Check Out The Ashley at the American Idol Finale After-Party!

Well, if you’ve ever wondered where all those Idols go once the confetti falls over the Nokia Theater and the show is over, The Ashley will tell you. They all head to the roof of the Nokia for some free food and drinks!

Good news! That’s where The Ashley headed too. After the finale, The Ashley and friends were able to collect a whole lot of American Idols.

So what was the after party like? Aside from an abundance of “American Idol blue” used throughout the entire tent, there’s tons of free food, free Cokes (the cola kind, not the Lindsay Lohan kind) and all the drinks you can chug down!

The coolest part is seeing the past and present Idols mingling around the party. I went over to the bar, and there’s Paula Abdul, being mobbed. I head over to sample some of the “American Idol” sugar cookies, and there’s Taylor Hicks. I go over to take a photo in the photo booth and there’s Lakisha Jones sharing a snack with Melinda Doolittle. Craziness!!

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