Poor Crystal Bowersox Lost ‘Idol’ & Her Boyfriend, All in Two Days!!!

"You wanna date me?! You better have some tacky pants!"

So that’s where Crystal’s boy-toy was during Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s shows!

Tony rocked the flag pants at a wedding last year. Thank God it was a costume wedding...I think.

Crystal Bowersox went on Ryan Seacrest’s Los Angeles radio show this morning and revealed that her boo, Tony, who was best remembered for his stars-and-stripes Hammer pants of weeks past, is no longer her boyfriend.

 “Big Tony… he went home. He wasn’t cool with the lifestyle,” Crystal told Ryan. “I didn’t break up with him… it was a mutual thing.”

She added that her newfound fame has taken its toll.

“It’s cool though, we’re both logical, grown adults,” Crystal continued. “He’s a small town guy and that’s fine, but I’m a small town girl, but I want this. I want this more than anything, this career, this lifestyle. I didn’t think he was up for it. He didn’t think he was up for it. It’s just been crazy.”

The 24-year-old singer said the timing of the split was particularly hard, but that she tried to use the pain to inspire her performance.

“I was a little sad that he did it on performance day, but then again, it set that fire to my belly, you saw it,” she explained.

Despite the split, Crystal said she wished Tony well and thanked him for his support during her “Idol” run.

“He’s been amazing; he’s stuck it out through this whole thing. I was really hoping that he was going to come to the finale,” she said. “We’re going to friends for a long time.”

Don't bother trying to call her now, Tony. You're old news!

Come on, Tony!! Breaking up with her the day before the finale? That’s like dumping your prom date the night before!! It was evident on Tuesday that Crystal had a fire…bet she was kind of wishing she could have sung breakup anthem “You Outta Know” on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. It’s pretty sad, actually. She seemed to be really into him.

Oh, Tony. We will miss your cheesy “Crystal” T-shirts and pants that look like they came out of Screech from Saved by the Bell’s closet. However, this does present an opportunity…

 …isn’t Lee Dewyze single too? Just sayin….

Oh, God, please let this happen!!

Because of her split with Tony there will surely be rumors swirling about a Crystal/Lee romance.

Oh, please God, let there be a “From Lee to Crystal” version of the epic masterpiece starring season one’s winner and runner-up, Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini!

Yes, The Ashley is aware that her photo-editing skills are quite possible the worst of anyone’s on the planet.


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