Top 5 Best Phrases to Come Out of “You’re Cut Off” So Far….

There’s no doubt that the girls of You’re Cut Off say some pretty HIGH-larious things, but The Ashley has chosen her top five favorites from the last two episodes. Enjoy!

I guess she was right…

First, a science lesson, courtesy of Marcy:

“Everyone knows the law of gravity. If two bitches are tugging at the same thing, one bitch is gonna fall.”

I’d hate to see what destruction she could do with a golf club…

Next, a lesson in sports, courtesy of Aimee:

“The only thing I know about golf is that Tiger Woods cheated on his wife.”

(Actually, that one’s pretty funny!)

Now, we have a fashion lesson, coming from Marissa:

(After being told that she would have to wear bowling shoes if she wants to go bowling.)

“How am I going to look bowling? Do I really have to wear those goofy shoes?”

This quote coming from a girl who showed up wearing this….

You’re right, Marissa, bowling shoes would totally make this outfit look ridiculous.

Our fourth quote also comes from Marissa:

“This is my image! People usually stare at me in admiration, not horror!”

Um…really. You sure about that? (See photo at left.)

I wonder where she gets her good looks from, anyway?

These are Marissa’s parents. Holy crap, her mom is gonna give me nightmares.


And finally, our fifth quote is a grammar lesson from Nadia, who is relieved that Shakyra has decided to leave the house.

“I’m happy she’s gone. There’s less ignorance to deal with, less um…stupidity-ness.”

She really said that. Honestly.

And just for giggles, here’s some examples of Jen showing off her natural beauty.

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  1. Honestly, this will have me cracking up long after reading it haha My first time watching this show was this last Monday, and it was like a train wreck I refused to take my eyes off of. Jen has the charm of a rabid monkey, and if she crosses a comb in the near future, I beg that she gives it a test run. Between her, and Marissa, who’s fashion sense hurts my retina, I don’t know what better guilty pleasure I could use an hour of my time on. I couldn’t believe what I was watching, yet I promise I will never miss an episode from here on out! You’re great! =)

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