For Your Listening Pleasure, Ladies & Gentlemen: Kasey Kahl!

The Ashley was going to write up a  recap of this week’s Bachelorette episode. However, nothing she could write could quite compare to this two minutes of goodness. It was seriously worth watching the entire two freaking hours of the show just to watch  Kasey Kahl embrace his “moment” and enlighten us with his gift of song.

So WTF happened here?!? Kasey is sitting in the helicopter and thinks, “Hmm…I can’t wait for the perfect moment to sing a completely awkward and made-up-on-the-spot song to her. Yeah, that will knock it out of the park!”

The song. Oh, the song. Such lyrics. Such depth in his voice.

The only thing better than watching him sing is watching Ali watching him sing. The awkward look on her face is priceless! At first, it appears that she thinks it’s a joke and is about to laugh, but then realizes that this is a beautiful song written just for her. That’s when the awkward turns to horror for her!

Then, just when you think Kasey is done, he breaks into yet another pitiful verse. It’s so obvious how hard she’s trying not to laugh.

Then, as the kicker….he congratulates himself on a job well done.

“Yeah!” he exclaims. “That’s pretty intense stuff.”


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