Answers to Your Frequently Asked ‘Sister Wives’ Questions!


“We’re just like your family…only different.”


The Ashley is totally addicted to the show Sister Wives! However, watching this show always leaves me with a ton of questions regarding the Brown family, their finances and relationships. (How do these women manage not to claw each other’s eyes out on the regular?)

She did her best to track down answers to some of these burning ‘Sister Wives’ questions!

Q: How does the Brown family have enough money to afford all those houses, kids and vacations when none of the adults seem to have jobs?

A: Kody and his wives have mentioned their employment from time to time on the show. We know that Meri got fired from her job in Utah after the family went public as polygamists, and Janelle had trouble finding a job after the family moved to Vegas. So where do these people get enough money to support their lifestyle (and loads of kids?)

Sister wives
Um…I think that car is going to be a bit small for your family, Kody.

“We all work in Liv Intern’l,” Kody recently tweeted. (He’s referring to Liv International, a global detox product company that works as some sort of pyramid scheme, from what I can tell.)  Kody also shared that the new car featured on a recent episode was a bonus from LIV.

Let’s not forget that these people are all receiving a steady paycheck from TLC to be a part of this show, and making money on endorsements and products (such as the recently released ‘Sister Wives’ book.)

Q: Why does Christine seem to dislike Robyn?

A: The Sister Wives do frequent chats with their fans on their Facebook page. During one of these chats, Christine addressed this issue, telling a fan, “I think Kody marrying Robyn came too late to be completely honest. I really wish she would have been with us for all of her children. She belongs with us, always did! As far as the baby blues timing, I never doubt God. He placed the desire to have another baby right before Robyn came along and it really helped having my wonderful Truely to focus on.”

Q: What happened to the gym the Browns were planning to open with their trainer?

A: According to a commenter on this forum who attended one of their recent LIV meetings, “I spoke privately with Janelle and asked her about the gym they were trying to open. She said it’s been a long drawn out process that is taking longer than they hoped it would, but that it was still in the works.”

Robyn also mentioned the gym during her May 13 Facebook fan chat. “Our investor that we did have wanted something different. So we are still looking for the right person. We haven’t given up the dream,” she told fans.


“Who does this one belong to?”

Q: How many kids do these people have, and which kid belongs to which wife?

A: This family tree is a handy tool to have nearby while watching this show!

Q: Is Kody really married to all four women?

A: No. The only legal marriage is Kody and Meri’s. The other three marriages are considered spiritual unions, as it is illegal to marry more than one person.

Q: Are the Browns members of the Mormon (LDS) Church?

A: No. The LDS Church does not condone polygamy. The Browns are members of the Apostolic United Brethren, a polygamous Mormon fundamentalist church within the LDS movement. I’m too lazy to write about their church, but if you want to learn more about it, click here.

Q: What happened to Robyn’s first husband? Does he see his kids?
Robyn married a guy named David Preston Jessop in 1999. In 2007, her husband filed for divorce in Montana, citing “irreconcilable differences.” They were in a monogamous marriage and had three children together: David (who mysteriously goes by “Dayton” now…hmm), Aurora and Breanna. Apparently, David is cousins with Robyn’s sister wife, Christine.

During the early days of the show in 2010, Star magazine interviewed someone “close” to the ex-husband who said that, “the very last thing on Earth that David Preston wants is to have the private lives of his kids televised.”

However, as far as The Ashley can tell, Robyn has full custody of the kids, and her ex-husband is not part of their lives.


I love Meri’s face in this photo!

Q: Don’t these women get jealous of each other?!

A: Janelle addressed in a recent interview with iVillage:

“People are like, ‘Aren’t you jealous?’ And I’m like, ‘Well yeah, that’s part of it.’ But you know, it’s not the majority. It’s such a small period of time. Usually for me, I just have to reassess. In the very beginning, I had to really learn that I had value and I had things that were cool about me. When I learned that, and I was able to banish a lot of my insecurities, a lot of the jealousy went away. Because I knew what I had to offer.”


“More women?! Are you nuts?!”

Q: Is Kody planning to take on more wives?

A: In the same iVillage interview, Kody answered this question. (I have to admit, I was wondering this too!)

“I think I’m focused on the relationships that I’ve got,” he said. “I’m focused on loving my life and building a family with where we’re at. I’ve never actually been out looking for another wife.”


  1. Kody was legally married to Meri til he legally divorced her to legally marry Robyn so he could spited her kids, so he is still married to Robyn, and he never committed to Meri after the divorce so he doesn’t have even a spiritual relationship with her

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Does that guy realize he doesn’t even have 1 wife…..being a real “WIFE” is so far from the roles those women play on that
    unrealistic TLC show…. and a real sister would not have any part of a situation like that…. now if the name of the show
    was Kodiaks Squeeze Women …it might be watchable….. can’t imagine a real woman with class and dignity would accept being a puzzle piece of a 4 or 5 way with 1 male….. Forgetting the word wife …!!!!!! hopefully he gets all 4 or 5 at the same time !!!!!!

  3. Kody and family zero in all the time on Utah persecuting them. And yet polygamy and bigamy continue to be illegal in every state in the nation. They know that. They also know breaking the law has consequences.

  4. Personally I feel like Kody is a jerk he is so uncaring he has no compassion for anything or anyone and no real goals I just don’t understand what you women see in him. Is it because you’re on TV and you get paid so your self-esteem is so low you will put up with the way he treats you? I feel that if you didn’t put all your business on TV and get money for it he wouldn’t be able to for these families it’s like a joke and it’s so freaking ridiculous..Sister Wives that is so hilarious none of you are sisters and only one of you are really married to him you can call yourself his wife…SMH

  5. Wasn’t there another wife before the last one?I seem to remember a soft spoken woman with long blind hair,not Janelle or Christine…

  6. This is only my opinion. I think Kody is a sexual perv. Nineteen kids? That takes an awful lot of intercourse. They’re entitled to their beliefs, of course, as am I. For me, I’d be embarrassed to tell people that
    I came from a family with 18 brothers and sisters and 3 ” mothers” other than my own.

  7. I Have tried several times to ask you guys a few questions lol there out there some where:). i was born and raised in the main stream Mormon church and all but my 12 yr old has been baptized. I just do not feel connected to the ward we are supposed to go to. so we do not go at all. my husband and 2 of my boys where baptized at the on the same Saturday I know that I should have been so Happy about that i know i was happy for my boys but with the stake and regional presidency where there I was So excuse my language but I was pissed off my own Husband looked at me for Support i should have given it to him but I just glared at Him I know all the priesthood saw it but i couldn’t help it it felt wrong. the only thing i could ever think of was that my husband when he does something it is almost always to the extreme and thats not what i wanted for our lives not the extremist Mormons like in any religion there are those that go over board period . so far so good i do have afew very personal for Kody and His First wife because that is what i would be if we went in this direction. I never thought in a million yrs that I would ever feel this may be a good thing at least for me.I do not want to say anything else out in the open at this point. please do not put my questions out there for anyone. at least not any answers for all to see …I hope to hear from Kodey and hopefully your first wife. via my e-mail. thank you so much if you where even able to have the time to read it? have a great soon to be Sunday Morning ! Lilly

  8. People should be allowed to live thier lives as they see fit. As long as all the wives want to commit into this marriage of thier own free will I see it is no problem. Eventually there will be a day in the far future where polygamy will be legal in the u.s. this family does not live in the old fashioned polygamy they all work hard, take care of the kids, and take vacations as a family. They even allow thier kids to choose if they are in polygamy or not for themselves.

  9. They are sick. They are all related to the short creek polygamists, pinesdale polygamists, all who have ties to child brides. TLC shows are all freak shows, and this is just a bunch of freaks trying to put on a civilized face. Ask the right questions, and the ties to these other sects are revealed

    1. Y dont u get your own life and quit hating on a family that loves eachother! If u hate the show so much y do u watch it and y are u looking up the ahow online to make ur little uneducated comments?? Moron..

    1. Michaela, does her ex-husband have a relationship with their children? What does he think of their kids calling Kody “dad?”

  10. Let us cast the first stone if we are blameless.
    Why should we care how others live as long as there is love, not harm; responsibility, not abuse and respect!
    I do not agree with many shows on television, but gives many of us a glimpse into other lifestyles.
    As for sister wives, janelle is by far the most beautiful to me. Personally, I see Robyn act as though she has been with them from the beginning and she is very transparent in regards to who is kodys favourite. Quite sad if you ask me,as 3 beautiful women and then there is Robyn.
    Kody is very touchy feely with her, and the other 3 “wives” sit back and take his abuse.
    I do enjoy the show, I do not however enjoy how kody fauns over the witch sister wife, when he has 3 beautiful wives he should be drooling over!!

    1. That’s your opinion that there’s no harm. Of course they are putting on a show for the public. The reality is there are devastating consequences on the children. You should look from the other perspective, check out the to educate yourself of how even polygamy in their church is harmful.

      1. Take religion out of the equation and tell me what difference is it from a married couple in an open relationship, there is no difference. Once you put the religion back it seems to be a problem for people, as far as harmful, divorce is harmful to children to it is all in how you handle situations.

        1. It seems like so many women hate Kody as though he is involved in machination. It’s obvious that he loves his wives and family and he seems very sincere in his intention to practice his faith. The women, in the Brown family and their sect, are there of their own accord and desire this lifestyle. Yes, it would be difficult but they see it as personal and spiritual growth. I agree that serious child, spousal physical and sexual abuses can’t be cloaked under the banner of religion; however, this family isn’t perpetuating abuse–all the kids defend their family. Yes victims of abuse will often defend their abusers, but they will also exhibit classic signs of coercion. The Brown children do not and are in fact very open about their love of their family, even if they choose monogamy. Monogamy isn’t a choice in abusive sects. The wives seem to have more control or say over Kody and their families than Kody does over them. The wives always say that if he were only interested in having several sexual partners, he wouldn’t take financial, emotional and spiritual responsibility for the family. I totally agree with Sunshine’s point and will expand on it: Many people support equality for gay relationships/marriages and other non-traditional families. We promote freedom of religion–if someone wants to live communally, more power to them, right? Why is non-abusive polygamy any different? Scientology is protected as a religion and can function without persecution. In my opinion, that is a whole lot more exploitative and abusive than polygamy!

    2. I agree with Janelle, I also like Meri. Christine is funny but to me seems very demanding as for Robyn I agree with you the only thing I can think of as why is that she is younger and maybe she makes him feel young again and the other women are getting older and maybe not wanting more kids at their age. Meri is having a hard time with having just one child and she is off to college and I think Kody could be more supportive of how she is feeling or he may just loose his one legal wife.

    3. I also agree that Robyn acts as if she is as deserving as the other wives when actually she is not even close,. I feel very sorry for Janelle and Christine as Meri is always reminding anyone that will listen, she is the only “legal” wife,. No surprise that Meri and Robyn have teamed up,. They are my least favorite and least deserving,. And Robyn should hurry up and get pregnant quickly as the clock is ticking!!

      What a joke when they whine about no money,… There is no need for the 4 huge homes,. They are not living as a polygamist family,.. Show should be called “My Dad filled 4 Houses”

  11. With all the robin drama going on recently, especially saying how her took her purity, I’m really curious with how he feels about everything.

  12. I also CAN’T STAND Robyn! She acts like she has been with the rest of them for a long time. I also think she treats her kids like dirt except for the baby she just had. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Janelle, and her and Christine are the only realy women in the family. And so what if Meri can’t have more children, she is lucky that she was able to have one. GET OVER IT, SO YOU CAN’T have another one, DEAL WITH IT AND MOVE ON!!!

    1. Meri drives me mad! She hsd no intention of having another child. She very cleverly twisted the conversation on the rock to sound like Kody put the kybosh on the baby. She LOVES playing the victim. If she shrugs her shoulders and twists her mouth like she is this downtrodden victim I swear I will go insane. All this empty nesting on her own, what did she think a plyg life was? Kody was right when he told her to insert herself into the lives of the others kids. I find it odd thst they all lived together in one house in Utah for so many years yet it took just two years in LV for her to disconnect. Christine and Janelle consider ALL the kids theirs..but Meri only sees Mariah as her child! As for Mariah sitting in the car and staring at the new stupid and spoilt is she. She is so demanding, just like Meri. They are both self absorbed and selfish.

    1. Too bad, that is impossible. Poligamy = one man multiple wives. Polyandry = one woman multiple husbands. Polyandry is rare and usually only found in regions with a very skewed male:female ratio. In certain regions of the himalyas if a man wants a woman he will have to share with another man. There is simply not enough women in the area for any other type of relationship.

      1. You’re wrong, Bob.

        Polygamy means multiple spouses.
        Polygny is 1 man with multiple wives.
        Polyandry is 1 woman with multiple husbands.

  13. I do watch the show and I think it is not our place to judge this is four lady’s who have decided this is how they want to be I am sure if our lives where in TV everyone would have a lit to say and as far as the kids they seem to be very well taking care of they have their moms and dad in their live there are kids out there.that don’t have that so with that being said if you don’t like it turn your TV no one make you watch it

  14. Where does Kody live? Does he pick a different wifes house to stay in each night?

    p.s. I love your show and I think your family values are great. I look forward to watching your show in the future.

  15. I really thought I would be shock by your show, being that I am LDS. But I love it. You have a beautiful Family and I love how close you all are to each other.

  16. I’m sorry, but something is definitely fishy with this “family” and their financial status. Their answer to where all the money comes from is that they all work in a pyramid scheme for LIV International? Has anybody looked at the website for that company? Anybody actually seen that the picture of the newer building is even actually real? I’ve never heard of the products they sell. Even if it was selling Tupperware, I fail to grasp how a guy with a net worth of $300k and 14 children to support can possibly make enough to build 4 brand new posh homes! 3 car garages!! Seriously … this whole scenario smells to high heaven, I would not be surprised if they follow in the footsteps of the Guidices and the IRS.

    1. The girls had to buy their own homes. Didn’t
      you watch it just before they purchased the homes? They had to to have a clean credit score, and show proof of income before they could qualify for the purchase of each home!!

  17. I wonder if this guy has ever paid taxes. I bet he claims each kid a dependent. Takes the earned income credit. And on paper looks like he is dirt poor. Hopefully the IRS will audit his balance sheet. Wondering if he has ever cooked a dinner changed a diaper or paid for anything in his life

  18. I like Janelle too, but the “prettiest”? She does bear more than a passing resemblance to a frog, feature-wise. Christine is the prettiest one. Meri is no beauty and Robin has a witch-like face (her chin is too pronounced and her angular face is too harsh). I used to favor Meri; no longer. She’s a whine bucket. I would have to say I not only like Janelle best, but I also like her children the best, as well.

    1. According to this site he works in MLM
      Go to the page for the link shown and it does not load
      Income wise the Browns are fishy if you ask me
      No mortgage lender advances on income which is guaranteed to run out (TLC payments)
      And each of those props must be carrying 100k apiece even allowing for sale of Utah props

      1. how does he support all these wifes and children? r they getting government assistance. i hope not. i hope i or u r not paying for them or any others like them. do they any taxes.i dont feel sorry for the ones that had to move to a different state.tough titty.

  19. Kody you are so self centered and think you are all that and a bag of chips!! What mirror are you looking into the one from “Snow White” and asking who is the fairest in the land. If the mirror could talk I don’t believe you would like the answer to that question. Obviously you are not reading the same Bible that I am. You have condemned not only yourself to everlasting hell but your children as well if they too take up your beliefs.

    1. Kody, please get over yourself. Cut your hair! It sure does not make you look better. You are so immature. What a messed up bunch of people!”!?,()&@&&)(,.,

    1. It is not in the Christian bible; it is in the book of Mormon. Apparently, Fundamentalist Mormons believe that you can only reach the highest level of heaven if you participate in polygamy.

    2. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob…the Bible is full of multiple marriages, concubines, etc. It’s an ancient practice.

    3. On one of the recent episodes Cody stated that in the old testament there are many stories of men having mulitiple wives. This is not actually true though. They had one wife and a bunch of concubines. Concubines were not considered wives. The wife was held a a higher level than the concubines. There were many things that happened in those times that God was not happy with. Just because it was talked about in the Bible does not mean that God approved of it or it was his will.

      1. Sadly. That’s exactly what Janelle, Christine and Robyn are! Today we call them mistresses. He can call them wives, they can change their names, even fly to the moon, they will still be mistresses with 12 illegitimate children. Call a spade a spade!

      2. The first polygamist was Caine…what does that tell you? Aside from the fact that God doesn’t really ‘endorse’ polygamy, review the ‘cool guy polygamists’ Kody refers to-they often ran afoul do of biblical favor.

  20. I’ve watched the show from day one. I was fascinated by the way the family functioned in a single home. It was a true cooperative effort. However it is apparent with the move to Navada and the separated homes the women are not as close. Of all the wives Meri has become the most self centered. If this is a family what is she hiding that she is so concerned about living close to the other wives. Robin coming in to the family late, has an idealistic view of what she sees the family as being and is always going to be disappointed that she can not make them fit the fairy tale fantasy in her head. Janelle is smart and beautiful and is the only one to see the families finances as they are but she is Teri g tired of this life. . She and Christine are openly pitted against Meri and Robin. Christine does not want to work reguardless of what she says. She disconnects whenever effort and commitment are required.
    This is no longer a combined family but four women who do not have the self esteem to recognize the sadness of their lives.

    1. I think Christine is really into being a home-maker but couldn’t they slap some make-up on that big red honker for the couch talks anyway?!

  21. Is it me…or are these 4 houses mansions? Yes, I realize they each have big families (except Mari) but if they’re just scraping by, why do they need these huge homes?


      1. U know what, the producers have to think up situations to make it appear they have something to DO,hence, moving to Las Vegas so also the homes were a story line. Then we’ll get to watch Kody Bear slepping about from wife to wife and That’ll be interesting. Also they had a little breathing space in the rentals. Living on top of each other we’ll see more fur fly. ha!

      2. You are right,there is no difference! They should have built one big house, but from an episode where another family was on the show the sisters admited that they couldnt handle sharing a kitchen.(To many cooks in the kitchen I guess..) Maybe the show brought up the moving idea. I sure would like to know how they qualifyed to get these big homes. The show wont last foever.

  22. i dont know why i watch this show either. there is no way in this world i would share my husband with i sister wife much less 4.i think they r trying to out do the show on 19 kids n counting, by keeping on having babies.i do think mari should be able to have one more (via robyn) n then send mr cody to have a vascetomy. enough is enough, quit blaming god for the fact u cant do birth sick of cody talking so much about the LDS, if he doesnt belong to that group / religion.u , cody , have your own make believe religion. u should refer back to the BIBLE, where it says :THOU SHALT NOT COMITT ADULTRY. keep mari n robyn, get rid of christine and janelle. u r sick n tired of wantin our permission in what u r doing cody, we r what make the show a success, so u can support all those kids, who didnt ask to be born into your crazy adultrous world.earlier in this comment i said get rid of 2,and keep 2. adultry is adultry wheather it be with two or four . but janelle and christine r always so negativen ,and against the other two. in an earlier show, christine stated she was sick of being a single mom, well wake up girl, u asked for that n u knew he couldnt be with u 24/7,so quit whinning.. one more thing, yep ill be watching next week too.

  23. They are all consenting adults, so frankly they don’t bother me. However, I honestly don’t know what they all see in Cody. I wouldn’ t even want him all to MYSELF, let alone share him!

  24. People ask me why do I watch this show,I don’t know why,it baffuls me how these women don’t care about what goes on in the bedroom,its like your husband fooling around and you know when,where.You have to remember they choose to live this lifestyle but their children did’nt….

  25. I really like the other family featured on the show – The Dargers. They also wrote a book and their family seems to work better organization wise.

  26. I want to know if it would be acceptable for one of the sister wives to take another husband. What is good for the goose should be good for the gander.

    1. Meri did, in fact, bring up this idea once to Kody. She asked him how he would feel if she had another husband. Anyone remember? Kody became Outraged! He said that was the most disgusting thing he had ever heard. He really blew up at poor Meri. It is their choice, but wouldn’t they be happier if they did not have to share a husband? What will happen when the kids are gone?

  27. I Don’t get it either. i work full time and live in an apartment and $5000 in debt. I’ll never be able to buy a house and hopefully my car doesn’t break down anytime soon because i can’t afford another one right now. How do they live the way they do?

    1. Honestly, they probably either use(d) credit cards or maybe borrowed against their house (in Utah), which aren’t the best methods.
      If you can keep a job for a few years and save up a bit of money, you may be able to buy a house one day, you never know, right?
      As for your debt, here’s a tip: Start making biweekly payments so you can prevent the interest from adding up and therefore, get the debt quickly paid off. (If you owe $10.00 a month, you pay $5.00 on the 1st and $5.00 on the 15th.)

    2. They get paid very handsomely by TLC for doing the show. They each a paid and I am sure that income is what qualified them for the loans to purchase their homes. The entertainment industry pays way more than most jobs do.

  28. Have you seen the size of the lots and what the sizes of the houses will be??? How the heck did they qualify for all that when, like others have said, they don’t seem to have real jobs!!! I just don’t get it…..

  29. Ok I will probabally get a lot of flack for this but I don’t think Janelle is happy. As a large woman she is my favorite wife as I can relate to her. I feel she is being used for financial support. Janelle I’ve been in your shoes. I ‘ve seen the pain on your face as I have experienced it for myself. Please rethink your relationship with this man. Take care of the children you have of your own and get out while you still can.

    1. I think Christine is more unhappy. You watch the 4 women and you can tell that Janelle and Christine do not get along with Meri and Robyn. It is really sad that these women put up with everything that Kody puts them through. He is very emotionally abusive and the women need to kick him to the curb and make him get a real job and take responsibility for his actions!!!

    2. I think Janelle is the prettiest of all the wives, and the smartest. If only she had confidence she could rule the whole family and take Kody down a few rungs. Janelle don’t sell yourself short you are worth much more than you think.

      1. I totally agree. I think she is going to split when the kids are all off her hands .I just wish she would dump that air head dope. She is way too good for him.


  30. Kody is a total creep, what makes him think his dna should be spread more than it already is, (17) spawn.only weak, females would accept this kind of life style. oh, ever heard of birth control?? You people have nothing speacial in your genes to keep reproducing, stop it now. the planet is over populated as it considerate.

  31. Do any of the ‘single moms’ receive aid to dependent children?When a child is born, the dad’s name is listed…does the state require Kody to pay child support to the single moms or do they say they don’t know who the dad is?

    1. Just because they are not married when they have a child does not mean that they are instant welfare cases. Not every male is a dead beat dad who has to be taken to court and court ordered to take care of their kids. I may not understand their beliefs, but I don’t believe that demonizing them and making them out to be horrible people is the way to deal with that.

      1. Ah, but at least two of the wives HAVE collected welfare and used food stamps. Two of them have declared bankruptcy. The unmarried ones do not have his name on the birth certificates. Go to the early days of…people have researched this family in detail, and they are a bunch of grifters.

        1. Correction. All 4 have filed for bankruptcy: Meri, Kody, Christine and Janelle. People don’t realize when you file for bankruptcy that it is a public document and everyone can have access to it. They say they are married on the show but when they filed bankruptcy, Christine and Janelle listed themselves as single.

          1. how do they qualify for mortgages
            with bankruptcy in their background
            I’d like to know the bank that does that deal

    2. I agree.I read a lot of judgemental comments on here. If they are happy or even if they are not it is their business . No Big Deal. I wouldn’t want 4 wives. It is hard enough to live the daily ups and downs with one wofe and 2 kids but that is me . I am a republican too but I only worry about what effects me. I would rather this guy have 4 wives and 80 kids and take care of them instead a ho having 15 kids and no babies daddy anywhere to be found . You know who you are . See that effects me because it effects the country with the welfare state . These guys here are taking care of themselves . Sounds great !

      1. Correction. Prior to the show, Christine and Robyn collected welfare assistance. Robyn admitted to receiving it to feed her 3 children and the assistance shows up in Christine’s bankruptcy of 2010; so it does affect you Mr. Republican. Learn the facts before you speak. Meri, Kody, Janelle and Christine also filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I guess them not paying their debts doesn’t affect you either. When they began the Sister Wives show, it no longer became “their” business.

  32. how come kody didn’t have to qualify for the house ? or did he even apply to buy a lot ? he told his wifes that they would have to cut back in the grocery dept. to be able to buy the house.and no more vacations.

    1. Kody did have to qualify….with Meri.
      Because they are legally married, they qualified as a married couple while Janelle, Christine & Robyn applied and qualified as single moms.

      1. kody is committing adulty with his only wife s meri consent, this is very immoral group of people with only a sexist male benefiting from these weak females who have no self esteem.

  33. Why is Cody worried about all the women getting the houses. Does he work? Lets rely on the woman what does Cody do to support these woman and children. Wow

  34. I think it’s wrong that WE are supporting these families. It’s just
    like 8 Plus 8; 19 and Growing, etc. These teen pregnancies, they’re all getting ridiculious paychecks. None of these people could make it on their own. I think promoting these
    shows/situations is wrong!!!

    1. I AGREE- how do they justify making money in such a public manner? What are their “professions”? How do they make money outside of Reality TV? Is this REALLY about them, “Kody” as the man educating the public on Polygamy. Or MAKING A BUCK? Has Kody ever worked at a real job? Does he currently work at a real job? One has to love the convertible Kody drives around in while lamenting how he has to drive from wife to wife! Oh my, what an inconvience for Kody.

      I am a Social Worker with a degree in Women’s Studies and it is clear to me that Kody is selfish, self-centered —-Kody is narcissistic!!!!! He lacks a personal identity feeding off his “wives”! He lives vicariously through his wives and children.

      He is abusive in a subtle way that many do not see, choose not to see as such abuse is invisible to many. He can even be played off by his wives as oh, “isn’t Kody cute, vulnerable and therefore he needs us to take care of him”!

      We (his wives) need to make sure Kody is happy because he use to be happy ……how can we collectively make Kody happy? He takes credit for having all the great ideas. What is so sad is that these women support and actually nurture his self-centered personality. They put Kody on a pedestal.

      It’s easy to see how confused the kids are NOW BUT what does the future hold for them living this controversy on TV for so many to see. Talk about a confusing upbringing at a time (teen years) when life at the best of times is confusing – scary – fraught with life altering choices!

      I always wonder why-how Robin REALLY got on to this Show Boat of a Reality Show?!?!?!

      I wish their kids the best and that they live the lives they want and not to please Kody———or mother!

      1. I think that guy is spread waaay to thin and all those women and children will drive him round the bend. I think he’s a not too bright but sweet man who’s been hornswoogled by the fundamentalists.

    2. I totally agree, with all the starving homeless children in the world these television stations choose to pay people who chose to live like this, why?? So what they don’t need to be on television & they don’t have to get paid because they choose to have a litter of children & illegal marriages/relationships.. Also it seems pretty double standard the he gets four woman to play with/choose from & all the woman look unhappy like their eating their feelings, he’s like a glorified pimp!! It’s so sad.

    3. Now you are just being uneducated about some of this. 19 and counting can and do totally support themselves without the show and get NO support from the government. They are both real estate agents with rentals and flipping properties, they have written books, done public speaking, etc.
      The others I don’t know about, but don’t lump everyone in the same catagory just because you have preconceived notions about the “type” of people that do the shows.

      1. Rynanne says the Duggars are self supporting without the tv show income. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The real estate market around here has bee bad for several years and Jimbo tried state government work which isn’t a gold mine either. That family took and probably still takes hand outs from churches that condone their spitting out big-headed kids until Michele’s uterus falls out.

        1. Candy,
          I can’t imagine what would make a person be so hateful about someone else simply based on the number of children they have given birth to. “That family” has taken “handouts” from churches who give graciously and out of love and “condone” God’s Word which says children are a blessing. Your comment gives me the impression that your disdain for the Duggar family may be based on something other than the number of children they have, like maybe their conservative views. Either way, I hope you can find more love and less hate in your heart toward others.

        2. And you know this HOW? Let’s get the Duggar family’s situation straight right now. Jim Bob and Michelle started their real estate careers many years ago, BEFORE any slowdown in the market. They were using sound, conservative financial strategies and had a plan for their family’s future long before most people thought about such things! Just because you and most people spent every dime they earned and ran up credit debt and second mortgages until they went bankrupt
          doesn’t mean everyone did! The Duggars bought
          secondhand and lived frugally (and still do!) which
          you apparently don’t understand. Jealousy is quite
          ugly and your nasty comment proves my point.
          How sad that you can’t appreciate how this family
          is trying to share with others how to live debt free, content lives. Theres no need for the Duggars to “probably take handouts” because God is blessing their obedience to His word and gives them more than they need. I KNOW how much they made per episode last year but its none of your or anyone’s business. Let’s just say THEY “hand out” more than anyone would ever believe; you can find another neighbor to gossip about now but I suggest you try helping those in need in your community; you will feel much better for it.

  35. I was wondering if Meri ever decided to have another child with Robyn being the surrogate. I know she talks about her age and all but she is just the best mom and I think her and Kody having another baby would really be great for the family!!

    1. Robyn is such a fake!! I can’t stand her!! Meri is so genuine so I don’t understand her connection with Robyn!!!!! Meri enjoy not having sleepless nights and do something for yourself rather than trying to have another child at this late date. Let your sister wife’s have the babies so you can spoil them and send them home!!
      Kody you are a hot mess and so controlling. I think you were lucky to have one wife much less four!

  36. Does Robin’s ex-husband still have to pay alimony, even though she’s “re-married,” in spite of her marriage being illegal and only “spiritual?”

  37. April,

    It’s because they were all living together in a “common law” marriage in Utah. Polygamists usually don’t legally marry more than one wife, but the practice of plural marriage (living together, raising children together,) alone is seen as illegal.

    1. These people are a complete joke. Kody IS a control freak and I think it would make for an interesting show if Meri decided to divorce him. Guess what………she would get half of everything even the new houses with Kody’s name attached. She is the only legitimate wife and has the only legitimate child with Kody. I would LOV|E to see a show called Brother Husbands where the woman has 4 husbands. Think it would fly? Hardly when men still seem to rule the world. I’ve watched exactly 2 episodes of this ridiculous show and yes, Kody should be in jail, all wives up on bigomy charges and all children removed permanently from their care.

      1. I don’t support polygamy at all but I think you are over-reacting here. Do you have the same disdain for all the men who father children and never take responsibility? there are millions of them. How about all the women who get pregnant out of wedlock, many of whom are not even sure who the father is. I’m not saying the Brown family is a model for society but at least his kids have a father. Just something to think about.

    2. I would love to see kody and four women going to jail nd lost alll your children . I couldnt watch the show sister wives because make me gross because kody is so pig… Brainwash women.. How could they share sex same man kody.. Eeekkkkkkkk!!!!

        1. Kody is a disgrace to the males n America those so called wifes r brain washed from the time there born till 18teen to get a man with more than one wife its a pussy n control freaks cult! Uns got time to turn for ya burn

          1. Scotty, you are a disgrace to every American. If you are? Have you ever taken an English class? Have you ever heard of proper grammar? Moron. You watch a show and know what kind of father he is? I’m sure he does a fine job. You are pathetic sir.

      1. It’s somewhat humorous to me to read these hateful comments, including the replies. I am totally opposed to polygamy because of my Christian faith, in fact it’s considered adultery. Doesn’t anyone else on this site have a legitimate or intelligent reason for their disapproval of this family’s lifestyle? What happened to “judge not”? Or does that only apply when it’s a Christian sharing their opinion? Like I don’t already know the answer to that!

        1. I agree. Also, since when is it a “great idea” to remove 17 children from their loving responsible parents homes and place them (in the system) and place 5 adults into our overcrowded prison system? NEVER! These children are happy, healthy and loved. They can choose freely what they want in marriage when they become adults. Being a Christian means loving everyone without judgement. This family gives no fear to the community (like a murderer or child molester) so let them be.

    3. If there is only one legal marriage, what is the legal problem? Today we have same-sex marriage, and they even have children. So I just don’t see a problem. The plural lifestyle may not be for everyone, but neither is same-sex marriage ! The Brown’s are not perfect, but they are living and taking care of themselves and their kids. No one is perfect.

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