Gary of 'Teen Mom' Caught Boogying With Another Woman…the Orange One Is Not Going to Like This!

Hey now, Drunky Drunkerson....where's that hand going?!

Get it, Gary!

Gary of Teen Mom, otherwise known as AMBO’s punching bag for the last six months, decided to get down with his bad self last week, dancing until the wee hours at Peppers dance club in Indianapolis. (You haven’t clubbed until you’ve clubbed in Indiana, ya’ll. Although The Ashley is kind of poking fun here, she must say that every time she’s ever went to an Indiana club she had a really good time. There are way less pretentious pricks in Indy than there are in

LA! They appreciate The Ashley’s robot dancing much more than West Coasters do.)


"Bitch I will fucking cut you!"

The fact that Gary decided to shake his groove thing isn’t really news. The big news is that the lady shaking her groove thing next to him was not the evil Orange One, AMBO, but a cute (and rather toasted-looking) blonde!

Radar Online posted photos of Gary getting down on the dance floor with Blondie. The accompanying story had quotes from club-goers, including the probably-plastered Sarah Swann, who claimed “They were dancing and grinding with each other and they were in their own little world.”

More of Sarah Swann’s eyewitness account:

An example of said nibbling.

“They were making out, whispering to each other and she was even nibbling on Gary’s ear,” said club-goer Sarah Swan.

(Wait, do people really do that in real life? That’s kind of nasty. I’m sorry, but I’m not about to get some strangers ear wax in my mouth. That’s just wrong!)

 “They were dancing and grinding with each other and they were in their own little world.”

“I was happy when I heard that he and Amber got back together but when I saw him with this other woman I was really disappointed.”

Yeah, Sarah. I’m sure he’s real sorry to have disappointed you by trying to

I wonder how much Sarah Swann got paid by Radar for these iphone pictures?!

 find a girl who will treat him with respect and not maul him whenever she looses her temper. Of course, The Ashley does not recommend going to dance clubs to meet future mates, but you never know. Let’s face it; you can’t get much worse than AMBO!

I’ll bet these pictures made AMBO very mad! She was probably uber pissed to see that Gary had found some other chick (and not even someone met at the Wal-Mart either! Gasp!)

MTV  posted some pics today of AMBO, Gary and Baby Leah out and about in Indiana today. Though they looked like they were trying to make nice for the

"Mom, stay away from Dad so he can get some dance club tail!"

cameras, er, I mean, Leah, they are reportedly not together right now. (Go back to Peppers and get that blonde while there’s still time, Gary! Hurry before she finds some other guy’s ear to nibble on!)

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