The Most Painful Moment of the “Amazing Race” EVER!

O-M-G. Watching this clip makes me get the creepies down my spine! Did anyone else feel incredibly bad for Zeb and Justin tonight? They endured this only to be eliminated an hour or so later!

Anyway, tonight was the finale of the Amazing Race‘s “Unfinished Business” season. The Ashley enjoyed the fact that they brought back many of the public’s “favorite” teams and gave them another shot at winning the million dollars. Was it seriously necessary to bring back Kynt & Vixen thought? Kynt’s whining and pouting throughout the entire season made The Ashley want to slap him…or at least force-feed him some Midol pills.

Her jaw must hurt.

Anyway, after Whiny McGothboy and Vixen got eliminated last week, we were down to four teams: Gary & Mallory (who must catch a lot of flies in her mouth, since it’s always freaking open!), The Globetrotters, Keisha & Jen and Zeb & Justin. They headed to Brazil, danced in their underwear and then were forced to go get 15 minutes of Brazilian waxing done on their bodies.

At first, The Ashley thought they were all going to have to get Brazilian bikini waxes. That would be just plain cruel. Luckily, this wasn’t the case, but they did have to get their chests, legs and armpits waxed. The Ashley would be stoked: after running around the world, I’m sure I’d be all kinds of hairy, and I never turn down a free grooming session!

Zeb and Justin did not have the same feelings though. Those are some of the hairiest boys I’ve ever seen, and to watch them get ripped to pieces while being waxed made me have to look away! It was quite possibly the most difficult moment of the show to watch–ever. To make matters worse, the boys were eliminated right after this!

In the end it was Kesha & Jen who took home the prize money. They said they planned to help their mother, which made The Ashley happy, especially because it was Mother’s Day.

I love this show. But it always makes me feel like I’m a loser because I don’t travel enough. My life won’t be complete until I samba my way through Brazil, eat cheese in Switzerland and scuba dive with mermaids in Florida.

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