Apparently, Everyone’s Trying to Get All Up in Crystal Bowersox’s Business!

Eight Ohio government workers were caught rifling through Crystal Bowersox’s personal information, including her driving record, personal information and DMV records, according to an article on PopEater.

Now, this wasn’t just one group of busy-bodies in one office who were bored on a Friday afternoon and decided to look up Crystal’s info— this happened in eight different government offices and police stations, all over Ohio between February and May, according to the site.

Info that these nosy Nancys looked up included confidential info such as what cars were registered in Crystal’s name, personal contact info and financial records. One news source said that an assistant city prosecutor even used his home computer to dig into Crystal’s records. (You know, they say taking your work home with you can hurt you…I guess they were right!)

“You feel violated … but I guess it comes with the territory,” Crystal told The Columbia Dispatch. I’m not really sure what [their] motive was. But as far as I know, disciplinary action was taken.

Crystal, always understanding and classy, had a funny response to people getting all up in her biz.

“It would have said I was poor, was on Medicaid, and I was on welfare as a child, and that my driving record was immaculate. My record has nothing on it.”

 “Part of this whole ‘American Idol’ thing and being thrown into a spotlight, people are going to get curious. But I don’t think any of the people who participated in it would have wanted it to happen to them or their family members.”

Will she sue the people that did this (something most money-hungry Americans would consider)?

“I’m not a sue-happy person,” Crystal told The Toledo Blade. “What would I get out of these people? They already lost a week’s wage. I would not sue somebody for being curious, but it’s not OK for someone to snoop into somebody’s personal files.”

Awww….she’s nice. See, she should have won!

Those who conducted the search have been punished with anything from a two-week suspension to written reprimands and local officials can decide to pursue criminal charges. One employee was forced to resign while another, the clerk at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, has been fired and charged with a fifth-degree felony.

The best part of the story is the “interview” one of these news sources did with one of the super-snoopers.

A 17-year state employee, Jay Wright, 47, was fired on June 24 for snooping on Bowersox’s DMV records in February.

“I saw she was indeed from Ohio … and I thought, ‘Great, a local girl may have a shot at making it big’ and that was that,” Wright told Ohio officials. “At no point did I take her personal information, print it or commit it to memory for any financial gain.”

Wright was indicted last month for unauthorized use of property, which could result in up to a year in prison. He pleaded not guilty on Friday.




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