An Ode to Bad Extensions (and Black Roots): A Slideshow Through Ali’s Hair

I'd cry too if my hair looked this bad on national television!

This season of The Bachelorette has brought about a lot of drama and unexpected turns. Three things remained constant, however, throughout the entire season: Kasey’s ability to creep out anyone who stands within 10 feet of him; sexy, Latin lover music being featured in every scene that has Roberto in it; and finally, Ali’s nasty ass, stringy and tangled hair extensions, complete with black stripe down the roots.

On a show that would fly a whole gang of guys all the way around the world, stopping at extremely obscure and random places (it cost more to do that, you know. Travelocity doesn’t really offer that many discount packages to Iceland, ya’ll), you would think that the producers would spring for one of those L’Oreal Nice ‘n’ Easy root touchup kits on the way to the airport. (I think they’re only like $12 at the Rite-Aid.)

But it was not so….instead, Ali brought her sunny personality and dark ass roots to exotic locales like Portugal, Turkey and Tahiti, frightening the locals and inspiring America’s women to start dyeing their hair more frequently. (Who cares if there’s a recession?! Get rid of your roots or get a wig!)

As a homage to Ali’s constantly bad roots and hair extensions that went from good to “what the hell died on her head,” The Ashley has concocted a slide show of Ali’s Worst Hair Moments.


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