EXCLUSIVE: Danielle From “16 & Pregnant” Has a Baby-Daddy With a Criminal Record!

"Hello, ladies..."

The Ashley has scooped everyone (even TMZ!) on this one!

Every single week we get to meet a new girl on 16 & Pregnant. Season 3 has pretty much proved to be one giant court record, as every girl that’s been shown to date (with the exception of Jordan Ward, who seems pretty normal), either  has her own criminal record or has a baby-daddy with a criminal record.

This week’s girl, Danielle Cunningham, is no exception. The Ashley has exclusively learned that her baby daddy, Jamie Alderman, has been arrested multiple times in Licking County, Ohio, (hahahhaha “Licking”) starting as far back as March 2010, when he was arrested for disorderly conduct. (He plead guilty.)

About a month later, Jamie was back in the big house, after being arrested for assault. (Seriously, assault, again?! Must every “16 & Pregnant” person be arrested for assault at least once? Is that the requirement?!

Anyway, according to court records, the incident occurred in early April 2010. A warrant was issued for his arrest on April 29, and he turned himself into police the next day. He pleaded guilty and had to spend some time behind bars. He is currently on probation and will be until next April.

Sounds like a winner!

The Ashley has been unable to locate the mugshot(s) for this guy, but will keep looking. It’s him though, the birthday matches the one he has on his official fanpage. (LOL’ing at the fact that he even has an official fanpage.)

The only good thing about this whole thing is that it doesn’t look like Jamie has been arrested since the birth of his and Danielle’s son, Jamie Jr. Maybe becoming a dad has spurred a positive change in him? Let’s hope so!


  1. Anyone who wont let their “finance” go to school after she found free daycare, doesn’t seem like a “stand up guy” to me. #justsayin

  2. don’t be dogging on him like that. he’s a really good guy. I used to know him when he got arrested. he may not be perfect, but no one is. and you’re just bringing this up because he’s on TV. stay out of his business. seriously. Jamie is an amazing person and such a sweet heart. so lay off. thanks.
    – an old friend of Jamie’s.

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