Hallelujah! Lee Proves That He’s Actually Alive— and Trying to Win!

"Hey guys, I'm Lee...do you think you could, possibly..um, maybe vote for me? If not it's totally cool.."

Lee Dewyze, with his “aww, shucks” personality and quiet confidence, has kind of shuffled along throughout this season of American Idol. He was the guy who you always forgot about when you were running through the list of remaining contestants in your head.

Don’t get me wrong; this wasn’t due to his lack of talent, it was just due to the fact that he didn’t really have anything about him that made him stick out. In a sea of people wearing combat boots with dresses, people with missing teeth and people constantly about their babies (cough, Big Mike, cough), Lee just kind of faded into the background. He had some pretty good performances, and there was not doubt that he could sing, but he just didn’t stick out and exude “star.”

That is until last night, however.

Tuesday proved that Lee Dewyze could actually pull a Kris Allen and steal this whole thing away from the season’s front runner (in my opinion, Crystal Bowersox.) His clearly “won” the first round of songs, with his version of “Simple Man” wow-ing the audience way more than Crystal’s “Come to My Window” (a song that seemed kind of lazy for her) and Casey’s limp version of….whatever the hell song he sang.

Round two brought out a completely slaughtered version of John Mayer’s “Daughters” by Casey. (It really took two judges to come up with that crappy ass choice of a song?) Crystal redeemed herself by singing a fantastic version of Ellen’s choice of “Baby I’m Amazed.” I thought that meant Bowersox had it in the bag until Lee stepped out on stage.

Simon chose “Hallelujah” for Lee (yes, the same song that Tim “Cabbage Patch Kid” Urban sang earlier this season). Lee brought down the house, wowing everyone and causing them to think “who the hell is this kid? Is that Siobhan Magnus in drag?”

Before Tuesday, I thought that Crystal could have sat there and picked her nose on stage and still received a spot in the final two, and Casey and Lee would be battling it out for the other spot. Now, I’m thinking that the battle for the final spot will be between Crystal and Casey.

I try to stay neutral, but I’m sure my readers can tell who my favorite is here.

What? An almost-out-of-work performer has got to make a living somehow! It was either stripper or be Kara's pool boy!"

Sorry, Goldilocks, but your time is up. I know you’re pretty, Casey, but it’s time to go home and let Crystal and Lee battle it out for the recording contract.

You can always do a shirtless Herbal Essence commercial if you need money! Or concoct a fake Australian accent and join Thunder from Down Under!

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