Leah Messer’s Mother Calls Out MTV For Causing Drama

"Get 'em, Mama!"

Dawn Spears, the oft-outspoken mother of Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer, was fighting mad after watching last night’s two-pack of episodes of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ She took to her Twitter account to express her anger.

According to Leah’s mother’s tweets, one of last night’s episodes (which discussed a child support arrangement between Leah and her ex-husband, Corey Simms) was heavily edited by MTV to make her daughter look bad.

“MTV DIDN’T play out how Leah’s marriage NOR child support went! GOOD JOB MTV!” she tweeted during the episode. (She later deleted those tweets). “Leah & Corey are GREAT at CO-parenting! MTV STOP with the DRAMA.”

Hahaha…telling MTV to stop creating drama is like telling Jenelle Evans to stop smoking ‘da weed’….it’s just never going to happen!

During the episode, the viewers were made to think that Leah was trying to squeeze an extra couple of hundred dollars out of Corey for child support for their twins.

Leah–or someone close to her—took to one of Leah’s Facebook fan pages to defend herself even further.

Teen Mom 2
"Don't make me cut you, MTV!"

“Since this seems to be such a big issue for everyone, Leah does not get to choose how much she gets for child support,” the posting read. “The courts decide based on Corey’s income. Leah actually took less then what she was offered.”

This isn’t the first time that Leah and her family have been outraged by MTV’s editing of the episodes. During Season 2, Leah was horrified at how she was portrayed during the episodes dealing with the infidelity between her and Corey. Although she attempted to defend herself, she took quite a beating on the Internet for that one.

Due to her MTV contract, Leah is not able to say anything negative about the show or its editing, which is why her mother or friends always defends her publicly.

(Photo: MTV)


  1. Delta dawn your a useless f a t enabling hillbilly redneck, you and Leah both need to face reality clean your filthy trailers and go live your lives in private, mtv should stop paying the parents of these hoes any money and take Leah, jennelle Farrah and Amber off this farcical joke of a show

  2. Even if MTV edited out details and the real story behind the whole child support thing matter, Leah has every right to go and do what she has to do for her children. It happens every day to many different men & women. GO LEAH! I hope they don’t cancel the show. I was a huge soap fan and Teen Mom took it’s place doing a mighty fine job. I hate the fact I keep hearing it’s going off the air 🙁

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