TLC Lost $19 Million Due to Cancellation of “19 Kids and Counting”

"Bye bye millions!"
“Bye bye millions!”

Josh Duggar‘s inability to keep his hands to himself during his teen years has not only cost him his job at the Family Research Council, but also cost him and the rest of the Duggar family their TLC reality show, 19 Kids and Counting. The Duggars aren’t the only ones who have suffered from Josh’s sex abuse scandal, however. Yesterday, Andy Warren, CFO of TLC’s parent company, Discovery Communications, confirmed that the cancellation of ’19 Kids’ cost the network big bucks! 

During the network’s second-quarter earnings conference call on Wednesday, Warren stated that the company has lost $19 million due to the show’s cancellation.

Warren explained that the money lost was “[due to] higher restructuring and other charges this year…primarily due to content impairment charges from canceling TLC’s ’19 Kids and Counting.’” 

This may explain why TLC waited so long after the scandal broke to actually cancel ’19 Kids and Counting.’ The show was the network’s highest-rated program.

"Did I do thaaaaaat?"
“Did I do thaaaaaat?”

Josh’s sex abuse scandal has cost the Duggar family big bucks as well. It’s been reported that the family was paid $45,000 an episode for the show. (That comes to $450,000 for a ten-episode season, by the way, not counting specials.) The show was almost certainly going to be renewed for Season 11 before the scandal broke.

In addition, the Duggar family had been raking in lots of money by doing endorsement deals (for weird products such as this Internet search engine filter) and speaking gigs.

“With the show, royalties, sponsorships and speaking engagements ending, the Duggars could be losing $25 million or more a year,” branding expert and Strategic Vision CEO David Johnson recently told Life & Style. “Josh is so radioactive right now, no one’s going to [book him for engagements]. The stigma is on all of them, because there are so many questions left about what they really do know – and if they are hiding any more secrets.”

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  1. The Duggars are reaping what they have sown. Out of ten adult kids (as of right now) only three of them actually have GED’s. Don’t even talk about higher education… The older girls do not have any kind of real education of “midwifery”. They have observed a woman who has been banned from practicing midwifery because of her mistakes. The Duggars have failed their kids in every conceivable way, especially by covering up Josh’s crimes.
    Yes, crimes.
    And JimBob has been sued in the past by every person he came in contact with through business practices. It is easy to look up in the local records. Their lies and fairy tales about “no debt” are just that. Lies and fairy tales. His cheap “real estate” deals would pay for nothing. The big house would not have been built if not for TLC. As it was, they stepped in and fixed what was started, as Jim Bob had it all screwed up and built not to code and jacked up. It was leaking, on a cracked concrete slab with no inner walls or plumbing. It is known locally that the Duggars were always living off everyone’s charity. The local church have them that house to live out of for free, their clothes right were free, their food was free, and their cars were free.
    The ATI culture is known for having huge families crammed into tiny homes, living off state charity, hungry kids, hand me downs… the Duggars hit the jack pot with TLC and everyone knows it.
    Now the gravy train is over.

  2. I haven’t watched 19 kids for almost 2 yrs since researching their cult of a religion on my own after reading several forums about their family. Since the Josh scandal happened, I haven’t watched TLC at all (I do love The Little Couple, but oh well :[ ). After informing my mom & Aunties about it, they completely stopped watching TLC. They loved “Say Yes To The Dress”. Well not anymore lol. Other commenters have renamed TLC= Touching Little Children, with their track record of inappropriate shows it’s too true! That channel is a mess.

    1. The shows are getting more and more terrible as time passes. I loved Say yes to the dress too…and I admit I really did enjoy 19 kids.

      1. Honestly, I did too! Only because I want to have a big family (like 5 though lol) and was impressed with how the kids worked as a team to get choirs done and seemed well behaved. My viewership was more educational than “fan girl”, but reading about HOW these Quiverfull Fundamentalists “train” their kids was sickening to me, the sexist submissive roles the girls are forced into, staunch beliefs, and constant hypocrisy was just too gross for me to keep watching them :/. No family is perfect like they were severely edited to be.

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