How Much Did It Cost to Fly Crazy Kasey Kahl to Iceland for ‘The Bachelorette?’

No word if Kasey protected Ali’s carry-on luggage, in addition to her heart.

Note to Bachelorette producers: if you want to bring crazy to the set of your show, it’s going to cost you— big time!

Watching the ‘Bachelorette’ and her boys frolic through the glaciers of Iceland last night (more on that later today) got The Ashley to wondering: how much does a round trip ticket to Iceland cost? To get all these goobers from New York to Iceland (plus producers and crew) must have cost a fortune! (You know they probably had to purchase an extra seat to accommodate Justin’s big ol’ head.)

How much are we talking? The average on Travelocity was about $3200! That’s a lot of moola when you times it by eight guys, Ali and the crew! Now, The Ashley’s not good at math but just airfare alone for the guys and Ali would be close to $28,800!

But it was worth it! The trip to Iceland brought out the most ‘crazy’ yet! (Maybe it was the result of the guys freezing their balls off, but some of them were acting really strange <cough> Kasey.)

More on last night’s Bachelorette later!

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