Is that Jewel? Nope, it’s 13-Year-Old Crystal Bowersox

before american idol
"For some reason, I fear cheesy group sings and Ford music videos are in my future..."

Since I dipped into Lee Dewyze‘s past a bit, I figured it was only fair to highlight a special memory from the other American Idol Top 2 finalist, Crystal Bowersox.

Our trip down Crystal’s memory lane makes a stop at the Huron Boat Basin (what the hell is that you ask? I have no idea.) The year is 1999 and a 13-year-old girl named Crystal Bowersox is about to blow the um…basin off the boat with her performance!

I’m not sure what song she’s singing but my money is on Jewel, being that Crystal is a huge fan and this was 1999. Every 13-year-old girl had Jewel’s “Pieces of You” in their CD player (The Ashley included.) However, The Ashley never sounded this good when she howled through “Who Will Save Your Soul” while taking a shower.

Check out MamaSox when she was just TeenySox. Pretty cool that she had such quiet confidence even then.

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