‘Idol’ Judges Use Save, Cabbage Patch Still Safe & Crystal Wears Go-Go Boots: What a Night on Idol!

american idol
“Come on, Simon, give a brother another chance. I’ll give you free boot camp for a month!”

Tonight’s show was full of interesting (and funny!) moments! Of course, the watered-down, hour-long show could have been condensed into about 25 minutes if you cut the crappy performances, Ryan versus Simon bantering and Ryan’s lukewarm interviews with the contestants. (Ryan: “So Katie, is it fair to say that you’re nervous tonight?”)

In what was promised by Ryan to be “shocking results,” Big Mike was the one with the least number of votes and was set to be sent to the Paige Miles Home for the Formerly Famous. But, in a big “twist,” the judges agreed to use their one save and keep Mike around. Shocking? No. Surprising? Not really.

The bottom three were Andrew, Mike and Aaron. All lack a real connection with the audience, although Mike should stay around longer than both of those two because he is pretty good, as much as I hate to admit it. (But, I must say, the big oaf is growing on me.)

What did shock me is that Cabbage Patch Tim Urban is still hanging around! The boy is like herpes– once you get him you can’t get rid of him! 

But in a way I am glad they saved Mike. Not because he’s my favorite, but I think they have a lot of fat to trim before Mike goes (um..Cabbage, anyone?!) Also Aaron, Andrew and probably Katie need to go before Mike. Plus, I’m just happy that the save is off the table. It’s horrible to make someone stand up there and “sing for their life” while the judges sit there and discuss it. Let someone go out with class.

Two final notes on what made this night truly remarkable. One, in a 1960’s Beatles-themed group sing, the whole gang was looking very mod, with all the girls wearing white go-go boots. Crystal couldn’t have looked more uncomfortable in her mini skirt and go-go boots (don’t sell out, girl, what would Melissa Ethridge do?!) She quickly changed into more boho black boots. (Did you notice that?)

Two, tonight’s group sing produced some of the worst lip synching since Ashlee Simpson on SNL, most notably from Siobhan and Crystal. Seriously…so…bad. It was like watching one of those Japanese subtitle movies where the mouths don’t match the voice. It was awesome!!!!

So that means two leave us next week…there’s no way the Cabbage can escape elimination another week!!!!

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