Easy Ways to Keep Yourself Updated on Reality TV Gossip!

"What? I read The Roundup....and I get it straight to my inbox because I subscribed...oh, and I have bad hair."

The Ashley is making it super-easy to stay on top of all the latest reality TV smut, dirt and gossip! You’ll never miss another post!

Here’s what you should do:

First, “like” The Ashley’s Reality Roundup on Facebook. (You can do that here.) Each new post will appear “magically” on your Facebook profile! (You have to admit, reading The Roundup is waaay better than reading your sister’s posts about her trip to the eye doctor!)

Next, if you’re a Twitterererererer, follow The Roundup here. (You can also take advantage of The Ashley’s following list, which features a ton of reality TV show stars’ Twitters. Awesome.)

Finally, if you aren’t big on the social media thing, you can subscribe to the blog. Just go to the righthand column and put your email address in the box that says ‘subscribe.’ Soon you’ll have all of The Ashley’s posts coming straight to your inbox! (Do it at work, it will give you something to read besides your creepy coworkers’ ‘funny’ cat jokes. Yeah, good luck with that.)

It’s super easy! Even the idiots on The Bachelor Pad could do it!

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