They're Releasing an 'American Idol' Greatest Hits Album…Guess Who's on It?

The gang's all here...the gang's all here....

Um…I’ll give you a hint: he’s the most beautiful man ever, is the songbird of our generation and The Ashley is in love with him: that’s right— it’s Adam Lambert (!)

Anyway, now that ‘Idol’ is in its 10th season, the folks over at the FOX network and 19 Entertainment have decided its time to cash in (some more) and release a compilation album of the greatest performers to ever hit the Idol stage. (No, sorry, Sanjaya, you didn’t quite make the cut.) The “American Idol 10th Anniversary the Hits” album will be available (and in The Ashley’s CD player) on March 15.

What’s ironic is that none of the songs that are going to appear on the album are songs that the singers actually performed on the show. (I thought for sure they were going to foist Fantasia‘s “Summertime” on us one more time!) The only exception to this is Taylor Hicks, who didn’t actually ever have a smash hit after Idol so they used his most popular performance song from the show.

So who made the cut? The whole list is below:

1. Kelly Clarkson – “Since U Been Gone”
2. Ruben Studdard – “Superstar”
3. Clay Aiken – “Invisible”
4. Fantasia – “When I See U”
5. Carrie Underwood – “Before He Cheats”
6. Taylor Hicks – “Takin’ It To The Streets”
7. Daughtry – “Home”
8. Jordin Sparks (duet with Chris Brown) – “No Air”
9. David Cook – “Light On”
10. Kris Allen – “Live Like We’re Dying”
11. Adam Lambert – “Whataya Want From Me”
12. Lee DeWyze – “Sweet Serendipity”

"YES! This is the best thing to happen to my career in 5 years!!"

How did Chris Brown weasel his way onto this album? That’s just annoying. Also, they should have made a 13th track so they could have included Crystal Bowersox. I am excited that of all the performers who have been on Idol, Adam was the only non-winner besides Chris Daughtry to make the album. I think that just proves what The Ashley has been saying all along: that Adam is amazing and was robbed in May of 2009.

Anyway, buy the album. And then buy it for The Ashley.

We know, honey....we know.

  1. Adam Lambert is very talented vocally. Yes, he’s good looking in a contrived, theatrical way, but — “The most beautiful man ever” —“the songbird of our generation” ?????? (tongue in cheek??? -Kidding???). Hey, I’ve stood two feet away from him asking for his autograph. He did sort of remind me of Elvis – the same dyed black hair, eyelashes & eyebrows dyed to match. However, in the end, I did find myself liking the guy. He is, after all, a very friendly and polite celeb, which is to his credit.

    I have also stood two feet away asking for the autographs of David Cook, Kris Allen & Taylor Hicks. Hey, you know what, all three of these young men are better looking than Lambert. Hate the old AI picture you show of Hicks. He doesn’t look that way anymore. This is 2011, not 2006. Gee, if memory serves me well, I believe Hicks’ “Do I Make you Proud” debuted in the number 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100. I understand that he’s sold more debut albums than Lambert & more than twice as much as Allen & DeWyze combined.

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