EXCLUSIVE! Mackenzie Edwards Officially Files for Divorce From ‘Teen Mom’ Star Ryan Edwards; Gets Temporary Custody of Their Kids

“In the words of Amber Portwood, I’M DONE!”

Trigger Warning: This story contains mentions of domestic violence.

Another Teen Mom marriage bites the dust.

The Ashley can confirm that Mackenzie Edwards— the wife of Teen Mom OG dad Ryan Edwards— has officially filed for divorce.

The filing took place on Monday in Tennessee, following two months of chaos for the couple. Mackenzie has retained an attorney to aid her in the divorce process. As of press time, Ryan had no attorney listed.

Ryan received notice of the divorce filing on Monday, in addition to notice that a judge had signed off on an order giving Mack temporary custody of the couple’s two kids, son Jagger and daughter Stella. (Ryan and Mackenzie each have an additional son as well.)


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The judge also gave Mackenzie a restraining order against Ryan.

This is not surprising, given the events of the last few months. As The Ashley previously reported, Ryan was arrested earlier this month for violating a protective order filed by Mackenzie as well as for harassment.

(When Ryan was arrested on February 10, he was also found to be in possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia. He received added charges for those alleged offenses. He has been released from jail and is due back in court in April. In the meantime, he continues to post on Instagram.)


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In the petition she filed on February 8 for the order of protection against Ryan, Mackenzie mentioned several times that Ryan allegedly got violent with her or made threats against her, sometimes in front of their children. Mack– as well as her father and co-worker—called 911 multiple times in the last two months to report Ryan’s alleged violent behavior, with Mackenzie revealing at one point that she did not “feel safe” from Ryan.

Mackenzie claimed that Ryan held a pocket knife to her back, grabbed her by the neck and shoved her against the wall, punched holes in the walls of their home, called her and said that members of a “club” he had recently joined would find her and harm her, threw menthol nicotine in her eyes, and committed other violence against her.

Mackenzie and Ryan have been married since 2017. This will be the first divorce for Ryan, and the second for Mackenzie. (She was previously married to the father of her son, Hudson, whom she got pregnant with as a teen.) 

In addition to his divorce and custody battle with Mackenzie, Ryan is also facing more legal issues. The Sun revealed that two warrants were filed for Ryan’s arrest on Monday, one for “stalking” and one for “violating a protective order” filed by Mackenzie. 

Ryan’s newest muggy…

As of press time, Ryan is not currently behind bars. 

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available.

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35 Responses

    1. You might be right, but I have a feeling it was never about Maci specifically, just whoever held Ryan accountable and made him angry by refusing to enable him. I think the blame will now shift to Mackenzie.

  1. So, how many restraining orders is it going to take before Jen and Larry finally admit they raised a trashcan son? I have several questions about what Rhine saw and heard growing up that makes him act like this as an adult. People like Rhine don’t come out of the womb that messed up and demented. I’ve been a drug addict and been to rehab. Not all drug addicts resort to violence. Most of their damage to others is usually emotional harm or theft of things to buy drugs. No, I’m not proud of any of this and those things are horrible too. I’m just pointing out he was violent before the drugs took hold and they just make him lash out easier, ESPECIALLY opiates. Those things can make you hate life and everyone in it if you abuse them for a long time. Where did he learn it? Why are his parents so quick to brush these actions aside every single time? My guess is that he inherited his abusive behavior from at least one of them.

    1. Good guess. But I would say you’re wrong. He’s got some unresolved issues absolutely. But I don’t think they are Jen and Larry’s doing.

      My brother is an addict. Has been for half his life now at the ripe age of 32. Our parents weren’t perfect. But certainly didn’t raise a trash can. Some people just make shitty choices.

    2. Larry has repeatedly shown his temper to the public (& admitted that he was a bit ‘rough’ when Rhine was little) imagine what was said or done behind closed doors &/or before the constant scrutiny? I definitely don’t think all addicts are violent. I am one in recovery, I too have never hurt anyone besides emotionally. Ryan is the result of a perfect sh*it storm. Childhood trauma, incredibly permissive parenting on top of whatever mental issue he may or may not have. Children thrive off rules & structure & his parents seem to have wildly different ideas of good parenting & neither appeared to do Rhine any favors. They are STILL covering for this man baby and it is doing him & especially his kids, a great disservice.

  2. The fact that he appears to be snapping a selfie in that filthy soap scummy bathroom mirror looks like he still thinks he’s a “catch .”

    Meanwhile, my thoughts and prayers still remain with Bentley, Jagger, and Stella for their safety and the peace those kids deserve.

  3. People get manipulated to think it’s not the other person. Then they are in too deep. I’m sure Ryan used that to his advantage. Everything points to him and unfortunately at this point innocent children are brought into the mix

  4. Shame on her for putting her innocent children through that crap for one year too many! I’m not giving her any praise. This was a long time coming. Shame! Shame!

  5. Those kids should be protected from him too. Sadly I have a friend in TN and the courts do nothing but help her abusive ex. You have to k*** the woman before TN will hold you accountable. I hope Mac and the kids stay safe.

  6. Good. She is making the right move here. Now keep him away from the children unless there is supervision, and not that of his enabling parents. They’re so far in denial it actually disturbs me.

  7. hope she’s able to get full custody of the kids and that jen & larry don’t pull the same shit on her like they do with maci and bentley

  8. Please MTV I want Rhine and Mack to come back next season, just so I can see Mack trash Rhine finally, and see what Jen and Larry have to say about this.

    1. Mac can only make an appearance at the reunion, and only to read a handwritten note about Ryan to Maci.

  9. I’m not a gun person myself, I hate guns. But I think it’s time for Mackenzie to get a gun and learn how to use it for her own protection. He’s deranged and his parents keep enabling him

  10. She should save a copy of that picture with that nastyass bathroom and his dip and spit bottles for the custody case. Ew.

    1. Not to mention the gun magazine just casually lying on the counter. This man should not have access to guns. Mack should save this pic to re for sure.

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