Derick Dillard Has Resigned from His Job at Wal-Mart: Find Out Why!

That moment when you realize that you're both unemployed...
That moment when you realize that you’re both unemployed…

Derick Dillard has yet to speak to the press regarding the sex abuse scandal involving his brother-in-law, Josh Duggar; however the husband of 19 Kids and Counting star Jill Duggar is busy making big moves of his own. While his in-laws and wife were in the spotlight due to their interviews with Megyn Kelly last week, Derick quietly resigned from his job as a tax account at Walmart.

The Duggar Family News: Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray Facebook page was the first to notice that Derick, who was basically the only ’19 Kids and Counting’ star to have a job outside of Jim Bob’s kingdom, left his job at Walmart.

To investigate, The Ashley sent Derick an email via his work email address and received the following automated response. (She has redacted some info to protect the privacy of Derick’s co-workers.)

Derick Dillard WalmartWhy would Derick– who is a newlywed and new father– quit his job?

It has long been rumored that Derick and Jill were heading overseas to do mission work. Now that Derick has left his job, it appears that this will happen sooner rather than later. On the last episode of ’19 Kids and Counting,’ Derick and Jill teased that they had a big announcement, which appears to have been plans to head overseas on a mission trip, with Baby Israel in tow. (It’s rumored that they will be heading to Nepal, however, nothing has been confirmed yet.)

Before news of Josh’s scandal broke, TLC appeared to be setting up fans for the next season of ’19 Kids and Counting.’ The season would follow Derick and Jill on their mission trip, as well as Jessa Duggar‘s pregnancy, the birth of Josh and his wife Anna‘s new baby, and Josiah Duggar‘s new courtship. Of course, with the show on the brink of cancellation, it appears that all of that will now have to play out off-camera.

The Daily Mail reports that footage for several of next season’s episodes has already been filmed, including Ben Seewald‘s birthday (which occurred the day before the scandal broke), Jessa and Ben’s first ultrasound appointment, Ben’s community college graduation, Jill struggling after Israel’s birth and Josiah asking Marjorie Jackson to court.

The newspaper also reports that a scene involving Derick and Jill’s mission trip announcement had already been filmed and banked for next season.

“They tell the family they want to go for an extended amount of time to [Nepal] – and they’re taking baby Israel,” Daily Mail reported. “Jim Bob and Michelle are genuinely caught off guard by the revelation, according to the insider. Jim Bob goes sheet white. It’s obvious he wasn’t big on this idea and it was meant to be a dramatic moment for the show. The family offers to ‘pray’ for Jill and Derick as they make this momentous decision.”

Whether or not that footage will ever see the light of day remains to be seen. TLC has yet to announce the fate of ’19 Kids and Counting.’ However, fans hoping to keep up with the Duggars– well, the Seewalds and Dillards anyway– will be able to follow along via social media, as Derick, Jill and Jessa have begun using their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts again.

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    1. That was my first thought when this all came out. I wonder if the sisters are going to throw big brother under the bus to keep on filming?

  1. I use to watch and even look up to values and belifs but it dissapointing to see what they did with their son I understand people change and they forgive but what Im against was that they also past judment on Gay family and rights and other things like abortion etc okay yes they are being victimize in their eyes but may be they also need look at their and see that some of the things they have said in tv were hurtful for other and wven an slap in their face . Josh said many thing that he is against call it sinful but what about this people he hurt it by acting as great Christian yet he has a dark past. But my main question is everyone is picking side but what about that 5th child who is not related to him what about her no one care for her feelings and what she has gone thrue okay so they got him theraphy the girls fogave him he is a much better men but what about about that girl thats not part if the family did they help her that they real issue if they did that say alot but if they never bother well them it doesnt say much about them

    1. Joshua did what he did…asked for and was forgiven. He didn’t lie about or hide what he did. He was sorry, open, and honest to the people he needed to be honest with…it was a private matter and NONE OF YOUR OR ANYBODY ELSE BUSINESS!!! He’s right for speaking out again homosexuals (gays as YOU call them). They’re wretched, shameless, immoral, and wicked who boast and flaunt what they do to the world…DEMANDING rights and attention. They’re PROUD to tell the world how they LOVE sexual intercourse with another man or another woman; how SICK is that. They don’t retain GOD in their knowledge…EVEN GOD gave them over to a reprobate mind (good for nothing). You’re pretty bad off IF GOD gives up on you. Bottom line…homosexuals are predestined to damnation…Hell. That’s why they do what they do…they’re sick and Godless and screwed…..

      1. Just because I’m curious. Can you pinpoint in the bible where it says being gay is a sin? Because I can show you where it says it’s a sin to wear clothes made of different materials. And all sins are equal btw.

    2. I don’t really think the Duggars ever gave two hoots about anyone, but a Duggar. She’s her parents problem.

      1. I was referring to the 5th child involved in this scandal. No mention of her because the Duggars really don’t care.

          1. No, Amy’s boyfriend made a public announcement that he was thankful that it was not Amy. I thought that was pretty tacky of him.

    1. Funny how people feel so strongly about isolated incidents of inappropriate touching by a minor, yet most of those same people are completely supportive of the mass murder of innocent unborn babies. Unbelievable.

  2. Lots of people are missionaries overseas with children…did you stop to think going overseas might be a reprieve! Good grief their lives have been hell and people are still finding criticism. The whole thing has blown me away.

  3. Soo much flipping judging going on & yet I’m ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that the ones who judge these people the harshest are DEFINITELY the ones who’ve DONE NOTHING WRONG in their lives EVER!! I’m ALSO POSITIVE that those judging the harshest are also the ones who are the GREAT ARM CHAIR QUARTERBACKS of this world & had they of been in JimBob & Michelle’s place their 1st choice & decision would have been to call the police & REPORT THEIR OWN SON, cause let’s face it EVERY PARENT TURNS IN THEIR OWN CHILD NO MATTER WHAT BECAUSE YOU’RE JUST SUCH AN AWESOME PARENT & THAT’S JUST WHAT YOU’D DO CAUSE YOU’RE SUCH A FINE CITIZEN!!! Yep, kudos to you JOHN Q, JANE DOE, for being 1 in probably 100,000 PARENTS who KNOWING THEIR KID DID SOMETHING TERRIBLE,YET NEVER BEING IN THAT POSITION BEFORE YOU PICK UP THE PHONE & REPORT YOUR KID!!! WOW!!!! JUDGE NOT LEAST YE BE JUDGED!

    1. Somebody forgot to tell the Duggars not to judge other people, before they got on their soap boxes and judged Gays and Transgenders, they have a right to their opinion, but they should have thought twice when they were covering up for their Son.

    2. Well put. Most of these haters are just brainless losers who don’t even get all the facts straight. They just love to do their “Christian bashing” and if you don’t agree with them EXACTLY, like maybe you may see the situation a little differently than they do, they want to stone you!

    3. Pam, it’s called “KARMA”, now Michelle and Jim Bob know how others felt as they sat on their high horses and looked down their nose to everyone. Not so much fun for them to be judged after they’ve been doing it for years.

      1. It’s time for the Duggers to admit that no one is perfect. This happens in many households daily. Most parents do not run to the police they reach to their family and churches.
        when you point fingers you have to remember three more are pointing back at yourself.

  4. The only one that can judge us is the all might.No one is perfect we are all sinners and we all have made mistakes in our life!!!!!!.I think the DUGGAR FAMILY is being judge in the wrong way and is being punished for something that happend a long time ago.And I think Josh has ball to go in front of the media and say this is what happend and I’am Guilty.PLEASE TLC THINK TWICE BEFORE CANCELLING THE SHOW YOU ARE NOT ONLY PUNISHING THE SHOW 19 kids and counting but you are hurting the American viewers.To the Duggar family if you get a chance to read this you are and always be my favorite family show.GOD BLESS the cast of 19 kids and counting.HOPE TO SEE THE SHOW IN THE FALL LOOKING FORWARD TO IT.

  5. Concerning the Josh Duggar molestation scandal, why in the world didn’t the parents tell TLC that this important issue was in their past before proceeding with their reality show? It seems that the Duggars were willing to have cameras invade their home for the money but now criticize the media for being intrusive. Did they not realize that a molestation charge would create a media firestorm?? You can’t have it both ways, Jim Bob and Michelle!

  6. I wish people would leave jill and derrick alone along with the whole duggar family. They have been through enough. I hope tlc doesn’t cancel the show or at least have a spin-off show with jill and her family. If they do go overseas i will pray for them. I know they will do great work over there. Do what u want to do jill, its ur own family now.

  7. I’m so glad the media redacted the walmart accounting executives names and phone numbers but didn’t sucessfully protect the girls who suffered molestation as miners identities.

    1. @Ivy– In Touch is responsible for not redacting the identifying details in the police report. No other media outlet is responsible for that. I chose to redact the Walmart employee info because I broke that story on THE ASHLEY. It was in my control so I chose to do that. -The Ashley

    2. They chose to be on TV. They chose to make radical and judgmental statements all the while harboring a child molester. Of course the Nazi Duggar parents were stunned…how ever can they manipulate and shield their children to the real world if the are on the other side of it. Great, another Duggars getting married… More racist, sexist, judgmental offspring…. At this rate, in 100 years, everyone in this country will be related to these freaks.

  8. I wished everyone would leave the Duggar family along. They are good people. Just because you don’t believe like they do. I pray that the show want be cancel. I love your whole family Jill. I don’t understand how people can keep on hurting others. May God bless you all. I know that Jill and Derrick will make the right decision for their family. I feel sure that they have been praying about what they should do in their life. God will take care of them.


    1. I just pray nothing like this happens to any of your family members. I guarantee if it had been a stranger you wouldn’t be so “wish they would leave them alone.” I bet there is something deeper going on within this family which us exactly why he acted out. The people didn’t expose them – God did!

      These people govern outside of mainstream America snd feel they are immune from laws that govern everyone except them. Of course, it is clear that you are on team – it’s OK as long as it was family. For your blindsidedness – I pray it never hits your home be it family member or otherwise!

  9. I’m happy for the dillards. I pray they are happy serving God’s kingdom & the people there & loving their own little family. I’ve always liked derik & jill & I will pray for them. Blessings your way ( <3 )

  10. Everyone just needs to leave the family alone. I trust Jill will make the right decision and know what’s best for her baby and their family. Keep your head up Jill and dirrick andand the rest of the family. Its so sad that people find pleasure in hurting your family bit know god knows the truth and he is the ultimate judge so no matter what everyone says keep doing what you do. I love you all and think you are all so strong in god we trust love and live. Good luck and may god be with you in what ever you do.

      1. I agree totally my gosh so much more out there to report and yet another story Duggars these low life reports must really love there jobs …n

      1. Yes I could not agree more with you korey & Donna. Enough is enough. These poor girls have been victimized enough

        1. Josh did something terrible years ago. It does not matter how anyone slice it, he molested his sisters, he committed incest. The thing is he went to his parents and they waited 16 months before they did anything. Michelle and Jimbob failed their kids even if their kids does not see it. The problem is they acted so holy and without sin condeming others when they knew the dark secret within their own family. I believe that the show should be cancelled. TLC cancelled Honeyboo boo for molestation acusation. If people put their life in the public expect all your dirty laundry to be aired and the public will judge you. Michelle and Jimbob did a whole lot of judging themselves. With that said I think it’s time to leave the girls to their marriages and babies. Can you imagine if it turns out that one of their son is gay. What would they do? They have gay bashed so publicly. I blame the parents of everything.

          1. First of all, I don’t believe he went to his parents to confess. That sneaky little perv probably got busted. The sisters told on him, he had no choice but to fess-up. Also I don’t believe he told poor Anna and her parents either. That was a story made up to make him look more sorry. I feel so bad for Anna, she’s a victim too.

    1. Korey, when you say “God knows the truth”, what do you mean? What lies were told? Jill and Derek have nothing to be ashamed of, no one holds Jill responsible for her brothers mistakes. They are a lovely newlywed couple with a beautiful new baby. Life is good for them.

  11. Funding for their trip may take awhile as well. They may have to do some traveling in the states to raise their money. So who knows the baby could be older when they actually make it overseas!

    1. True – the gold diggers are out of work & no one will sponsor them now, so they may have to get actual jobs to make ends meet! lol

  12. Very concerned about the well-being of their newborn baby. Putting him at risk is not a sound decision. God trusts us to make wise decisions for our children until they are old enough to make their own. Baby first and then their own wishes.

    1. For decades, parents have been traveling with infants. It’s an insult to imply that these parents are putting their own desires AHEAD OF THEIR CHILD’S WELFARE. You are assuming that they are ignorant and you know best. Please!!!!!

      1. Very true. Taking your baby on a mission with you is not putting your baby at risk. That is an antiquated ridiculous statement.

      2. People have been traveling with infants to disturbed, unhealthy, unsafe areas? Really? I’m not so sure about that. another #publicitystunt from the GoldDiggars if you ask me. ☺

  13. I feel Jill & Dericks heart for wanting to go to Nepal. Derick did a lot of missionary work there in the past. But, right now with the baby being so very young, I think it is a mistake to take him anywhere out of the country. I’m all for you guys on the other issues but this one, I feel you are wrong. Please reconsider.

  14. Only idiots take a newborn to a country where filth and disease are running rampant after a horrific natural disaster. Poor Izzy, will have only had one set of vaccinations… These people need to pull their heads out!

    1. Andy, I guess the fact that babies are born and survive in Nepal escapes you. Good does not send us where we are comfortable. It is an opportunity to serve Him. It will be good for the family to escape persecution in America.

      1. Babies born in Nepal have totally different immune systems than those born in Westernized countries. “Persecution” of those who so freely damn everyone different from them should be expected. They are all very vocal about the anticipated damnati on of the LGBTQ community, Catholics, etc., etc. What goes around comes around.


      1. Lol..some people are not aware that typing in a capital letters constitute yelling. They feel like they are getting their point across.

  16. I want to know how these people quit their job and live overseas as missionaries WITHOUT making any money to live on?

    I, and I’m sure most reading this, want to know the secret to living for free.

    1. Well mission trips are usually funded by the church/temple/mosque/whatever.

      They also have money from filming, I’m sure.

    2. If you watch the shows, they have tons of stuff just handed to them. In particular, the wedding episodes show lots of people just givng massive amounts of this or that to them. BUNCHES of folks just looooove the sound of that (extremely skewed) Bible thumping that they’ll gladly empty their pockets for a Duggar.

    3. Mission workers are usually funded by a church. They don’t live rich in the area they are doing their missionary work. They usually live among the people. I don’t know for a Dugger though, they seem to play by a different rule.

    4. They probably have lots of stocks as well as other assets. Plus some properties & a plane. I’m not too concerned about their finances, myself.

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