Siobhan's Creepy Hanson Tattoo & Other Assorted Ink of the American Idols

"I sleep better when I have my Taylor Hanson picture with me."


Did You Know that Siobhan Magnus Has a Hanson Tattoo? 

Hanson?!?!? The latest American Idol cast-off confirms that she did indeed get a permanent homage to the late ‘90s Mmmm-Boppers somewhere on her body. 

Red Hair
"Hanson?! Oh, Siobhan!"


Now, I’m sure a lot of people are really into certain bands when they are younger and, in the spirit of being young and dumb, get a tattoo of some band’s logo, or name. (Example: Someone I know has a giant weasel smoking a cigarette on his arm…the logo from the band Screeching Weasel. He got it when he was 18. Enough said.) Since removing a tattoo is pretty expensive and super painful, most people choose to keep it and just deal with the constant reminder of their “fav band” as a youth. 

The creepy thing about Siobhan is that she still likes it. A lot. 

True, she is only 20, so a homage to the long-haired pre-teen wonders may not seem so cool in 10 years. But for now, she’s all about the former Tiger Beat heartthrobs, as evident from this interview I found that she gave in March. 

“I love Hanson!” she gushed at last week’s “American Idol” Top 12 Party. “The Walk is my favorite album,” she told me as she pointed to the tattoo on her forearm, which reads “Ngi Ne Themba” — a Zulu phrase that means “I have hope” that is also the name of the opening track on the album. 

american idol
Lilly: "I'll trade you my old Hanson cassette tape for your spot on the Top 10 Tour." Siobhan: "Bitch, please."


Siobhan’s a looney bird, for sure, but just doesn’t fit the mold of the Hansen fans I remember in 1999. The screaming 12-year-old girls wearing oversized t-shirts with pictures of the band on them, wearing Bonnie Bell lip gloss and carrying Lisa Frank notepads. I thought Siobhan was cooler than them. 

In other tattoo news, four of the Top 6 American Idols went to a Hollywood tattoo parlor on April 23 and all got new ink. The only ones who sat out from the inkfest were Casey and Aaron (darn those parental permission slips.) 

american idol
"Talk to me when you guys are brave enough to get a neck tattoo!"


Apparently, Siobhan got a tattoo of the Roman numeral 9 (because, as she said, “the more I think about it, then the more nines come up. Like memory vomit — I was 9 years old when I figured out I loved to sing, and I was born in 1990, I could go on and on….”) 

Memory vomit. I like that, Siobhan. I’ll probably steal it. 

True  to his cheeseball over-the-top personality, Mike got 3 stars on his arm because, as he said, “I’m reaching for the stars.” (Gag me with a spoon please.) 

Lee got some other tattoos but no one really cares. 

Crystal got a tattoo of a medical symbol with a syringe down the middle and the words Type 1 Diabetic written across the top. Crystal said she got the tattoo because she is a “diabetic for life” and also “because I am really horrible about wearing medic ID bracelets and necklaces.” 

Medically necessary but super depressing and slightly creepy in my opinion. Still better than Hansen though.

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