Who will take home the win? They'll both get recording contracts anyway, you know.

Sure, tonight’s American Idol finale may just be something for you to watch, but for me it’s practically Christmas morning!!! With Biggest Loser and Dancing with the Stars finishing up last night, tonight’s Idol episode is the only thing separating us from crappy, summer programming.

Even though I’m excited, it is kind of sad too. It’s the end of an era in a way. Since January, we’ve been following these people on this “journey” and tonight it’s all over.

I’m hoping for more Crystal/Lee duets, and lots of recaps from the season, complete with a sappy song playing in the background. (I know they’re corny, but I just love those!)

Good luck, guys! Last night was awesome, however I think the obvious winner of the night was Crystal. She crushed all three of her songs, and her final single was amazing.

Um…what happened to the original songs that the Idol winner usually has to release? I guess after Kara‘s “climb mountains in a hurricane” cheeseball song last year, they did away with those and just let them do a cover. I’m kind of glad; however, I will miss singing along to whatever crap ball song they give them to release. (Carrie Underwood had it the worst: “I want to be inside your heaven…take me to the place you cry from.” WTF?!!?!??!)

This is probably the first year that I would be OK with either of the final 2 winning. Crystal and Lee both seem like good, humble people who just needed a break. And they’re both extremely talented. It’s not like last year when there was a clear winner (Adam, and I’m still mad about him losing!) Either of them will be totally successful, probably both of them. (However, I have to admit, The Ashley’s on Team Crystal!)


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