Ryan Edwards is Reportedly ‘Very Happy’ about Ex Maci Bookout’s Second Pregnancy

"We are never, ever getting back together."
“We are never, ever getting back together.”

Teen Mom stars Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards have struggled to get along since we first met them on 16 and Pregnant back in 2009. The once-engaged parents of six-year-old Bentley have fought on (and off) camera for years, but seemed to have finally settled (most of) their differences by the fourth season of ‘Teen Mom.’

While it’s very unlikely Maci and Ryan will ever get back together (being that Maci’s currently pregnant with the baby of her live-in boyfriend, Taylor McKinney), they are getting along better than ever these days, according to a recent post on Maci’s official Facebook page.

The admin of her page spoke to Maci about how Ryan, who is currently single, felt about Maci having a baby with Taylor.

“He is very happy for her baby news and has been completely supportive!” the post reads. “Taking some time off from filming constantly gave them [both a] needed relaxing break and helped them gain perspective.”

Before Maci met Taylor, fans were hopeful that she and Ryan would reunite, but as Maci explained to In Touch in 2013, they were never meant to be.

“I don’t think he’s the right person for me,” she told the magazine of Ryan. “I’m in love with Taylor, not Ryan.”

Although Maci is no longer a teenager (she’s currently 23 years old), she is apparently still worried what the show’s fans will say watching her second pregnancy unfold on the upcoming fifth season of ‘Teen Mom.’

“Maci is nervous about the upcoming show, wary of being judged for not being married..but hopes the fans will support her and her life choices no matter what,” her admin wrote.

Earlier this month, Maci announced that she and Taylor were expecting a baby girl in June. The couple has been living together since last summer, when Taylor moved from Texas to Tennessee to be with Maci.

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  1. OMG these comments are so disrespectful and disgusting. Maci I loved you from the start of teen mom I think you’re a wonderful women inside out with a good heart. Sometimes situations are honestly out of your control and you know what we don’t ask for babies God just blessed us with them when the time is right. And I’m glad that you’re planning on keeping your baby instead of getting an aborting… Real grown up thing to do. I’m one of those people that thinks that you and Ryan should of gotten back together because you and him have a child together but sometimes that’s just not a good enough reason. People will judge you no matter what you do. So continue doing you and let the haters hate. After all people don’t hate for no reason they hate because you have something they want but can’t have. God bless you and your family.

  2. I think she’s a good mom I think she’s happy for having another baby she nice and pretty she loves the man she with so just let her make her own choice and if she wants to be with the guy she’s with now then let her if she wants to be with Ryan then let her

  3. hahaha YEAH RIGHT! is maci nervous about showing the pregnancy. she happened to get pregnant right when they started filming again. this girl does not want a real job, she’s going to milk MTV for all she can and that includes second pregnancies on tv

    1. especially since they get paid for additional pregnancies. that’s why Jenelle was so eager to get pregnant from Courtland the first time and when MTV asked for a proof she quickly came up with the miscarriage story.

      Maci is selfish, childish and co-dependent. no wonder her friends told she’s manipulative… she was supposedly very much in love with Kyle yet she was sooo jealous of Ryan’s gf she did everything to make them split up. stirring shit behind their backs then telling them not to believe everything “other people” tell them. and when she did sleep with Ryan she was like “whatever Dalis, im his baby momma”. ugh. saint maci my ass.

  4. I’ve just never been impressed with her. She seems so needy, never able to be alone on her own working on her issues. Seems to love drinking and partying around with her loser friends a little too much. She never finished college, she could have been working on a PHD at this point. She’s had all the gifts and tools to really make something of herself and she hasn’t and owes the IRS money, not impressed and she not be having another child with the Corey look a like!

  5. i have a 8month old to my high school sweetheart we been together 4 yrs and had a baby n were not married yet but soon to be sometime in 2016 so MACI its ur life i wont judge u but ppl will have a say but as i said ur life

  6. Can’t stand ryan, he thinks he’s gods gift to women with his cocky attitude! No wonder he’s SINGLE. 😉 Congrats to Maci and Taylor. Hope they do get married, can’t wait to meet him on the New Teen Mom.

  7. Id be happy if I were Ryan too. Will take the heat off of him for a bit when she has 2 baby daddies to go after for support. LOL
    No, but on a serious note, its great he took the high road and sends her his best.

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