Oh No! The Guy That Looks Like Kris Allen Gets Kicked Off "True Beauty!"

"Where's my twin?"

This week’s episode of True Beauty ended with the demise of Kris Allen‘s identical twin, Michael Allen. (OK, so they’re not “technically” related, but true beautythey do have the same last name and the same down-home good boy looks (although Michael was kind of an asshole, where Kris seems like a stand-up guy.

Michael was pitted against the Annoying Blonde Jersey Girl, Regina, and though Regina genuinely acted like a stuck-up twat for the entire competition, she was spared from elimination because she told the valet not to let a drunk guy drive home and Michael didn’t. This, of course, was a set-up to see who cares more about strangers or something. (Um..this is Vegas, nearly everyone that’s driving is drunk and the valets couldn’t give a poop what happens to patrons, as long as they get their $5 tip.) Besides, it would be kind of awkward to jump in front of some random guy’s car and tell them not to drive. It’s hardly a good judge of character. Then again, Vanessa Minello is running the show, so what do you expect?

Well, Michael’s elimination from True Beauty could offer a job opportunity for Kris Allen (who obviously is in need of a job. That whole “American Idol” thing didn’t quite work out for him….) Kris and Michael could come up with some sort identical twin talent show or something. Kris could sing and Michael could…..um, stand there and be pretty?

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