EXCLUSIVE! Briana DeJesus on ‘Teen Mom 2’: What She’s Getting Paid & Who She Beat Out For the Job

“I’m in the money!”

The Teen Mom World has been in a tizzy since The Ashley exclusively broke the news that Teen Mom 3 cast member Briana DeJesus will be joining the cast of Teen Mom 2 starting in Season 8. The addition of Briana has has made the show’s four original cast members angry for a variety of reasons including, from what The Ashley hears, over what MTV is planning to pay Briana.

The Ashley’s sources tell her that the show’s producers struggled to figure out what would be a fair salary to pay Briana for appearing on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ The ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast–Leah MesserKail Lowry, Chelsea Houska and Jenelle Evans— was reportedly very upset that the network was even considering paying Briana anything close to what they now make for doing the show, after eight full seasons. (As The Ashley has previously reported, the gals now make over $300,000 a season.)

When you hit the jackpot but you’re not allowed to say anything yet…

From what The Ashley hears, the producers are planning to pay Briana much less than the original girls will make for Season 8. They have decided to pay her the salary that Leah, Kail, Chelsea and Jenelle made for their second season on the show– an amount somewhere around $20,000. (And– for those of you asking, no that it not a typo! The ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls were paid about $20k for Season 2 as well.)

The ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls weren’t happy that Briana was making so much, but the network felt that was a fair amount, given that Briana had one season of a ‘Teen Mom’ show under her belt already.

Although Briana won’t be making anywhere near what the original girls make, she still scored a pretty good gig. In fact, she had to beat out several of her 16 and Pregnant Season 4 co-stars for the job, including the (somewhat bitter) Mackenzie McKee, who last week gave a salty interview to Radar about the situation.

(After the interview hit the Interwebs, Mackenzie backtracked on her quotes, tweeting that the site “twisted” her words.)

Anyway, The Ashley also hears that the producers were considering Season 4’s Lindsey Harrison for the job. The producers were considering her for a while, but apparently her life didn’t have the high level of drama the producers were looking for. Lindsey, who is now married and working as a real estate agent in Texas, was basically told “thanks but no thanks,” due to her having a stable life (which, as we ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, just isn’t all that fun to watch play out on our screens.)

Stay tuned– The Ashley will have more on Briana joining ‘Teen Mom 2’ soon!

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  1. I have watched the girls on teen mom 2 since the beginning. I don’t like the addition of someone I have no vested interest in. Sorry but it doesn’t fit and it takes away air time for the original girls and their babies that I want to see.

  2. Is Brianna joining the cast of Teen Mom 2 to replace an existing cast member or is she becoming one more story line? It seems like 5 girls to keep up with per episode would be alot. But seeing as Chelsea basically has a normal life at this point maybe her screen time is alot shorter than it used to be.

  3. It does feel like one of the TM2 girls is leaving and they’ll be transitioning Briana to fill the spot (thinking it’s most likely Chelsea since she’s got her life together and doesn’t depend on that check like the other girls do). But Briana really? TM3 was so boring and this girl seems harmless, but dumb.

    They really should just combine TM OG and TM2 casts together OR cancel both. They’re young adults, not teens anymore. People just tune in for the drama anyway, not all the riveting couch Q&A sessions to fill the hour time slot.

  4. Time to boycott Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 because of this Briana b.s.. didn’t like her before like her even less now.

  5. I really think they’re bringing Briana on as a warning to Jenelle. I think they’re tired of her antics and want to let her know she’s replaceable. WHAT are your thoughts on this The Ashley

    1. After watching her actions on the reunion special when she forced them to call the cops I’m inclined to agree with you. She’s worse than Farrah for her ego

  6. I think these shows are on the way out totally both 1 and 2. They are now paying people to tape the after shows, and reunion shows. I have gone to one long ago as I live in Southern California. I would never go again, it’s staged and boring, Now they are paying people to go, before you had to be lucky to get a ticket, I think the fact that they are paying people to sit in the audience, says all that needs to be said! What do you think Ashley about the fact that they are paying people? I can send you the email. They never paid before??

    1. @Pat– they began paying only because they moved the taping to Santa Clarita, which is about an hour north of LA/West Hollywood. They couldn’t get people to go out that far w/o compensating for gas etc. -The Ashley

      1. they aren’t the hot ticket they once were, that’s obvious, they cancelled Jersey Shore, that had way bigger ratings than Teen Mom, they will be cancelled before 2020. I hope they are saving their money!

  7. I think MTV is gearing up for one of the origionals departures here soon….i’m betting either Kail or Chelsea. They both seem a little difficult to film with…meaning they both are trying to keep certain things a lot more private.

    1. Yassss! The show is jumping the shark! I think it will be Chelsea because this is obviously Kail’s meal ticket. She can sit and yammer on and on about her degree all she wants. Where’s that job, girlfriend? I had a full time job lined up a month before I graduated.

      Can wait to see all of them struggle in the real world like the rest of us!!

  8. So pretty much she got picked cause she is ghetto trash? Not much to brag about. I know she is going to pitch a fit and state she deserves just as much money as them. I love how Alex was all “I am happy with my private normal life” when in reality she would of jump instantly at the offer. I wonder if Chelsea is leaving and that’s why they transitioning the trashiest one they could find. But, too Brianna is kind of a mix of all of the girls. Drugs and speaking dumbed down English in an attempt to sound smart: Leah and Jenelle. Free mommy makeover plastic surgery only to them get knocked up immediately following and being tight lipped about the baby daddy aka probably doesn’t know: Kail. Fights so bad with the soul mate of the month police get called: Jenelle and Amber. A “Surprise” baby: Kail, and Maci. I am a strong independent woman but I have nodesire to get job, and/or degree: Amber, Catilyn, Maci, Jenelle. A “leaked” video with sexual content: Farrah. The only thing she really has in common with Chelsea is POS baby daddy. Ok enough said I am done with my rant.

    1. Chelsea’s story isn’t much of a story anymore. Adam refuses to film, she doesn’t like anything fun or exciting to be filmed. None of that makes for good tv. It’s like…cool, can’t wait to watch the family of baby talkers drive around in the car and do..stuff….

    2. If Chels leaves, I will no longer watch. And I was paying for episodes on Amazon. I LIKE that Chelsea had no drama. I don’t want to watch stupid girls.

  9. $20,000.00 dollars is NOT hitting the jackpot! Lolz!

    I think MTV made the Wrong choice. I can’t stand that Brianna chick or her family!
    Talk about a Loser! Lmao!

    1. lol I know. I make 40,000/ year and struggle. Granted I live in MA but I laughed at that, especially because these girls don’t think she even deseves that much? What the hell do they care, not like they are being paid for an actual skill or anything.

  10. Can this please just end already? I’d much rather see a catch up episode in 5 years and see these girls actually do something with their lives.

  11. I don’t really get why they are putting Brianna on, but as long as she keeps Nikkole “faked a stillbirth” and Munchausen McKenzie away from the MTV gravy train I’m good.

    1. omg could you IMAGINE the absolute shit show Nikkole would bring?? I don’t even think it would be entertaining. Yes, Brianna’s an idiot, but that Nikkole…YIKES. Thank God MTV didn’t stoop that low.

  12. WTF is wrong with her face in that top picture? Blech.

    Anyone see Cait and Ty’s latest stunt with the fake baby announcement? And then they got all salty because people told them it wasn’t funny. Did they really run out of jokes and had to post that? I’m not offended by it because of people who can’t have kids. I’m more offended by it because they think they’re funny and they’re not.

  13. Maybe this is MTV trying to end this show since all their cast isn’t happy about how they are portrayed or controlling what is seen.

  14. They all had to know the TM2 gravy train would stop someday. If MTv is trying to boost rating, they should all be thanking their lucky stars because without viewers, they’re all going to have to find real jobs and grow up.

    As for being angry that Briana is making less than 1/10 what they make is just petty and spiteful.

  15. It’s stupid. She was already on Teen Mom 3 so basically she doesn’t deserve a place in 2. What about Nikkole lol, isn’t her boyfriend in and out of jail? But in her case there is domestic violence involved so many they drew the line there. And if Briana is happy with her current boyfriend, wouldn’t that make boring tv too? Will they try to bring deadbeat dad of her first daughter in the show or sth? Btw, I think this will be the last season. No one will want to watch a new girl in a show that’s been on MTV for years.

  16. This seems like MTV may be trying to increase their ratings or something. If they weren’t down they wouldn’t need to change anything. I imagine we are nearing the end of an era with this show. Those girls better get their retirement savings in order cuz things are gonna get mighty tight mighty soon.

    Also I feel like Briana does deserve to get paid for this deal and perhaps that isn’t quite enough. This is a huge show and even Adam is getting a sick amount more than that. Not that she should be paid $300,000 but $20,000 seems like a very small amount considering …

  17. Teen Mom 3 didn’t work for a reason. 8 moms were enough for the fans and nobody wanted any more. Why are they not learning from this and leaving the dynamic the hell alone? If anything they should cancel Teen Mom OG and maybe leave TM2 run for another season and then do the same. It doesn’t work when half the cast members are living regular lives and the other half have deluded senses of grandeur and inflated egos

  18. I’m sorry but I still think bringing a new girl in after 7 years is ridiculous. I know they are desperate for more drama because Chelsea has her shit together and Leah seems to be getting on track but enough is enough. Just end the show.

  19. Wow those selfish girls are pissed about $20,000 when they make $300,000 plus??? Hmmmm they could rotate 6 girls in for a brand new cast off of one of the original TM2 girls salary, threatened much?? Suddenly it’s so clear how replaceable they are and for much less!!!

    1. And it’s none of the other girls business what she makes..they would be fired from a real job for even discussing it.

    2. Maybe MTV is on to something! Replace $300k train wrecks one by one, with $20k train wrecks. The current stories are all pretty stale at this point and when “Teen Moms” make more money, drive nicer cars and live in fancier homes than the majority of viewers, something’s just not right!

  20. At least some of her struggles will be realistic and not which house she should buy as her 2nd home.

      1. At least she got that free, IIRC.

        If they put her in the cast, TM2 is dead. They need to pull the plug, and let this entire franchise die.

  21. 20,000 is a lot to throw down on going out, which is just a guess on what she would do with her new undeserved cash

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