‘Teen Mom’ Fashion Line, Courtesy of Gary Shirley? I Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

"Seriously, Gary? You want our daughter to dress like you?"

Yeah. Even The Ashley didn’t believe this when she first read it.

Teen Mom baby daddy Gary Shirley is starting a clothing line.

Yeah….Gary from Teen Mom. You read that right. The Ashley couldn’t even make a story this odd up! Maybe I’m crazy, but I’ve never really looked to Gary from Teen Mom for fashion tips! The man barely ever even wears a shirt!

It gets even better though.

Gary’s new line of clothing will be called…get ready for this… “Gary Time” and will have a logo that features a big clock. It will be a daddy and daughter matching clothing line (OMG!!!!!!!!)

Will he achieve his dream of having his “Gary Time” clothing sold at his favorite store? Will it ever be “Gary Time” at Wal-Mart?! Maybe he can trade with them and give them some of his T-shirts in exchange for the next engagement ring he purchases from the Wal-Mart?

Hey, as much fun as this is to make jokes about, The Ashley has to give him props for trying to do something positive with his time, other than drinking and getting pulled over by the cops, like his former abuser, AMBO, is doing.

The Ashley has come up with some designs that she believes will be a part of Gary’s upcoming line….



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  1. Sigh…is this how Rome started to decline and fall? OTOH, at least Gary may be able to tap into the apparently limitless market for a public* who can’t get enough of these trainwrecks. The sad thing about Gary though is despite his obviously very limited intelligence, I get the sense of a fundamentally decent human being (or maybe this is what MTV is desperately trying to “portray”), which cannot be said for AMBO! Wouldn’t it be nice if he could do something of value in this life other than impregnate human females…!!!

    *Guilty as charged!!

    1. Totally agree with you!!! I feel the same way about Gary…I feel bad for him because I know he is trying really hard to do well. Too bad he crossed paths with AMBO…I hope his new girlfriend treats him much better….her name is Ashley so she can’t be all bad 🙂

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