Glambert Brings the Heat-and a Metallic Top Hat- to His New Video!

A metallic top hat? Work it, girl!

Adam Lambert has just released his newest video for the song “If I Had You.”

Adam is all done up and looking super hot (although I’m not really digging that mohawk/manny/rat tail hair he’s got going on.

I really wanted to post it on here but for some reason, it won’t work. So here’s the link so you can check out this glittery masterpiece:

Things The Ashley liked:

  • Um…Adam’s face. Yum- freaking-mmy!
  • Adam’s voice, although I wish he would have picked on of the other songs on the album to release as a single. This song is good and danceable (will be playing at the gay clubs by the weekend, for sure!). However, it really doesn’t showcase the magical instrument that is Adam’s voice.
  • Adam in the leprechaun hat. He looked like a super sexy Willa Wonka.
  • All the pretty colors in the “rave” scene.

Things The Ashley didn’t like:

  • The beginning of video (although him giggling while looking at his Twitter was cute!) The whole walking through the forest/Twilight thing was kind of lame.
  • Above mentioned rat tail hair.
  • Less spiked leather jacket. Although I think he rocks it, it may be time to hang up the jackets with the spikes on the shoulders. He seems to wear that a lot. (I get it, girl. When I find something I like, I wear it all the time, too.)

But I’m just being nit-picky! Adam (and his new video) is awesome! Get it, girl!

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