The ‘Teen Moms’ Are Making a Difference!

It’s no secret that The Ashley likes to poke a little fun at some of the girls from Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 for  a lot of the things they do.However, she must give credit where credit is due and acknowledge when the girls use their ‘celebrity’ status for good.

‘Teen Mom’ stars Maci, Farrah and Chelsea recently teamed up with Seventeen magazine to make this video which will hopefully discourage other teenage girls from making the same mistakes they did regarding having sex without birth control. Many people are critical of the shows, saying that they glamorize teen pregnancy. Although there’s always the crazies that say “I want to get pregnant so I can be on 16 & Pregnant,” this is not the norm.

The Ashley feels that shows like “Teen Mom” do just the opposite of glamorize teen pregnancy. In fact, they show all the hardships that a teen mom goes through. If The Ashley was 15, watching this show would be enough for her to tie her legs together until her wedding night!!

It seems to be having that effect on younger girls too. In fact, teen pregnancy has dropped since the show premiered in 2009. (Here’s a great article about how the shows have been credited for this drop.)

Totally worth the $11.99, kids.

In the video, Chelsea, Farrah and Maci talk about what they wish they had done differently, and what it’s like being a kid with a kid. They also sat down for an interview, which will be featured in the April issue, just FYI.

The Ashley wants to buy it and is willing to risk looking like a creepy girl in her mid-20s who is trying to relive her youth to do so! “See, I’m still young and hip…I read Seventeen!

Anyway, kudos to these girls for trying to help teenagers understand that there isn’t anything glamorous about having to find a babysitter in order for you to attend your high school prom. You do NOT want to be wearing a nursing bra under your graduation gown!

Kail from Teen Mom 2 has also been proactive in trying to help other girls learn about ways to prevent pregnancy. At the finale show taping in January, she was insistent that the girls be allowed to talk about what birth control options are out there, so viewers could be more informed. The Ashley hearts this.

Good job ladies! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that teenage girls will listen!

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  1. I disagree. I looked at what do these teen mom’s all have in common, besides stupidity. They never mention birth control, and that’s not it. It’s they tried to hook a reluctant boyfriend by getting knocked up. It’s all about them trying to entrap the teen dads, and the teen dads don’t stand for it.

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