she just kept looking down because she knew there was going to be hell to pay once the producers left. The way he acts is chilling. Even the way he talked to Kristen. He seems like a dumb oaf most of the time but when he’s mad I have no doubt he could kill someone. Goosebumps.

      1. Agree. I was so frustrated with Kristen again during that scene. She lets Kaiser get dragged around, and she kept pushing the point and trying to get David to admit they were arguments despite how scared Jenelle was looking and how desperately she was trying to change the subject. The producers should be ashamed of themselves because they put EVERYONE in that house in danger when they provoke situations like that for ratings rather than intervening and getting everyone to safety. I don’t like Jenelle, and I think she should have all of her kids taken off her, but I still wouldn’t purposefully endanger her when it’s pretty obvious (given all of the bruises she’s had lately and her submissive behaviour around UBT) she’s being abused. It’s so messed up. I couldn’t live with myself knowing I’d done that.

    2. There was nothing right about this episode. It was depressing to watch. It is so obvious that David is a controlling monster. He has Jenelle brainwashed and she is too weak of a woman to stand up for her kids. I used to laugh at her behavior but now it makes me down right angry. Dear God savr those babies

  22. When is CPS going to get investigate this?!? The law was called on Amber when she assulted Gary…. CPS has all they need for evidence by way of MTV footage ..

    MTV.. you should be ashamed of yourselves .. to let producers stand around and do nothing gives Janelle and David validation that it’s ok to treat Kaiser like that …. shame on you all

  23. Also. I’d like to point out a very obvious and disturbing fact. When Jennelle found out she was pregnant with Courtlands baby, she got an abortion. I’m all for choice, but here’s where things get twisted. At the time Jennelle claimed she chose abortion because she was was not ready for a second child/ unable to do it herself, however after she met Nathan immediately after and had been with him for only a couple of months, they were actively trying to get pregnant, and eventually they had Kaiser. It is beyond clear that Jennelle aborted Courtland’s baby because she was no longer infatuated with him. Now that she is no longer with Nathan, she doesn’t seem to feel any love or general attachment to Kaiser, because he is his fathers son, and even favors his appearance. And it goes back even further. In her 16 and Pregnant episode, Jennelle talks about wanting to take Jace to the beach when he’s old enough, and watch movies with him rather than going out. This changed as soon as she and Andrew split. She didn’t seem to care about Jace just days after his birth, and she only wants him now because it provides drama for a television show. Mark my words, when the camera’s stop rolling, she will no longer be actively seeking custody of Jace, will either have Kaiser taken away or willingly sign him over to Nathan/Dorris, and Ensley’s fate is dependent on David and Jennelle staying together.

    1. A lot of serial baby mommas think like that. They have the baby to keep the man and have the ideal family but when the man leaves so does the vision. So they just move on the the next sucker and wash rinse repeat.

      1. I wondered if that is why Chelsea got pregnant in the first place – she was so desperate for Adam to stay with her.

        1. Personally, I don’t think Chelsea got pregnant on purpose to keep Adam, but I do think that she believed that after she found out she was pregnant, he would change. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, but I’m actually pretty proud of Chelsea. She’s always loved and cared for Aubree, got over Adam, married a man who is amazing with Aubree, and is essentially just living a normal life aside from the whole MTV camera’s in the house thing haha

        2. @Alex….it did seem that way on her 16 and pregnant episode, and i believe played a HUGE role in why she stayed around and dealt with his shit for so long…She thought Aubree would make him want to settle down…I’m just glad she didn’t make another kid with Adumb….Chelsea saw the light and saw the situation for what it was and moved on to much much better things. I think Randy even felt like Chelsea was trying to force a family with Adumb, and that’s why we saw so much of him on the show before Cole came along…never forget the horror on Randy’s face when Adumb gave Chelsea that promise ring. NEVER. FORGET.

          1. That’s what I was thinking – the 16 and pregnant episode really focused on how much she was devoted to the idea of Adam and the perfect family. How many times did she said I just want that perfect family in future episodes and Randy had to talk sense into her?!

            I’m so glad she turned her life around – she is one of the few success stories of the Teen Mom franchise.

            If you watch enough of the episodes, you will notice that a lot of the girls mention how perfect their families will be. Maci seems obsessed with marrying Ryan and having the perfect life.

            I’m really sick of this show – while the original concept is interesting and hopefully is a deterrent to teen pregnancy, the fact that “nobodies” can produce kids and become quasi celebrities may encourage others to be the next “teen mom”. I think the show would be more successful in terms of educating if they only tracked the girls once or twice per year. That is a more accurate portrayal of what teen mom life is!

        3. Chelsea is the only one in the series with a real father, so she was always going to be OK. Not just because of his dentist income, but the stable foundation and self esteem that provides.

      2. Exactly. That is Jenelle, Leah and Kail in a nutshell. It’s pathetic and sad that they are bringing a human being into the world like it’s no big deal. It’s a VERY big deal. That’s why people should be together for a few years, get married AND THEN have kids.

    2. She also said something along the lines of this in her book!!!! She was talking about a whole lot of different guys that she dated when she was younger and it was talking about how she was like obsessed with a guy for a while and then she got bored with him or whatnot. You’re totally right!!

    3. Another reason to hate MTV and the whole teen mom franchise. If they weren’t around filming her, I bet you anything she would have given ipncustody of kaiser as soon as the opportunity arose.

  24. Jenelle is angry because it’s getting harder for MTV to hide Kaiser’s abuse, Jace’s neglect and fear and David’s unsettling creepiness. There’s way more going on besides the bull shit instagrams she posts. Jenelle no one is buying your happy family nonsense.

  25. Alright. This is so far out of hand. The world is watching your child scream and cry to be fed, and being ignored. CPS really does need to get their heads out of their asses, and help these children. She signed over custody of Jace so that she could party, do drugs, and spend all of her time with her boyfriends, Kaiser is ignored, abused, and in a constant state of terror. Fun fact: A shudder/speech impediments/other issues communicating, can be directly linked to ABUSE and TRAUMA (not all children with communication issues are abused), and Ensley was born with marijuana in her system. This is disgusting, and I can’t believe it has gone on for this long. Time to pull the plug on her for good this time MTV. If you don’t do so willingly, I’m hoping the sponsors for this shit show do.

    1. While I agree with your comment I don’t think all children with speech issues have been abused. I’ve never looked into it but I assume your fact is true- just not every child. My son had speech therapy but was never abused. I had it myself as a child I was not abused either. I myself and my son didnt have the same exact issues as kaiser but I can say that lil boy is treated terrible! He clearly has more issues then just that. Jenelle treated her dog better on one recent episode also! Makes me sick

      1. That’s why I put in parentheses that not all children who have speech impediments are abused, it’s just often a sign of abuse. Jennelle needs to be taken off the air, and put in jail for neglect and facilitating abuse.

    2. Early intervention speech language pathologist here. While it is true that environment plays a big role in behavior and language development, I’ve never worked with a child that says “feed me” when they are requesting anything other than food. From what I’ve seen, Kaiser does seem to be frustrated and that could be from lack of language. But I’d also say a lot of that is learned behavior. If you are a toddler whose life is filled with violence and yelling, how else are you going to communicate?

  26. I am an occupational therapist in the school setting, after having been a special ed preschool teacher. When I saw Jenelle’s BS excuse of “my son has a speech impediment and didn’t say ‘feed me,’ just something that sounded like that,” her so called evidence isn’t even accurate. That document was a speech and language screening report, not an evaluation, test results or anything indicating he currently receives any speech services. The screening results letter was dated at the beginning of September. Looking down at the bottom of the page, it’s a clinic that has sent the letter. Meaning that she likely didn’t even ask for or even know his daycare/ preschool was doing speech screenings. She wants to keep passing the buck and have excuses at the ready, not willing to look at what ACTUALLY needs to be done. Guarantee she hasn’t taken Kaiser to actually be evaluated. And she won’t because David isn’t going to allow Kaiser to have more mandated reporter eyes on this kid.

    1. My thoughts exactly when I saw that letter dated two months after this episode was shot. Jenelle is hiding behind it as of she was some sort of responsible parent and this proves a point. This letter just reveals that Kaiser’s preschool did a routine screening and they had to notify Jenelle of a potential problem because she didn’t notice it herself.

      If Kaiser has speech delays, I guarantee it’s a result of the abuse, trauma, and neglect he’s suffered. Poor Jace already has a twitch when he’s around Jenelle and David.

  27. She wants Soooo bad to be a “Chelsea” – Babs has David PEGGED from the jump – “Youah the worst boooyfrand she’s EVA Haaad!!”

    1. Lol right Babs call’s em how she see’s em, but she’s said those same words about Nathan I believe.

  28. The thing that is most telling to me about her rant/excuses is that she doesn’t even attempt to address the way David manhandled Kaiser. You would think that’s because even she knows it’s inexcusable, but I think it’s more likely that she didn’t even notice it or think that anyone would think it was inappropriate. And the way she pointed at her nose as a threat to him as David started to walk over–there is no reason to threaten a 3 yr old like that. None.

    Also, thanks to some savvy folks on Twitter who slowed the film down and screenshot the moment, you can clearly see that Kaiser isn’t even touching the camera, he’s holding Kristen’s arm. The kid is starved for affection. And Kristen didn’t even say a word. Disgusting. Truly.

    1. The fact that he wasn’t even touching that camera makes me hate them both (Jenelle and David) even more. They are despicable. Kaiser NEEDS someone to just love him and be kind to him.

  29. Jenelle wasn’t complaining about MTV’s editing when they concealed her CPS investigation or the fact that Ensley was born with drugs in her system.

    At this point it’s clear that MTV has a very good idea of how bad the abuse and neglect is on “the land” and has chosen not to do anything that would jeopardize Teen Mom’s profitability. With Jenelle off the show, they might lose viewers since people obviously tune in to see her drama. The meme just confirmed how apathetic they are to the fact that a toddler is the household whipping boy. It’s not entertaining. It’s sick.

  30. I’m sure MTV has been pretty generous in what they DIDN’T show about Jenelle and her infamous “land.”

    Perfect case in point was the ongoing CPS investigation — happening at the same time Jenelle and David were painting “Save the Date” on fences, and acting as their own wedding planners for the mud pile shindig she herself called off, just hours before it was about to take place.

    So go ahead and quit the show, Jenelle. I’m sure after sifting through their 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom archives, it won’t be hard for MTV to find another delusional, child neglecting train wreck to replace you.

  31. I have been shocked by how they treat Kaiser for a long while. David pretends to love him for the cameras but once in a while real hostility is displayed and physical abuse is right behind it. David once pushed Kaiser away with real force, the child skidding along the floor. This was LAST season, and it’s gotten so much worse.

    Kaiser is the image of Nathan. I have always been concerned about this because of the hatred that Jenelle herself feels for Nathan. She is always complaining about his being there – like the fishing trip. “Next time, he won’t come”, the loving mother declared. Jace is old enough to know how to play along to stay safe, Kaiser is still a baby and he is angry and sad about the way he is treated.

    I truly feel that we are witnessing child abuse and neglect. It is NOT entertaining or amusing. I pray that Nathan’s mother gets custody of Kaiser and that it is soon, before real injury or worse takes place.

    1. Amen. I wondered why no one seemed to notice that Kaiser looks exactly like his father, which subliminally at least could lead to abuse by mother and stepfather. Beware Juhnelle, one day before you know it, Kaiser will be bigger than you, and paybacks are hell, bitch!

  32. Why didn’t she do the pictures, while poor Kaiser was in daycare…. OH wait she was “working” That’s about the only good thing Kaiser has going for him right now, is escaping to daycare during the day and not being at the house.

  33. We couldnt perceive David as an angry dad who gets annoyed with his kids, if he didn’t act like an angry dad who gets annoyed with his kids.
    I’m just saying.

  34. When will the madness stop. It isn’t even entertaining anymore. It is boring to watch entitled people doing everyday things. They have to make up things for Chelsea to do every episode. Leah has become a decent mother. No realistic career options but she’s done a 180. Sure Kailyn will want to move her whole family to the greater NYC area for her big TV career but watching them all in their nice houses and luxury vehicles isn’t very entertaining. Wish others would stop watching like I have.

  35. I don’t even know what to say at this point about Jenelle. She lives in her own reality. She can’t see things for how they really are. These poor kids are being affected by it. It’s really sad. MTV should be ashamed that they exploit people like her especially when there are children involved.

  36. I’ve always been one to do my absolute best to see both sides to every story. Anyone familiar with some of my comments on The Ashely’s other TM articles knows that is true. So, that being said, my mouth literally dropped open watching the scene with poor little Kai screaming “Feed Me.” I don’t care WHAT he said, the boy was in severe distress for an extended period of time and she just stood there not only ignoring it but cursing about it. Kaiser is only 3 years old…he is going to be curious and play with the camera and just about every other new object he sees. This is what children do and its healthy and normal and helps them to grow. The way Jenelle and David treated that boy is appalling. No mother is perfect and there are ALWAYS going to be times where, if a camera cherry-picked scenes of a person parenting, they’d look like the worst mom in the world. But THIS is on a whole other level- completely disgusting, completely undefendable and completely unforgivable.

    1. I will add that, munch like Leah, I suspect that Jenelle’s biggest parenting problem is her issues with men. Leah changed for the better and made huge strides when she was able to stop relying on a man to make her happy and focus on being independent. I DO wholeheartedly believe that Jenelle has improved from her “Kesha” days, and feel that if she had been able to make these improvements ON HER OWN without any man in her life she may be a whole different Jenelle right now. I do believe that Jenelle has grown as a person from who she was she Jace was born. However, I’m grading on a huge curve there because where she is now is so far from where she should want to be, and I think she could be much closer to that place right now if she had taken and extended break from men after Nathan.

      1. All jokes aside, it’s not that people do not see the improvements she has made from her younger years. It’s simply that, where an improvement has been made, and entire new issue has been added. It doesn’t count as an improvement if it isn’t replaced with a new terrible behavior, much the same way an addict isn’t considered recovered if he or she simply switches from one substance of choice to another.

      2. Jenelle hasn’t improved at all. She’s holding onto custody of her two replacement kids literally by a thread. She was just investigated by CPS for smoking weed while pregnant (again), she literally told Jace to get over his fear of David and then FORCED him to give her away. She married an abusive psychopath. She’s also just as abusive as he is. She’s a neglectful, selfish, drug addicted, horrible excuse for a human being. The only two things she’s gotten better at is hiding all of this (even then just barely) and manipulating people to give her what she wants. She’s the same person she was 8 years ago but now she has money. ? ?

        1. I wouldn’t say she hasn’t improved at all. I mean, when you start out at the point where Kieffer Delp is concerned about your drug habit, or you’re begging the judge to delay your incarceration until after the Ke$ha concert, almost anything constitutes an improvement.

      3. I think Jenelle should be required to take some parenting classes. She had Jace and only had custody of him for a little while and even before custody was taken away she didn’t have to do very much. Babs was seen taking care of him on the 16 and pregnant episode. Then Jace got taken away and Jenelle was into drugs and everything. She got “clean” and eventually had Kaiser. I think she could be a good parent if she knew what to do. Whenever she gets Jace on the weekends I think she tries to make it a party and fun and no rules so that Jace won’t want to go back with Babs. Maybe they need to add parenting classes to requirements for getting Jace back.

        1. “I think she could be a good parent if she knew what to do.”

          I could not disagree more. The core issue with Jenelle’s parenting is not that she doesn’t know what to do (although she doesn’t). It’s that she is so utterly selfish and narcissistic that she cannot see beyond her own wants and needs. Her image, her reputation, her happiness, her mental health. No parenting class in the world can make her want to put her kids’ needs above her own. That’s a maternal instinct and Jenelle just does not have it.

        2. She’s didn’t get clean. Stopping heroin but continuing to smoke weed and travel the United States looking for a doctor to give you xanax for the orbs, isn’t clean

  37. LOL “changed for the better and happily married” DELUJenelle! And David IS a bad guy, don’t try to make it like he isn’t! He had that restraining order for a reason! (The mom dropped it cuz I believe Jenelle made her feel bad for it)

    I honestly believe Kaiser was hungry and they don’t give him enough to eat because she believes he is fat (he is still a toddler!) and no way will she let that happen to any of her children. It’s disgusting, you don’t deprieve food from a child who is still evolving and growing up! I have a strong suspicion she will do the same or even worse to Ensley cuz she is a girl and she needs to be skinny, the whole “family” as they call themselves is just a mess and she should be ripped of all of her parenting rights.

    1. And most likely Kaiser is “fat” (I don’t see him as fat, he’s got some baby chub is all) because he eats a crap diet. I can’t see Jenelle’s lazy ass caring about nutrition when it comes to the kids. I highly doubt there’s lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables or healthy carbs being served to those kids. His diet, when she actually feeds him, is probably all hot dogs, frozen chicken nuggets, and sugary cereals.

      1. Exactly! He is barely 3 and all we have ever seen him eat is pizza and hot dogs. That is why he looks chubby. And if you look at that picture of Kai above, his cheeks are chubby. His body is not.

  38. Not only is Jenelle neglecting her children, and allowing David to rag poor Kaiser around, but she’s clearly terrified of David herself. The scene where her producer was tying to egg her on to talk about the argument was so telling. Jenelle changed topic at every chance, avoided eye contact with David and was unusually submissive. We’ve seen bruises on her and Kaiser, and Jace is terrified of him. Ensley’s head is misshapen (and often one of her legs looks like it’s mishapen..) and He’s clearly abusing EVERYONE in that house, with perhaps to exception of Maryssa. Speaking of Maryssa, she bullies Jace and Kaiser and is allowed to get away with it because of course David isn’t going to punish his daughter for mimicking him, and Jace and Kaiser aren’t his to they don’t matter to him.
    How Jenelle can sit back and let her kids get treated like that is beyond me. Copper and Pumpkin have mysteriously vanished. It wouldn’t surprise me if theyve been killed, we all saw how aggressive and frightening David was when he was laying sod and screaming at Jenelle a few episodes back.

    I’ve been in an abusive relationship, so I know how difficult it is to leave, but I left when my PETS were in danger. These are Jenelle’s CHILDREN who are at risk, and she lacks the paternal instinct to protect them, choosing to marry that POS instead.

  39. “It’s getting to out of hand and it’s not healthy for us anymore, just harming us mentally,” she wrote. “They treat all of us as if we are in a freak show and in cages. WE aren’t human beings to @mtv what-so-ever.”

    Says the woman who seems oblivious to the fact her kids are being harmed mentally by her actions and life choices and at least one being caged like an animal in the crib of doom. #yourkidsarehumanbeingstoo

  40. I had to watch this part twice just to double check… on the where David is storming towards Kaiser, as well as the look of sheer panic own little Kaiser’s face, he actually started before whimpering before David even reached him, like he knew exactly what was coming..No child so be afraid of a parent, let alone a step parent..It makes me shudder to think of that big bully raising his hands to those poor kids! I am absolutely disgusted but bot shocked at Jenelle, igboring and allowing abuse to take place where her childen are concened..She will do anything to paint a picture of the ‘perfect romance’ and ‘perfect family’..I remember seeimg that photo on Instagram months ago, little did anyone know the neglect and abuse going on behind the scenes! “Kiss me, kiss me” OMG I wanted to release some uppercuts on her dude!! I really hope Doris steps up her game in her bid to free Kaiser and why on God’s green earth does Jenelle keep banging on about getting Jace back when she clearly doesnt want or care for any of the properly?! Mark my words, she will be pregnant again soon, another reason for her to stay with David, smh! And I’m sock of Jenelle’s brown-noser fans kissing her ass and telling her they are perfect for eachother and she has come so far! Are they blind?? Ensley was born with drugs in her system! Stop enabling these two morons!

  41. The only way to describe Jenelle is with words that are probably not allowed on this site. She is scum. MTV portrays her unfairly? Only in that they covered her a** in regards to Ensley being born with drugs in her system and the CPS investigation. It’s only unfair to HER CHILDREN and her cast mates that they actually portray her in a more positive light than she behaves.

    Blaming MTV for her poor parenting skills is bull. Even if Kaiser didn’t shout, “Feed me!” she still lets David toss him around and ignores him when he is clearly extremely distressed. She also didn’t intervene when the kids were fighting. A kid could have gotten hurt, and her lack of doing something signals to the kids that their behavior is okay. If she wants to stop being portrayed negatively she should stop behaving that way.

    And shame on MTV for watching this all happen and doing nothing. Monsters.

  42. kaiser may have speech issues because hes terrified of david.he practically pulled kaisers arm out of the socket monday night.and jace is clearly scared of david so just imagine poor kai trapped on ‘the land’ 24/7..heres hoping doris goes through with going for custody..

    1. Exactly! Some kids (not all!) have issues like affected speech and bedwetting as a direct result of their anxiety and fear from abuse. Jenelle’s lazy pot-addled ass definitely isn’t doing speech exercises with him. She probably thinks that’s MTV’s fault too

  43. Not taking up for Jenelle, but I’m not sure that Kaiser was saying feed me. To me it sounded more like Push Me or Hit me. He and Jace were fighting at the beginning of the scene and Kaiser threw something at Jace. Maybe while the camera was not on Kaiser, Jace pushed him or maybe he wanted to be pushed in that yellow thing. Either way Jenelle should have intervened instead of taking pictures. The boys most definitely should have been separated from each other if they couldn’t play nicely and also made to take a little break or timeout. Kaiser definitely needed it with his temper tantrum. Another thing is it seems like when there is any disciplining it is always David who does it. I think Jenelle should be the one who does it instead of him. I get that she want’s him to be a father figure and everything but it might be better for him to mainly discipline his daughter Maryssa and for her to discipline Jace and Kaiser.

    1. Calling this a temper tantrum minimizes the obvious neglect. Kaiser doesn’t need (another) time out. He needs his mother to comfort him when he is upset. He needs her to meet basic needs like love and protection. He is visibly distressed at multiple times during this bs photoshoot and his mother did absolutely nothing. Even if he was crying because his older brother took his toy or hit him, Jenelle should have stopped what she was doing and intervened. Not claim he needed a nap and carry on with her photoshoot.

      Also, what David does is NOT discipline. It’s abuse.

      1. I didn’t mean that the whole thing was a temper tantrum. I’m talking about the part where he dropped to the ground and was kicking and screaming. I wholeheartedly agree that Jenelle should have intervened. She should have stopped taking those pictures and taken care of the situation. Also I don’t understand why she kept those poor boys outside if it was so hot.

        It wouldn’t have even taken but a couple of minutes for her to go into the house and grab something for Kaiser to eat. If he was talking about being pushed on the little yellow car thing then she could have at least came over to him and explained that they were taking pictures but afterward she would come push him. I believe someone should do a surprise check-in at their residence.

        1. The part where he dropped to the ground was deserving of a time out? Nope nope nope. You saying he needed a time out for his “temper tantrum” puts the blame on Kaiser, not with Jenelle where it belongs. Kaiser had just spent all day at daycare, David had just jerked his arm really hard, Jenelle swore at him, he was hot, hungry, and no one was giving him any positive attention. Even an adult wouldn’t tolerate that well. He was barely 3 when this was filmed. Punishing him for being rightfully upset is unfair.

          But yes, CPS clearly needs to open another investigation.

          1. Oh yeah! I forgot that he goes to daycare for the day. I live in NC, wish I could just go and take Kaiser away from them.

  44. Why are the so generous with her edit?! They could literally air everything and she would never quit, no matter how many times she threatens to she never will I don’t know if they don’t realize that or what but I don’t know why they try kissing her a$$ when’s she’s such a despicable person , I truly wonder why they do that…

  45. I just felt a great disturbance in The Force, as if a billion brain cells cried out in anguish… and then silence.

  46. They treated Jenelle with more respect than they should have MTV didn’t even acknowledge that Ensley was born with drugs in here system Jenelle is trailer trash with money!

  47. Jenelle is a drug addict, abusive, skank! She doesn’t deserve any of her children and she’ll never change! She allows David to abuse her children! Jenelle is trash! She’ll never quit if she did David would leave her and she’d be on welfare…#saveKaiser

  48. I’ve posted this before, but this is a good time to post it again so folks realize how truly atrocious MTV is. Not only are all of those idiots (especially happy photographer Kristin the producer) supposed to report this, their failure is criminal. It’s a shame no one does anything. (And for the record, I realize that kids can get bratty and cranky. Even screaming “Feed me.” on it’s own isn’t necessarily abuse/neglect – kids get cranky and pissy throw tantrums. But that is but a mere glimpse into the life of poor Kaiser.)

    This is from North Carolina General Statute § 7B-301. Duty to report abuse, neglect, dependency, or death due to maltreatment.

    (a) Any person or institution who has cause to suspect that any juvenile is abused, neglected, or dependent, as defined by G.S. 7B-101, or has died as the result of maltreatment, shall report the case of that juvenile to the director of the department of social services in the county where the juvenile resides or is found.
    (b) Any person or institution who knowingly or wantonly fails to report the case of a juvenile as required by subsection (a) of this section, or who knowingly or wantonly prevents another person from making a report as required by subsection (a) of this section, is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

  49. That paper means nothing, it’s a recommendation for evaluation. This is common in most pre-schools, who work with therapy centers for the screenings. Also, it’s dated from September, this scene was shot in July.

    She is such a wretched excuse for a mother.

    1. I work in a Early Intervention Preschool. I’m curious if he even receives speech related services and (if) he attends a preschool, how his behavior is.

      1. He goes to Daycare, every day I think, because jenelle is busy working, errr I mean smoking pot all day, to look after him! Poor kaiser ?

  50. While Jenelle might claim it’s MTV that’s harming her mental health, I beg to submit that it’s the mind-altering drugs.

  51. Oh for flipsake!
    STOP making excuses for your shitty behavior Jenelle! Take some fecking responsibility for once in your damn life.

    MTV don’t need to create any drama, because when they step onto the Laaaaand, they’re walking into a cesspool of disfunction! Jenelle put herself into this mess by allowing Lurch to put his hands on her child and take on the disciplinary role. She deserves every bit of backlash she gets.

    Of course she’s going to make up a story about Kaiser having a speech impediment. Look at the two morons he has to live with, dude and babe. That’s saying a lot.

    And maybe instead of posting pictures of you and your creepy stain of a husband being all lovey dovey, you should stay offline and pay attention to your damn kid.

    She makes my blood boil ?

  52. Let’s be real. I think MTV gives her a good edit. I think there is a lot they don’t air. They clearly protect her. Example..not Airing her dirty laundry about the drug test and her daughter. She tweeted about how she gets warned about the episode. Another way of them kissing her butt. She throws a hissy fit because her employers on a reality show,air footage of her life. Like she so kindly reminds people, this is her Job. Can’t get mad at what you text/film about your life. Don’t like it, Change your life or quit.
    That said, She is a POS. And will never take accountability. At this point I have no sympathy for her. You reap what you sow. Unfortunately the kids are the real victims. The People involved need to speak up. The kids come first.

    1. MTV is VERY generous with the edits they give Jenelle….what’s crazy is that in her mind, she thinks that screaming at and speaking to her mother (who saved her son from foster care) like she’s the scum of the earth is ok…but if MTV shows footage of her “husband”, that she broke up with the day before her wedding, gripping up HER son (not his), and her son screaming FEED ME!!…THAT’s what sets her off about MTV and their “editing”, and THAT’s when she doesn’t feel like she’s being treated like a human being. The girl is insane…

  53. They can’t film what you don’t do and say Jenelle. Scream as loud as you want about MTV but we’re not idiots. You can’t fool anyone except your idiot teenybopper fangirls.
    Oh and MTV still portrays you as the bad one no matter how much you’ve changed???! Hahahahahahaaaaa oh that’s a good one. You’ve changed NOTHING except maybe giving up heroin. Everything else is the same. And getting married and having more kids doesn’t count. That doesn’t mean you’ve turned into a better person – it just means you signed a piece of paper for the marriage and had sex for the kids. You’re still horrifying as a mother.

  54. Yet again, in Jenelle’s mind, her and David are the innocent ones and everyone else is to blame for their own actions. And yet again someone needs to explain that Mtv can only do so much with editing. David clearly manhandled Kaiser while expressing intense, intimidating anger. That had nothing to do with Mtv. It’s scary that this woman is in this much denial about herself and David. It’s even scarier that they are raising all these children.

  55. Farrah is probably wondering how anyone could treat their kid like that as she transfers money into Sophia’s plastic surgery fund.

    Janelle is the worst mom on the show and should lose all of the kids.

  56. I love how she’s always saying how she’s edited to look bad but I’m over here like sis you make yourself look that way all the time ?‍♀️

  57. First things first….Jenelle was high as hell that episode…one minute she’s like “me and David were fighting” and literally the next thing outta her mouth was “DUDE! YOU’VE GOTTA SEE MY JELLYFISH!!”…”They’re so peaceful”…and Davids passive aggressive behavior with the producers was scary. You really didn’t know what he was going to do next…

    I will say that the way Babs came at Jenelle like she was about to rip her head off when they were exchanging Jace further proves that David is abusing those kids….Babs hopped outta that car ready to eff some shit up after speaking to Jace’s therapist….Jenelles kids are terrified of David…and I think Nathan is too…notice how when she got with David, Nathan stopped breaking into her apartment assaulting the sleeping soulmate of the month in her bed.

    But at the end of they day, Jenelle isn’t going anywhere…she’s got too many felonies on her record to get any type of high paying job that would allow her to drop her kids off at the babysitter for weeks on end to go to St. Thomas whenever she wanted.

    1. His “mental problem” is ADHD. And mommy dearest probably takes his meds for him while he’s visiting.

  58. It’s just so sad for so many reasons. MTV continues to film this disaster of a “mother,” allowing her appalling behavior to continue. I wish Barbara coujd swoop in and take Kaiser and Ensley. She’s far from perfect, but a zillion times better than Jenelle.

    Side note – David’s baby mama – where is Marissa’s mother?! How in the world did he get custody of that poor girl?!

    1. She lost custody of Marrysa because she’s a drug addict. How sad. Drug addict mother and abusive cunt for a father, and jenelle for a stepmother…poor kid has no chance

  59. She’s blaming everyone else as usual. You can edit a video but the way they toss that poor kid around and the sad looks on all of those kids faces says it all. It’s clear abuse.

  60. She should be ashamed of herself. You can’t get mad at people constantly because y’all are crap parents. Jenelle always has been. There is no amount of editing that can twist this around. Ok so he has a speech problem. If he wasn’t yelling feed me, he was crying for some reason. Both of my son’s have done speech therapy, my oldest has autism and didn’t speak for a long time but I knew when he was crying, there was a problem. That child is neglected. And did you see how hard david snatched him up? On one episode when she was calling for the dog and gave the dog lovins while that poor baby got ignored. No. Their both pieces of crap. Plain and simple.

  61. Yes she’s a bad parent..yes shes dickwhipped …yes Kaiser is a major Rugrat ! But hell .. don’t we all have that one friend.. js ?

    1. No we don’t you stupid enabling idiot.

      I seriously fear for kaiser, I have a bad feeling that this won’t end well, please please cps let Doris have full custody of this poor innocent boy

  62. It’s hurting me mentally to see Jenelle get by with so much. Jenelle still blames everyone else. Every child in her care will have mental problems. Jace already has mental issues. Jenelle will never quit the show. Jenelle is trash and always will be. Stay on your land and get high. Loser.

  63. And isn’t she banned from Facebook for 30days for giving out some girls # from Radar on line? David prob made her say all that rom last nights episode.

  64. Jenelle can say whatever she wants. She is a deadbeat egg-donor who doesn’t give two craps about her kids because she’s too busy focusing on her love life with her deadbeat, abusive husband.
    Its been years now and her life has been a complete shit show. its not MTV’s fault, it’s her fault.
    She disgusts me.

    1. Exactly…its not MTV’s fault….we all remember the disaster Chelsea was when she was with Adam…that entire situation was pathetic and pitiful….she still chased him after he called their daughter a mistake amongst other things…but something clicked with Chelsea, and she’s done a complete 180. She has a very hot husband that adores her, 2 beautiful kids, her husband actually WANTS to give her daughter with Adumb his last name, and she genuinely seems happy and healthy….SHE did that for herself, not MTV. Hell even Leah is making progress and getting her shit together….Jenelles is the controller of her life and her actions…not MTV and their “editing”.

      1. Well said. Leah has shown actual change since overcoming her addiction–that difference is supposed to be noticeable! Jenelle is just maybe awake more often since beating heroin, but not really because she smokes pot in her baths 3x/day

        1. Neither Janelle or Leah appear to be free of opiates. Check out their pupils. Pinpoints = opiate use.

          Chelsea is the ONLY truly respectable mother on MTV. Leah tries, I think, but she has too much hardship and not enough support (not to knock Corey). Also, WV is the opiate capitol of the U.S. so it’s probably not easy to escape it there.

          I forget the name of the pig that’s Leah’s mom (Gary’s ex) but she’s never had a sober moment on that show.

          Kail and Farrah are both truly disgusting people. Hopelessly vile. No hope for either of them.

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