Drunken ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Jordan Branch Blames Producers For Her Lushy Behavior

"Heeeeey everybody! Party's hereeeee!"
“Heeeeey everybody! Party’s hereeeee!”

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor certainly had its share of odd behavior– from a girl crawling around like a cat, to a chick who was drunkenly twerking upside down against the wall. The latter of the two, 24-year-old Jordan Branch, was kicked to the curb by ‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules at the end of last night’s episode. (That’s not exactly a spoiler– anyone who watched the episode could have guessed that she wouldn’t make it through the night.)

Anyway, in an interview with TMZ, Jordan (who, in addition to her drunken wall twerking, also was slurring her words, spraying her vodka breath on everyone and babbling incoherently before the cocktail party) blamed the show’s producers for her behavior, saying that they were encouraging her to drink an ungodly amount of booze that night.

“[Jordan] tells us … it was hard to watch last night because she blacked-out the night of that taping,” the site reported. “She claims her cringe-worthy behavior was fueled by non-stop drinks provided by producers.”

In addition, Jordan says she told producers that she was worried about all of the drinking that goes on during a season of ‘The Bachelor,’ but that they used that against her.

“Once taping began … she believes producers manipulated contestants by constantly refreshing their glasses,” TMZ reported of Jordan. (She also told the site that she thinks there should be some sort of “booze babysitter” on-set to ensure the girls don’t drink too much during a taping.)

Of course, this shouldn’t be necessary, as each contestant is responsible for how much (or how little) they choose to drink. In an interview with The Ashley in 2011, ‘Bachelorette’ contestant Brad Seberhagen (who appeared on Jillian Harris‘ season) explained the alcohol situation during the cocktail parties.

“There’s a ton of booze sitting there in front of us, and it takes a lot of discipline not to pound alcohol to cool the nerves,” Brad told The Ashley. “When we finally get into the mansion, we’re at the mercy of the producers. They are all running around offering us drinks and encouraging us to talk about specific topics when the camera is rolling. Some people go mad, and give up trying to hold it together and just start drinking.”

This may have been the case with Jordan, although she seemed to be sauced every time she was onscreen over the last two episodes. In fact, when she first met Chris, she insisted they do a shot of whiskey together out in the Mansion driveway!

Jordan told TMZ that she does not have a drinking problem. (The Ashley did find a Twitter account belonging to Jordan with a handle calling herself a “wineo” so…there’s that…)

Watch this clip of Jordan being a complete lush, and be sure to check back soon for The Ashley’s complete recap of last night’s episode of ‘The Bachelor!’

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