Meet the New “16 & Pregnant” Season 3 Girls!

Here’s the official preview! This season looks soooo good!

Teen Mom2 fans that were watching last night’s episode most likely caught the commercial for 16 & Pregnant, Season 3. (If not, you can watch the video clip above. It’s really bad quality, but at least you get to see some of it.)
By the way, this is the “official Season 3.” Last season was split into two groups: 2A had Jenelle and Chelsea, etc., while 2B had Ashley, Aubrey, etc.– just FYI. I gets all kinds of confusing.


So The Ashley feels this would be an appropriate time to introduce you to some of the new girls that will be on the next season of 16 & Pregnant. She sleuthed these out a while ago, but was holding off on telling you guys about them until she got a confirmed premiere date for the new season. She can now tell you that the new season starts APRIL 19! (For those of you wondering, YES there will be another season of the regular Teen Mom. That season will start sometime around June, according to Gary‘s Twitter.)

On with the show…

Her boyfriend’s pretty hot…

One of the girls that you will “meet” during the new season is Jordan Ward. She is from St. Louis, Missouri and gave birth to baby Noah in July of the age of 16. She recently married her baby-daddy, Brian, this January. (However, obviously, they weren’t married when her episode was filmed last year.)  She and her twin sister were adopted by her grandparents (don’t know the whole story there).

The baby has some hard times its first few months, but turns out OK. I believe we will see that on the show.

Also on the next season is Danielle Cunningham from Columbus, Ohio. (Why the hell are all these girls from the Midwest or the South? I’ve never seen a West Coast chick on this show, correct me if I’m wrong?!)

Anyway, Danielle got pregnant right after she turned 16 (awesome). She and her boyfriend had only been together four months when she found out she was pregnant (sort of Leah & Corey-esque!)

She has a rough pregnancy….well, I’ll let her describe it to you:

“i had bleeding problems my whole pregnancy to where i couldn’t even have sex without bleeding like it was a murder scene ,” she told her friends on Weebly.

(What the hell? Stop having sex, Good Lord, girl! I hope they don’t show that part of the show!) ‘

Danielle comes from a family without money (her words, not mine) and is one of the few moms on this show that actually has to get a job to support herself. She went through post-partum depression after baby Jaime was born. Anyway, of course, she’s “engaged” to her baby-daddy too.

We will also meet Jennifer Del Rio. She got the Leah “curse” and found out she was pregnant with twins at 16! She has two twin boys who were born in October 2010. She’s from Florida and is with the baby- daddy when the twins are born. They have since broken up and she’s raising the boys solo (the dad is still in the picture though.) MTV apparently found her and asked her to be on the show!

She didn’t graduate from high school but is currently trying to get her GED. Let’s hope she has more luck than AMBO and Chelsea did from seasons past!

Also on Season 3 will be Kayla Jackson. She has a baby named Preston Michael. I know that she lives in Minnesota and gave birth in November 2010. According to her Facebook, “She currently lives with her dad in Winthrop, MN and is finishing up high school to graduate in June 2011. She plans to get her own place with Preston this summer, and attend college either this fall, or next spring. She’s currently not dating Preston’s dad, but they are on good terms and he sees Preston regularly.”

To see the rest of the Season 3 girls, click here.

Don’t forget, the new season starts April 19!!!

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  1. You are all soooo ignorant for making comments about Texas having the most teen pregnancies. Did it ever occur to you that Texas is the largest state? It’s easily 4 or 5 times bigger than any of the other states. And btw, don’t talk down on these girls. What if one day, God forbid, YOUR daughter got pregnant. Would you call her a slut too?

  2. So since I’m bored and don’t feel like doing school…I’m looking through The Ashley’s posts on 16 and pregnant, because well its my favorite site! and I was looking a while back and there are 6 girls from Texas alone!
    These are listed= Number from state, state, season (s)
    3 Alabama- 2B, 2B, 2B
    1 Arizona- 2B
    2 Colorado- 1, 2B
    3 Florida- 2A, 2B, 3
    1 Georgia- 1
    1 Indiana- 1
    1 Iowa- 1
    1 Kentucky- 2A
    2 Michigan- 1, 2A
    1 Minnesota- 3
    1 Mississippi- 3
    1 Missouri- 3
    2 North Carolina- 2A, 3
    2 Ohio- 3, 3
    2 Pennsylvania- 2A, 2A
    1 South Dakota- 2A
    1 Tennessee- 1
    6 Texas- 2A, 2B, 2B, 2B, 3, 3
    1 Utah- 3
    1 Virginia- 2B
    1 West Virginia- 2A
    The states of Nevada, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wyoming are all said to have a girl from there that are in season 4.
    The states of Alaska, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming as of season 3 do not have any girls from there.
    Sooooo….much from the same areas…I say yes! anyway this is by far my favorite blog site!!!!

  3. Does anyone here find it interesting that the teen girls are the ones who get bashed about getting pregnant?..what about the teen boys?..It does take two right?. I find it disturbing that the woman are always the ones to blame and the men are barely even discussed on this board.

  4. It’s so insane that these girls don’t “believe in” abortion or divorce, but have no problem whatsoever with unprotected premarital sex. :/

  5. Also, they’re underage and probably shouldn’t be whoring themselves all over the interweb. Haven’t they whored themselves enough? They’re 15 or 16 and PREGNANT! They’re in a little too much trouble to be acting so pompous. No one is jealous of them.

  6. I do think that some girls just try to get pregnant. It kinda upsets me. I was told several times I couldnt have any kids because I have several health issues well I had dated (the guy im with) 6 years ago and we lost contact for 4 years. We ended up gettin back together and have been together a little over a year now, We got engaged in Dec, 2010. we found out in Jan 2011 we were going to have a baby. We were surprised and super happy but when I went to get my first ultrasound at 11 weeks I was told I was having twins! it was a huge shocker. I didnt really notice how many pregnant girls are out there…just from where I am from and around my age I know of like 8 teens!!!! that is nuts!!!!!! Most of them dont live with the babys father, arent engaged or married, the dads are immature and dont work, it just upsets me alot!

  7. how are you going to get excitement by putting these young girls down ? why dont you say nice things about them ? dont tear them down . shows how weak you are and how stupid you honestly look .

      1. Yeah, they are 16 and pregnant. And the are attempting to deal with it to the best of their abilities, just like a LOT of young mothers in America. You’re just judging because these girls decided to be on the show. Look around you , it happens everywhere. young girls get pregnant, and they parent. It happens. Don’t be a jerk.

  8. Oh man…and these are girls who have seen several seasons of 16 & Pregnant.
    Life can still be difficult if you wait until you’ve been married for a little while to start a family! Some are very dillusional and have set themselves up for unnecessary struggles. Sad 🙁
    I still watch the show.

  9. Aubrey was from WA but filmed in Arizona because her grandma was the only one who could take the couple in when Brandon lost his job. I’ve heard they usually either don’t do a lot of girls from the WC area probably because of legal restrictions (the reason why Nikkole isn’t on TM2) or because the majority of teen pregnancy occurs in the south and midwest.

  10. Just thought I should say it’s not a “curse” to have twins! AND stop referring to the fathers as baby-daddy! That’s so trashy. They are the father of the child!!!

    1. @Alex– true on one point…shouldn’t refer to having twins as a curse. That was not-so-nice of me for sure. But yah, gotta call them baby-daddies. Aren’t they the babys’ daddies?

      1. truthfully they are…but to state it in that way is sortof trashy….its unpropper. its like saying whene a girl is ‘knocked up’ it sounds trashy like she went around screwed sum1 and got pregnant…anyways just sayin

  11. I hope teen mom and teen mom 2 are the last of the teen mom series and maybe MTV does a special on them in a few years to see what going on with them. Same thing for the 16 and pregnant after a while it’s like how many stories about teen pregnancy can MTV do it’s like same stories different girls and only 2 out all the girls from both series had twins

  12. the only person who would remotely qualify as west coast is aubrey since shes originally from battle ground, wa but her episode was filmed in arizona. shes back living in washington tho. love your site!!

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