Jeremy Calvert Shuts Down Rumors He’s Back Together with ‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer

"Oh hell no!"
“Oh hell no!”

The Ashley hates to say she told ya so but…. she told ya so…

Earlier this month, The Ashley shut down the rumor that was circulating that Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer was back together with her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert. The rumor began to run rampant after Jeremy and Leah were spotted together at Leah’s daughter’s holiday recital. The Ashley told you that Jeremy and Leah were simply co-parenting their daughter Addy and were not getting back together, but In Touch still insisted that the couple was reuniting.

“It was clear that they’re back on — they were acting like a happy family,” In Touch stated.

Yeah…they aren’t together. Still. Just like The Ashley told you last week, Jeremy has no interest in being back together with Leah, and Leah is still living with her boyfriend, T.R. Dues.

Jeremy finally had enough and took to Twitter to tell off the magazine and set the record straight on where his relationship stands with his ex-wife.

“It’s pretty sad that you cannot coparent like mature adults for the children without being accused of being back together,” Jeremy tweeted to In Touch on Tuesday. “I think next time you want to write an article, please use a credible source rather than someone needing Christmas money.”

Jeremy confirmed what The Ashley had said and stated that Leah is still with T.R, despite the fact that the magazine claimed that they had split.

“Last time I checked Leah is still with her boyfriend and happy. We do not need the publicity of such a defamatory article,” Jeremy wrote.

While T.R. and Leah are still together, they definitely hit a bump in their relationship recently. As The Ashley told you, T.R. was angry when he found out that Jeremy and Leah were planning to have dinner together recently to discuss their daughter. (It was likely a dinner being filmed for the upcoming season.)

Leah and T.R. have yet to respond to the In Touch story.

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26 Responses

  1. They probably got together just to see if they could find poor addy trapped under the junk in Leah’s car. Poor little backpack baby….never saw it coming

  2. Cant blame TR. Look what happened last time Leah met up with an ex husband to discuss children.

    Ended up in the back of a truck

  3. It’s funny that Jeremy got so offended that people “accused” him of getting back together with Leah. That makes it sound like she’s an evil demon or something lol.

  4. I have a feeling they are banging each other behind the scenes. Come on, it’s Leah and Jeremy.

    And from Brook’s and JEREMYS Twitter, it sounds like Jeremy is just as bad as Leah. Sounds like Mr. Calvert screwed up, Brooke got fed up and now he’s sad.

    Neither Jeremy or Leah are angels. And I wouldn’t be suprised if there was some action going on behind the scenes.

    1. I’m right there with you. I 100% believe they’re still hooking up. Leah and Jeremy are essentially the same person. That’s why I always hoped that they’d work out. They totally deserve each. He probably cheated just as much as she did. I think he just wanted a free ride to screw around. This way, he can still have sex with Leah and her magical golden vagina and he can hook up with other girls too. They should’ve just had an open marriage where they both got to sleep around. It’s not like either of them is ever going to be in a relationship and faithful to a spouse. I think TR admit to dating him. He’s like her dirty little secret. Who the hell wants to live like that?! I think he needs to get the hell out and good ole Jurms and Leah should just stick together and accept that they’re never going to find anyone better than each other cause they’re not better than each other. Maybe if Leah didn’t have such a spending problem they would’ve worked out better.

      1. That was supposed to say I think TR is stupid for sticking around with Leah since she won’t even admit to dating him.

      2. Hmm I don’t know what makes you think Jeremy is a cheater? I haven’t followed the Twitters but I didn’t see any evidence of it on the show, my interpretation of him is that he’s a quiet guy who just wanted a housewife while he worked all the time. But absolutely 100% believe no question Leah is TRYING to get him to bang her again, maybe succeeded a few times if he was particularly vulnerable.

  5. wonder if everyone will bash tr the way they do miranda for not wanting them to meet alone? if he’s already that paranoid, he may as well give up. yes, she would screw jeremy at one of these meets, if he’d go there. him saying the article is defamatory lmao, it’s defamatory to say you’re back with your ex wife? maybe you don’t think as much of her as you’re letting on there jerm.

    1. I have no doubt in my mind Leah and Jeremy are getting some action behind the scenes – it’s Leah and Jeremy we are talking about.

      Brooke and Jeremy are clearly not together – from the looks of it, Mr. Calvert thinks he’s hot shit and loves running around wig other girls.

      Jeremy and Leah are 2 of a kind – they are exactly the same person. So no, it wouldn’t suprise me to see them sneaking around and sleeping together.

      1. I commented to another Twitter follower of Brooke’s and said “I don’t think they are together Jeremy is too much of a player.” And Brooke favorites my tweet. Something must have happened where he hurt her because he’s been posting YouTube videos nonstop

    2. I think people bashed Miranda because of the way she went about it. Hiding at another table was a shady thing to do.

      1. She wasn’t hiding at all. She was in plain sight, Leah saw her from the car. And MTV told her to sit there. She actually wanted to wait in the car.

          1. But she wasn’t planning on getting out of the car, MTV made her do it. She was planning on sitting in the car, and there’s nothing wrong with that, especially because Leah and Corey had slept together at this point, during his and Miranda’s marriage, and Miranda knew about it, and Leah also brought people with her during that meeting. She can’t say ‘It’s supposed to be about the girls’ and say it was wrong for Miranda to be there, when she was at another table, not infering with the conversation, and she’s also a stepparent, so things concering the girls, do concern her as well. Leah used to bring Jeremy to those meetings.

      2. I think the table thing was just silly. But I don’t think Miranda deserves any sympathy – she knew she was cheated on, she could have ended it there. She chose to work on her marriage, which is totally fine – but she can’t get away with acting like Leah’s evil and her husband is innocent in all this, it takes TWO – one to whine and point neon arrows at her vagina, the other to be particularly vulnerable that day and break his vows. I also believe because of this Corey has NO ROOM to act morally superior, he deserves more heat than Miranda for any of the issues she and Leah are having.

    3. Uh yeah. TR should not be with a partner he can’t trust just like its dysfunctional for Miranda to be with a partner she can’t trust.

    4. Unfortunately like a lot of the teen mom girls (early on), it seems like the moment the girls or the guys mention their little family getting together or something, the girls get sentimental and seem to draw themselves together.

    5. To be fair, I doubt Ol’ Jermy Lynn even knows what “defamatory” means. He’s just mad that people know he’s banging his ex-wife because he doesn’t want to be compared to Robbie, or to admit that her addicted to Leah’s freaky deaky powerful baby chute. If TR wants Leah to admit they’re together, he’s going to have to show her the money. Baby Jesus knows that girl don’t go Facebook Official unless her man can supply the coin she needs to cover her VS Pink clothing, Kmart polyester hair extensions, acrylic nails, Mary Kay makeup, and pillses problems.

      1. LOL yeah no way in hell TR or any guy can ever take seriously the idea of Leah being faithful to him, she will keep going down the line of ex’s until one of them sleeps with her, even if she has to go all the way down to Robby. I mean if you’re gonna date her just be honest with yourself that it’s an open relationship, it’s not worth the hassle to deny it.

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