EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Alvarez Answers Questions About His Relationship With ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham

For the past few weeks, Teen Mom viewers have watched as Farrah Abraham embarked on her first relationship in Florida. MTV cameras rolled as Farrah and Daniel Alvarez went on their first date, hung out with Farrah’s daughter, Sophia, and even as Farrah discussed the possibility of getting engaged (as you do with a guy you’ve only known a few weeks!)

Anyway, things seemed to be going well for the couple, leaving fans wondering if Farrah had finally found her Prince Charming.

Unfortunately, things didn’t end up working out for Farrah and Daniel. They split a few months after they began dating. Although The Ashley spoke to Daniel after his breakup with Farrah, she decided to go back and ask him the questions that a lot of ‘Teen Mom’ fans want to know, especially what happened to cause their split!

There have been a lot of negative things written about Daniel (mostly by Farrah), and The Ashley cannot stress enough how inaccurate (and, at times, downright ridiculous) some of the claims against him are.

Here, Daniel answers your frequently asked questions about his relationship–and breakup–with Farrah.

‘Teen Mom’ fans want to know: why would you date someone like Farrah?

“I went into the relationship not knowing anything about Farrah or her show,” Daniel told The Ashley. “I met a person that I was attracted to both physically and emotionally and gave her the benefit of the doubt just as I would anyone else. You can’t judge a book by its cover.”

What’s Farrah like in ‘real life?’ Does she act the same way in person that she does on TV?

“Farrah has a lot of good traits,” he said. “She’s very hardworking and goal-oriented when it comes to her career. I also know she cares very much for Sophia, as any mother would.

“Nevertheless, everyone has their faults and for Farrah, what you see on the show is what you get,” Daniel said. “She believes the world owes her something and treats others accordingly. It’s evident in the fact that she doesn’t have any friends and the ones she does manage to make never last more than a few weeks.”

Farrah and Daniel in happier times, clowning around in Austin.

Fans were shocked that Farrah introduced you to her daughter, even though she had only known you a few weeks at that time. Do you think it was too soon for you to meet Sophia?

“I believe every situation is different,” Daniel said. “It really depends on who one is dating, their character and if you trust them with your child. In our case, Farrah felt comfortable with me and wanted Sophia to meet a special person in her life.

“Unfortunately, our relationship did not last much and I was in and out of Sophia’s life within a matter of weeks. I honestly was looking for something long-term but it just didn’t pan out the way I had planned.”

What did you think when Farrah brought up the idea of you guys getting engaged?

“I was definitely in shock when she brought up the engagement, as we had only been dating for a matter of weeks,” Daniel said. “I’m all about getting married and having a family down the road but a relationship like that has to be cultivated over time. You just don’t go from a couple of weeks of dating to ‘let’s get married.’ That’s a recipe for failure!”

Speaking of failure, when did things start going sour for you and Farrah?

“I was looking for something long-term; however, as I began to discover who Farrah was/is as a human being I became uninterested and decided to cut ties,” Daniel said. “The facade began to fade away over the last quarter of our relationship and I saw what most people have been seeing on TV for years: an unappreciative and self-centered individual.”

After your breakup, Farrah said some mean things about you, including that you hacked her Twitter account, and that you are immature. How do you feel about that?

“I absolutely deny and, truthfully, am offended that Farrah would even accuse me of hacking her Twitter and posting negative comments about myself,” he said. “It doesn’t make any sense for me to publicly bash myself to thousands of people!

“Her comments about me being immature are, in my opinion, out of spite and resentment. She’s upset that for once someone didn’t kiss her ass or put up with her revolting attitude.

Do you regret your relationship with Farrah?

“In the long run, I look at this as a learning experience,” Daniel said. ” I do not regret my time with Farrah or Sophia and am happy that I was able to be a part of their life. I wish them both the best and hope Farrah finds happiness in her life.”


  1. First of all i just want to say i watch teen mom as i was myself a teen mom and out of all the characters i can relate to farrah i myself also had depression and felt the brunt of being alone and doing everything on my own , having very little support and watching everyone else have a great time young were we are forced to grow up. Being alone can eat you up and make you angry , There comes a time in your life as farrah says when u need to determine who you should have around you and i think its harsh all you people are critizing her so much yet id like to see you walk a mile in her shoes. Farrah may say things out of line sometimes but dont we all , i myself speak my mind some people like it some people don’t to them i say i dont care . In saying that she has had one hell of a life so far that you people can only imagine not have to deal with it, daniel might have been a good guy or a catch but obvoiously he was not the right person for her, i feel bad that people bad mouth her and say all these nasty things about her when you dont even understand anything!! I think farrah is a terrific mother and has done everything she can to help benefit herself and her daughters life .she does deserve the very best because she has recieved nothing but pain and sorrow throughout her life you all need to grow up and give this poor girl a chance she is trying her very best… you all must forget she is still young , when your young you make mistakes but you learn from them, and mabye hers is not trusting people like you who be so judgemental and try to bring her down. !!! Keep trying Farrah and remember everyday you have the most precious gift of all to strive for , Your daughter sophia 🙂

  2. Justsaw the episode! Hard to sit through all of her insane comments about marriage and weddings. Letting her leave without saying good bye or why seemed kind of harsh (even though its Farrah) but, I don’t blame him…she was intense. He seems like a great guy! Hook a girl up, The Ashley! 🙂

  3. I honestly think she was just being a GIRL when talking about the ring she wants and the dress was obviously a joke.
    I don’t like Farrah’s attitude to her mom, so I’m not a fan of the girl, but I don’t think she was trying to get this guy to marry her. She was just stating her likes in those stores…

    1. being a “girl”? did you watch her with him? I would have run for the hills just like he does. What was sad was she went to tell her mom, and her parents just backed what she said, and didn’t tell her she needed to look at why someone would act like that,they know their daughter, she thinks the world revolves around her, they allow it, and then she blames them for all her problems

      Daniel has shown a lot of class, but we really want to know the dirt. Cmon Daniel, tell the world everything, because she has thrown you and every other person under the bus..someone needs to stand up to her, because she will continue to act this way.

  4. I was appallaed at her comment’s to his stepmother or whatever her relationship is to Daniel. Then I read an interview that said she didn’t see anything wrong with it!!! Self-centered much?? She’s going to be the “lonely bird” whatever the f that means if she doesn’t learn how to treat people!

  5. I thought after Farrah saw herself for the first time on tv & how ridiculous she acted & how rude & big of a bitch she was to her mother she would definitely have changed. But nope, she didnt , her & her sister are horrible to their mother. Glad Daniel figured that out he’s too good of a man for that. I knew daniel was annoyed as soon as they got to Texas. The dinner was his dad was very awkward, Farrah has no respect!

  6. I used to feel sorry for the Mom but even Farrah’s sis is saying she was a terrible Mother. What could have happened in their younger years to make Farrah and her sis so unhappy now. Her parents forced her to tell Sophia’s Dad he wasn’t the Father and he did try to contact her while she was at work on the show, I remember it. I do believe she loved Daniel but pushed him out for her folks and they controlled the money strings. Farrah need s lots of help and she has not completely bonded with Sophia the way she should. Jenelle also needs lots of psychiatric help. Two messed up kids who have kids and don’t know the first thing about love or Motherhood.

    1. first of all, if her mother was SOOOO bad, how come she is always asking for her mother to have her? and for a month? and raise her for the first months of her life? and have her around all the time? also idc what happened, if you can’t be around someone with out respecting them, then don’t have them in your life..there is no reason you should act that way in front of a child.

      1. Agree Farrah mother is only good for Farrah when she needs her. To babysits Sophia Farrah is a brat and she is never going to change. If being on tv for 4 years and literally seeing your bad behavior on tv didn’t change her. Then nothing will Farrah problem is that she thinks she is princess and that she god gift to the world. Daniel is a nice guy and he will find someone else Farrah thinks she so special and she is the hottest thing. She is going to have a sad life . Farrah will always be friend less and she will never own up to behavior

  7. i agree, Farrah needs to grow up and treat people better. i feel bad for sophia for being around such a negative influence. Daniel’s responses are very mature and i know he’s right when he said farrah only said he hacked her twitter account out of spite and resentment. im glad he didnt kiss her ass or put up with her for another minute!

  8. Farrah by far is a total lier indeed. All she cares about is herself and only herself. I know her personally and believe me, what u see in the show is making Farrah an angel. She is very nasty not just to her family but to everyone. She thinks she is a high profile celebrity, Only reason why people know her is because of her baby daddy passing away. She only uses people to her advantage and then disses u. This is only the beginning, the real truth will come out soon enough..

  9. we all knew you would blow it with this guy, you are self- centered and unappreicative and I don’t even know you personally Farrah,NOBODY OWES YOU A DAMN THING. treat people with R-E-S-P-E-C-T esp. your parents and you will be living in a whole new world.you act like you own the world, GET OVER YOURSELF CHIC!!!

  10. Everyone experiencing loss and heartache in your life and handles it differently. However, you need to own your attitude and how you treat others in life. Kindness goes a long way. Sometimes people never learn that lesson until it’s too late.

  11. I thought it was funny he said, you don’t just go from a few weeks of dating to ‘lets get married’. He’s a smart guy. Jennelle and Leah are obviously like that too. I wonder what kind of respectable upstanding gentlemen they find that think it’s okay to rush those kinds of things


  13. Her mom tries to help her and she pushes her away,she’s always got an additude and never wants to listen to anything anyone says,she needs to work on herself and improve the way she treats people.

  14. It’s nice to see that not all men love the stereotypical beautiful bitchy girl….he seemed to good for her from the beginning, I’m glad he told his side!

  15. Wow what ashame. Daniel sounds like a nice guy, which are very hard to find. Farrah is exactly what he said selfish and unappreciative. She rushed into the relationship way too fast and poor Sophia was subjected to her moms stupidity. Daniel, I hope you find a nice girl who will appreciate you. Farrah, you need to do some growing up and some serious soul searching….if not for yourself atleast do it for Sophia. Good luck everyone.

  16. personaley think she holds so much anger inside her she didnt see what she had as a good thing and i do belive as much as she wants us all to belive she is okay shes not shes dont let ppl get close to her cause shes afrid of losing them like she did her baby daddy she loved him so much then he died in something that should of never happen and her book is going to show everyone that this is the problem she needs more help pro help that is to get over this hatered for the world and know that we the world dont owe her anything that we are sorry she lost the love of her life but we didnt cause that to happen and she is not going to raise her daughter right with all this hatered sophie is going to end up the same way hating everyone for what was not the worlds fault

    1. Yeah, i don’t buy that derek was the love of her life, or that she acts like this because he died. She not only lied to him and said sophia was someone elses. she also called him abusive and controlling during the voice overs for her 16 & pregnant episode, that was AFTER he died. She just wanted sympathy. Everyone hated her until she revealed sophias dad had died.

        1. I agree she did talk a LOT of bad things about Sophias dad BUT her parents forbid her i think there is WAY more family drama from when she was lil. It takes a long history of emotional damage 4 someone 2 act like her BUT she is a mother & needs 2 STOP this BS she treats EVERY1 like crap. She isnt a BAD mother but she could make serious improvements in HER behavior which in turn would help with her mothering skills. To me she has “spoiled lil b!tch” syndrome & someone needs 2 tell her cut it out we didnt do anything besides help, love & support u. As im sure many others have seen Sophia is already picking up on Farrahs disrespectful behavior esp towards Farrahs mom & dad “michael” the way she treats her DAD alone shows she has deep hatred or something with men so she wont find anyone who truly loves her& Sophia until she figures this stuff out. Wait til Sophias starts treating Farrah the way Farrah treats her parents it will be the ultimate payback (4 a mom) id personally love to see it

  17. I was so impressed with him on the last few episodes. I am even more impressed now. I hope that Farrah will grow up soon and stop treating people like trash. As we saw this week, she was very nice to her mom when she needed something from her. Farrah is in for a miserable life if she does not change her attitude. Bitchyness does not get you very far in life and I think Daniel stated what we all knew but it was good to hear it from someone who spent time with her.

  18. Daniel seems like such a nice guy, and I am shocked that he put up with Farrah for that long! Watching him interact with Sophia is just so precious, and I sincerely hope he finds someone that is worthy of his attention!

  19. He seems very mature and it sounds like Farrah lost out on someone good for her and Sophia. I hope Daniel finds happiness!

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