Prepare to Cringe: Farrah Abraham Writes Hilariously Bad Promo Copy for Her Daughter’s Store Website

The look on everyone’s face as they read this website page…

Farrah Abraham is good at a lot of things. She can always be counted on to cause drama wherever she goes, and to deliver a Grade A ugly-cry face. One thing the Teen Mom OG star is not good at? Writing website copy, as evident from the cringe-worthy “Our Story” section on the website for Farrah’s store, the Sophia Laurent Children’s Boutique!

While this is not the first time Farrah has committed a crime against written English language, this may be her worst offense yet. The two paragraphs on the website were obviously written by Farrah, as they use all of the same run-on sentences and self-gratifying phrases that her other website copy does— ‘top female celebrity in our nation,’ anyone?

While Farrah should be given credit for working hard and running several businesses, it wouldn’t be a bad thing if she were to invest in hiring a writer and editor for her websites…

Here are five hilarious errors found in this treasure trove of grammatical and factual mistakes!

Farrah has trouble distinguishing the difference between a country and a continent.

While discussing all of the countries that air the reality TV shows that Sophia has appeared on, Farrah gets a bit confused. Not only does she state that Africa is a country (um?), but she also implies that there is more than one United Kingdom.

Sophia was born on MTV Network and her shows continue to be on the network in many other countries Poland, Canada, United Kingdom’s, Africa and much more.


She doesn’t quite understand the power of the comma and period.

In this hilarious run-on sentence (which sounds more like a song on ‘Barney & Friends’ than promotional copy written for a website), Farrah gets us all a bit confused about what she’s actually trying to say.

Sophia Laurent believes in every child has a voice and sky is the limit for any child any age and we hope to make every child whom walks in our store feel special like a king or queen.


Farrah can’t help but compliment herself.

Although this website is for the store that “belongs” to her eight-year-old daughter, Farrah can’t help but toot her own horn a bit. Of course, she does so using a very strange run-on sentence.

Sophia’s biggest fan her mother Farrah Abraham top female celebrity in our nation continues to grow the inventory, customer service and success of the children’s boutiques plan of expansion.


Then there’s…whatever this says…

Sophia Laurent is the owner of this celebrity children’s boutique, at age 7 Sophia loves to shop and create for exclusives and awesome toys…

But really…who doesn’t love to create for exclusives, am I right?


She keeps busy planning events (but not editing her work).

But…why can’t there be periods?!

We love to update our event calendar from Santa meet & greets to runway show, talent development courses , beauty classes, special children’s author book reads, to exclusive celebrity product launches in store our mission is to help children thrive and become all they can be.

(Photo: MTV)


  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    She speaks the same way she walks in heels; very sloppy

  2. Farrah is a total “ Narcissist “ she thinks so highly of herself. All the counseling she received obviously never helped her. I feel sad for her daughter. She has never had a normal life. An that’s truly a sad situation.

  3. I still wonder, how nobody interfere with a family situation,- that see a little girl in schoolage,not having a normal life with other children, going around with an adult, in adults “living”

  4. Im telling u guys this lil baboon girl is stupid as hell… Im so glad she dont got any of the businesses. She not mature in any shape form or fashion to run anything…. Ps. I really wanna give her a good ass whooping to she deserves it bad…. She needs to be put back in her respectable place…

  5. Well, slam my back door and lock it with a hemorrhoid!!!!! Farrah lives in her own little world where no one challenges that she is the #1 celebrity in the universe OR that she has the writing skills of a goldfish! It’s really sad that she has taken what once was a beautiful face and body and had it totally changed to look like the town twat waffle! The absolute worst part of Farrah’s delusional world is the fact that she has total control over the life of her daughter and she is totally blowing that task. Sophia has a front row seat to the shit show that is Farrah’s example as a human being. It’s only a matter of time before we see a lot of the same kind crazy behavior from Sophia that we have from her mother. She would have had a better chance if she had been raised by wolves!

  6. Farrah speaks/writes like a computer that’s starting to malfunction, but you still technically understand the point its trying to convey.

  7. Yikes, and I thought Yahoo had the worst writers on the planet. That is barely middle school level composition. What the spawn of Farrah’s name ? Sophia Laurent or Sophia Abrahams ?

  8. Why won’t the dumb hooker die already?
    Gin-fueled sentence fragments are the least of her offenses.

  9. Dear Lord, she honestly speaks & acts EXACTLY like my boyfriend’s psychotic ex-wife lol. It’s beyond sheer stupidity & ignorance, more like crippling narcissism I think. Farrah tries so hard to prove that she’s some kind of genius A-list celebrity that it’s nauseating to hear or read anything she has to say. “Top celebrities” don’t have to announce it repeatedly to the world, since that’s a concept she doesn’t seem to grasp. I’m of a grammar Nazi so her rambling incoherent bragging & grade-school vocabulary makes me physically uncomfortable. I guess even when you’re the top celebrity in countries like the United Kingdom’s AND Africa, you can’t hire a writer with a 4th grade education who isn’t having delusions of grandeur. She’s just so bizarrely tragic & blind to all of it.

  10. Maybe Paola is moonlighting from her softcore porn career to take a stab at copy-writing. Or Farrah just let Starburst prance across a keyboard a few times and called it some of the top literary genius in the continent

  11. Wow! Just….wow!!!

    I understand not everyone has strong writing skills. Not everyone has decent writing skills. But if you are writing promotional material, why would you want it to sound like your 8 year old was the author? I guess the same person who leaves store personnel decisions up to their 8 year old.

    Side note: does anyone else feel like Farrah is desperately trying to become a Kardashian? I swear she got ass implants. It’s the only thing logical explanation for her current “look”.

    1. Totally! And she will probably get it done 6 more times until it’s bigger then the rest of her body so she can look like Kim ?

    2. You’re spot on! I think she tries so hard to sound intelligent that she doesn’t even understand what she’s saying. She makes herself sound painfully ignorant in her desperate attempt to sound smart and accomplished. Like if you’re a millionaire, hire a writer with a fully functioning brain.

  12. I just went to the website to see if there was any more gold over there… you can book a party at the shop! If only I lived in Texas, I’d love to see what kind of spread ‘Sophia’ would put on for her guests ?

  13. If she is so rich, why doesn’t she just hire someone to write her website content for her? Her terrible writing is incredibly unprofessional and it cheapens her brands.

  14. Well, I tried to sign up to stay up to date, but the sign up was disabled because apparently her account has insufficient credits. Wonder what she spent it on because it sure as heck wasn’t proofreading services or Hooked on Phonics.

    1. I think Simon, Michael & Debra must be creepin’ to down vote lol. Can’t criticize the literary master, not as long as that backdoor is paying for their Bentley’s!

  15. She writes exactly how she speaks. I can never understand what she is trying to say most of the time. It’s all over the place and makes no sense. Something is really wrong with this girl.

  16. I really do think if she even had somebody edit she wouldn’t listen to their advice regardless the thing about Farrah that I find pretty amazing is that she’s always right even when she’s wrong

  17. I’m going to use these examples for our “fix the sentence” in my 4th grade classroom. Unfortunately, I don’t know if there’s making grammatical sense of them. You would think being a “top celebrity”, she would have a publicist or someone to do this for her.

  18. LOL…it’s literally SO bad that I actually wonder if she does it on purpose. Why the hell would she not hire someone to edit this mess?! It’s so unprofessional, yet she talks on and on about “being professional” in literally every TM episode. Farrah, if you want people to take you seriously, this is NOT the way to do it.

    1. I literally get so sad watching her segments. Back when teen mom was just starting out, I actually LIKED her. A lot of people didn’t, but before all of that plastic surgery and “fame” nonsense she wasn’t so bad.

  19. The impact on my life would be significant and tragic if she ever changes. She is a blessing to the whole United State’s continent.

  20. This girl right here ???. I really wonder what in the actual hell goes on in her head on a daily basis.

    1. Exactly!! My guess is a line too many!! She sure does a lot of sniffing and grabbing her nose on TM segments on IG and anywhere else this chick does a video..or a porno sorry, leaked sex tape.

  21. Jesus God Farrah, the idiocy is strong with this one. Also, how in the hell did Farrah come to the conclusion that she’s a “top celebrity in the nation”? Is this something Michael or Debra told her or possibly Starburst? Did Simon tell her this or perhaps all of her under sexed, obsessed fans of her porn did? Last time I checked “top celebrities in the nation” didn’t do promos at strip clubs and didn’t have to appear on celebrity boot camp with their parents.

  22. That mess totally makes my head hurt… the hell does this dummy function on a day to day basis? There is zero hope for Sophia.

    1. I’m not from Iowa, but I lived in Council Bluffs/Omaha for a few years recently, and mentored a teenager from the high school Farrah went to. Judging from the curriculum, I’m not really surprised that she talks and writes the way that she does. That’s not to say that the kids who go there will be completely uneducated, but I will say that the Council Bluffs school district really needs some work.

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