Is Will Smith’s Daughter Trying to Steal Adam Glambert’s Style?!

Wow, InTouch. I know gossip's been lean with Lindsay Lohan in rehab and Britney Spears being medicated, but isn't this kind of a stretch?

She is if you believe InTouch Magazine. And you should never believe InTouch Magazine, just FYI.

This photo spread in their latest issue surely brings the LOLs, even from the Glam God, Adam Lambert himself. He posted the photo on Twitter, with the text “Willow’s a little badass lady but I don’t think we have much in common! Lol. C’mon InTouch! This is a stretch…”

 While some of the outfits do look suspiciously similar, I think InTouch needs to hire better reporters. (Contact The Ashley if you need someone to bring the heat!)

One thing that needs to be pointed out: why are Will and Jayda letting their little girl shave half of her head? It’s just creepy. Isn’t that kind of behavior usually reserved for angsty 15-year-olds who want to piss off their parents? Willow can’t be much passed the age of 8. I’m all for letting kids express themselves but when your daughter looks like Mr. T (see first photo of her decked in leopard gear), it’s time to take a second look at the kid’s closet (and hair!)

As for Adam, he may make some questionable fashion choices (hello creepy rooster hair and Buddy Holly glasses…let’s not do that again, lover), but The Ashley would still love to get her hands on him (and she doesn’t mean to style his hair!)

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