Crystal Bowersox Just Made $300,000 To Sing: See Her When She Used to Make $4!

No more singing for your supper! Congrats, Crystal!

It’s official: MamaSox is signed!

19 Recordings/Jive Records has formally announced that it has signed American Idol ninth-season runner-up Crystal Bowersox to a recording contract and is set to release her debut album this fall.

Now for the PR mumble jumble:

“Crystal is one of the most naturally gifted and talented singer songwriters to have ever come out of Idol,” said “Idol” creator Simon Fuller. “The breadth of her talent is inspiring.” [Hell yes she is!]

"You think I'm scared of you?! I used to hang out in a Chicago subway station, bitch!"

As it was reported earlier, per the standard “Idol” runner-up contract, she can expect to pocket $150,000 when she starts to record her first album, and will get another $150,000 when it is completed. If she makes a second album, the money will keep increasing.

So The Ashley must admit: she’s slightly obsessed with Crystal’s music. If you think her performances on “Idol” were good, you’ll be totally blown away by her pre-“Idol” recordings– almost all songs that she wrote herself.

I found this awesome video of Crystal “busking” in a Chicago subway station a few years back. (Yes, those singers outside of Starbucks and on the subway platform actually have a name!)

As you can see, Crystal was exactly the same then as she was on Idol. Pure and amazing, like rock star cocaine!

Anyway, here’s the video….if you are all about the Bowersox, you should check out the site that I found this video on. Here’s the link to watch more videos and hear more of Crystal’s pre-Idol original songs.

(PS- I’m totally obsessed with the song she is singing. It’s called “Saved by Grace.” It’s an original song and the lyrics are really beautiful. I have been listening to it non-stop on my iPod. Basically, it’s about her being pregnant and the dad not wanting the baby and telling her to just “throw it away.” Pretty heavy.)

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