Why I Think the Leah/Corey “Teen Mom” Divorce Rumors May Be True…

The Ashley has purposely held off on writing about this for one simple reason: I don’t like to write about rumors. I don’t want my website to turn into a stew of lies and made-up crap, therefore I really try to only write about things that I know are true. If I’m not sure about the authenticity of a story, I will always tell you. So I’m telling you now, I do not know what’s going on with them. But I will present the facts and tell you why I think it’s true.

Anyway, the Teen Mom fan world has been up in arms since OK! and InTouch magazines published coinciding reports that Leah and Corey are divorcing after only six months of marriage. Even reputable news outlets like ABC News have picked up the story and written about it as truth.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that rumors of a breakup have swirled. Back in March, InTouch wrote another cover story about them splitting. (The Ashley talked about this story here.) That story turned out to be a bunch of BS, which Leah addressed on her Twitter, telling fans that it was untrue.

Starcasm photographed Leah out with the twins last night. Corey (or his 'coon hunter' cap) were nowhere to be seen.

This time, however, is much different. For one, the magazines actually did some reporting (shocking, I know) instead of just sitting on their asses at their desks in New York and writing lies. They actually flew someone out there to Clay County, West Virginia to see what was going on.

In fact, OK! had someone follow them to the courthouse near their home and watch them pick up what they’ve confirmed to be either custody or divorce papers. (Either way, not good.)

InTouch is claiming that the split is mainly over money:

“The final straw came recently, when he transferred $19,000 out of their joint bank account to buy himself a new truck — depriving Leah of money she needs to make ends meet. “He did it without telling Leah, even though the money is mostly her earnings from MTV,” a friend shares exclusively to In Touch. “When she found out, they had a vicious fight and she left him.”

The article also claims that Corey met with a lawyer on Tuesday night at 10 p.m. This can be a bunch of bull, of course, but this is pretty detailed info for OK!

In short, here’s why The Ashley believes that the rumors may be true:

  • Most tellingly, Leah shut down her official Facebook fanpage on Thursday. In the past, when rumors regarding her family or marriage have been presented, she’s almost immediately responded via the Facebook. Her best friend, Amy LaDawn, has also disabled her Facebook. (Amy interacts with Leah’s fans frequently.)
  • When asked to confirm or deny the rumors of a split, Amy told the fans that “she could not comment at this time.” In the past, she’s been very quick to help Leah squash any rumors.
  • A simple “we are not divorcing” tweet from Leah would be enough for most to believe that the rumors were not true. She’s chosen not to do this, which is odd. The last time rumors about her marriage popped up, she did this and they went away.
  • She was photographed picking up the papers (as was Corey.) She was also photographed going out to dinner last night alone with the babies. At the finale, Leah and Corey told Dr. Drew that Friday night is their “date” night.
  • As stated before, major news sources are reporting its true. They tend to have to check out the validity of stories before they post them as truth.
  • So far, no one has denied that the rumors are false.

Here’s what I think is really going on: they are separated (which doesn’t always mean divorce). They are currently filming the second season of Teen Mom 2 and are not allowed to comment on anything that will be shown on the show.

They can’t deny the claims, therefore they are choosing to not comment on them, as we will get to see the true story when the season airs. MTV doesn’t want any info out there that will spoil their show.

What do ya’ll think? I really wanted them to work out, but I’m thinking that this is one time that the tabloids may have gotten the story right. (You have no idea how much it hurts me to say that!!)

I will update when I have more info.

Update : So sad to have to say this, but the divorce rumors are TRUE! Corey and Leah’s names have been registered under people filing for divorce in West Virginia. Here’s the official link for confirmation. Starcasm just posted photos of Leah discussing the divorce with a friend, with divorce papers in hand. The scene was being filmed for the second season of “Teen Mom2”  So sad! This is worse than when Sonny and Cher broke up!

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  1. I think they’re a way cute couple, but Leah needs to get her priorties straight. Corey really does deserve better. Hes such an amazing guy and a supportive dad, and I think any girl would be lucky to have him. I am married with a kid, and being married is great, but it does has its ups and downs. He’s my best friend and I love him so dang much!

  2. None of you know Leah or Corey personally so why don’t you get a life a stop with your ignorant a$$ comments. It’s stupid and it makes you look stupid. They are both doing the best they can until you’ve walked in their shoes mind your own business!!

  3. Check out this overlooked recent story:

    Report: Teen Mom 2’s Leah And Corey Forced To Marry
    MTV’s hit show Teen Mom 2 is almost over, but the drama is just beginning.

    Leah Messer and Corey Simms were married on October 17th – which will be shown on a future episode – but now Leah’s friends are revealing to OK! Magazine that the couple’s romance isn’t real.

    “The reason that Leah married Corey was because the show made them,” a friend says. “She told me that if they didn’t get back together, they wouldn’t have been asked to be on Teen Mom 2.”

    And what’s the motivating factor? The same friend reveals: “Leah told me she got paid to be on Teen Mom 2. So there’s money on the line for her and Corey to do what they’re told to do.”


  4. I don’t trust Amy or Leah. They are about Leah only. What about the front page cheating story about LEAH recently? That said she was feeling trapped and wanted a divorce? Well, look who filed for divorce? Maybe, no LIKELY, she pushed Corey away with her incessant complaining and whining, and he found a new girl via Facebook.

  5. What about the cheating? That the starcasm rumors are that those pages are fb print outs… I found it more believable that he cheated, struck by new found fame popularity then that he bought a new truck without consent. After all, he did sell the truck in the 16 and preg episode, why would he do a turn around? Seems odd. Not to mention that I don’t see hiw it would be her money, he is one the show as much as she is!

  6. Corey does not have a twitter. Leah and Amy have both tweeted that he does not have one and all of those are fake. Only believe what comes from Leah and Amy on twitter until proven otherwise

  7. COREY ON TWITTER: leah is divorceing me just to make it clear..
    and when your young and have 2 kids its not easy..life moves to fast…and we are just not happy no more to much stress 🙁

    1. Corey does not have a twitter. Leah and Amy have both tweeted that he does not have one and all of those are fake. Only believe what comes from Leah and Amy on twitter until proven otherwise.

  8. On her Twitter it says she was having a problem with someone taking info/pics on FB so she deleted it and opened a new one. And even though she doesn’t have anything about the divorce on her Twitter acct, Kailyn does RT something that Leah had written (and erased…?) about them NOT getting divorced. Actually, Kailyn has tweeted that they’re not more then once. Not that that means they’re not…but it’s something. Plus, the magnified pics of the “divorce” papers look nothing like any sort of legal documents I’ve ever seen. I also find the idea of Corey taking out $19,000 for a truck without saying anything to be a little strange and I’m not sure I believe that one. But I don’t know him personally, so who knows. As far as their names showing up on the divorce list for WV…I got nothing.
    Anyway…I’m just saying…the “facts” are wishy washy at best at this point and I for one, won’t believe anything until it comes from one of their mouths.

    1. @Madi I don’t buy those papers as divorce papers either (Talking about the ones in the pics on starcasm.) They look more like a script to me….anyways, Kail retweeted Leah’s old tweet from March that said they weren’t getting divorced.

  9. In contrast to her staged, for the cameras tears, check out Leah’s Twitter, where she’s matter of fact and cold as ice, only directing her other Teen Mom 2 cast members to her new Facebook page, under her maiden name.

    1. Yeah, I do get the feeling Leah was only using Corey because he is a good dad and has the potential to make a living. Maybe he finally saw past her games. Hopefully he finds a deserving woman.

  10. Thanks Emily for the FACTS. What would make the marriage blow apart like that SO FAST? CHEATING by Leah, just like the tabloids (who are them and their friends getting paid for information after all) said weeks ago. Corey found out and dumped her, after first raiding their bank account for the thing she loves second after cheating, money. Good for him! All he was was a rebound boyfriend she got pregnant with. She cheated before, and she’ll do it again. Now she gets life as a single mother or with what ever IDIOT is going to stay with her and her kids by another man (no one very long).

    WHY do people have any good expectations of any of these STUPID teens? They are the bottom of the barrel, ALL of them, in intellect, in goals in life, in common sense. Look at the statistics for teen pregnancies. Nothings lasts but WELFARE for these STUPID moms and their kids, who will either end up in prison (the boys), or will continue the cycle of unwed teen pregnancies (Kailyn, just like her mother).

    1. Okay, first off just because you get pregnant as a teen doesn’t mean that you are at the bottom of the barrel in intellect, goals in life, and common sense. That is a stupid thing to say! I’m not a pregnant teen nor do I plan on becoming one but I have a friend who got pregnant and she had her baby and she is doing really well. She is taking care of her kid while finishing high school with ACADEMIC HONORS and in the fall next year she plans on going to college. Yeah, I agree getting prenant as a teen isn’t the smartest thing to do but it doesn’t make you a complete idiot for it!

      1. Jennifer, you’re SO ridiculous. LIKE REALLY. Some teen moms are better than some low life older women. So don’t classify them in groups, there’s always going to be good & bad, whatever it may be.

  11. I saw this coming but I thought it would take a place a whole lot later than six months after the marriage. Too bad Leah didn’t keep her bank account separate AND open a joint one up with Corey. I was never impressed by him anyway. I’m allergic to redneck. I am glad that Leah didn’t waste 10 years with Corey. I hope he has to pay her back all of that money too!

  12. Seriously, this is so depressing. She said time after time that it was “til death do us part.” So sad. It must’ve been something REALLY bad if they’re getting divorced THIS soon. At the same time, it’s hard not to think that MTV had a hand in this. All they care about is ratings…I wish the teen moms would realize that and put their family before a TV show.

  13. it one of the WV newpapers [www.wvgazette.com], it has their names in the public record under divorces. :/ What happened to her saying it was for life? And the “divorce documents” have untitled at the top of them so i don’t think that was specifically divorce papers, some one said something about messages and someone else said that it could be something about the baby’s health.

    1. I know I’m not The Ashley, but that link was REALLY telling :\ It obviously wouldn’t be on an official site unless they were, in fact, applying for divorce. I’m so sad for her, Corey, and the girls!

  14. This makes me sad, but it is pretty darn suspicious. Something is definitely brewing. For someone who was continually saying things like “this marriage is ’til death do us part” on her fanpage, it sure didn’t last very long. Hopefully we won’t have to wait until next season to find out everything! 🙁

  15. Neither of these hillbillies, or any other of the teen mom’s, are going to tell any news for free that they can $ell to the tabloids, as they have been doing for months. I just wonder if the divorce news was put off to get the maximum amount of $$$$ from their marriage stories first (only 2 weeks ago).

  16. I called this too, but anyone could have. It’s blatently obvious by the obscene amount of makeup she wears, she isn’t planning on just the double wide they are living in. And they have been cashing in on tabloid stories even more than Jenelle. I believe she cheated on him again, as the tabloids said weeks ago, and he took out a lot of money from their bank account to buy a truck in retaliation.

  17. Why is she still wearing her wedding ring in that picture of her and the girls then? If i was separating or wanting to divorce my husband the wedding rings would be one of the first things to go… I really hope the (Rumors) are untrue but if they are its not the end of the world. I think they should have waited a bit longer instead of taking such a big steep so soon after getting back together.

    1. Maybe she doesn’t want people to assume too much/she doesn’t want to confirm the rumors by doing that, ya know?

  18. I’m thinking The Ashley is right on this one (or maybe the magazine articles are right? lol). I saw the two magazine articles the other day and just rolled my eyes, and got home to look at what Leah had said about on her fan page. I definitely raised an eyebrow when I saw she deleted it!

    This makes me sad :\ I don’t think Leah would jump right to divorce, but I definitely believe there are talks about divorce. I hope they can work it out!

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