Who’s the Hottest ‘Bachelorette’ Ever? The Results Are In!!!

The Ashley asked her readers to vote for the Bachelorette that they thought was the best looking, and the results are in! The winner is…..

Deanna Pappas!!!!

“I win!”

Here’s how the other Bachelorettes stacked up:

In second place, the latest Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky, came in with a respectable 32% of the votes. (It would have been more if girlfriend had fixed her roots sooner!)

Coming in third was often-forgotten-about Jen Schefft. She managed to grab 11% of the votes.

Trista Rehn (now Sutter, she married Ryan from the Bachelorette, in case you’ve missed every single update show ‘The Bachelorette’ has ever put on. They wheel these guys out whenever ratings drop!) tied for fourth place with  Meredith Phillips. (She was the super boring one from like a hundred years ago…) Both scored 5% of the votes.

That leaves poor Jillian Harris to run up the rear. Jillian (and this is kind of sad) actually received no votes.

Thanks to all the readers who voted!

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