‘Married At First Sight’ Season 4 Star Nick Pendergrast Expecting Twins with Girlfriend: See How His Ex-Wife Reacted to the News

“And I thought getting married was a big commitment!”

The ink on Nick Pendergrast‘s divorce papers has barely dried, but the Married At First Sight Season 4 star has definitely moved on from his made-for-TV wife Sonia Granados!

Nick announced on Thursday that he and his girlfriend, AfterBuzz TV host Heather Yerrid, are expecting twins early next year! 

According to People, Nick separated from Sonia in January, and the couple officially divorced in April. Since Nick and Heather are expecting their twins in February 2018, that means the babies were conceived sometime in May. The couple says that Heather is about nine weeks along.

Nick met Heather (who in addition to her job at AfterBuzz is a love and relationship coach) during his separation from Sonia. The couple communicated for three months before meeting in California in May.

Nick has since moved from his home in Florida to be with Heather.

“I met the most genuine, empathetic woman and fell madly in love with her,” Nick told People. “I am most excited about Heather getting her energy back and finally being able to explore California. It will be even more fun doing it with our two new babies!”

“We are shocked, excited and feeling blessed all at the same time,” Nick added.

Sonia was also shocked. She took to Twitter to reveal her feelings about her ex-husband’s big news.

“Now we ALL know why AfterBuzz was always throwing shade at me #Congrats2theLoveBirds,” Sonia tweeted on Thursday.

Nick’s shirt is kind of perfect, given the situation…

She later added, “Wish Heather n Nick well but I have a right to b irate 4 many things n tweet what I want! This is my twitter…On another note. Please don’t feel bad for me. At. All. Trust me when I tell y’all!”

“Correction: irate at her misleading me and at him not being able to ever be a MAN about anything!” Sonia wrote, adding that she moved out of the home she shared with Nick on December 31, 2016.

Heather and Nick did not respond to Sonia’s tweets, but Nick did respond to a fan who accused him on Twitter of cheating on Sonia with Heather.

“Say what you will to make your day more exciting. This is #inaccurate and Sonia knows that too. Babies are miracles. Focus on that,” he wrote.

Sonia and Nick struggled in their made-for-TV marriage from the start, in part due to Nick’s lack of attraction to his wife and their inability to communicate well with each other. At the end of ‘MAFS’ Season 4, Nick and Sonia decided to stay married, but obviously things fell apart after that.

In March, the couple announced that they were divorcing. All three couples from Season 4 have now split.

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12 Responses

  1. Nick, you mistreated you wife Sonia while you were married to her and now you coldly announced that you and the woman you so quickly developed a relationship are having twins! Shame on you! One day, you will get yours and be miserable and then you will feel the same sense of betrayal she feels

  2. Oh no, this woman that’s pregnant does an aftershow on Married at first sight. She’s a “life coach” and was helping him when he & Sonia were still married. She was wishing them good thoughts in March & knocked up in May.

  3. I don’t get why the Sonia chick sounded so ticked.. I mean he seemed to really suck as a person- obvi they were not gonna last so why should she care if he has one, two or ten babies?? I would be cracking up with a drink in hand sayin ‘good luck lady- better you than me!!’

  4. I just read it cuz I always get excited when a couple expects twins but then I read they basically conceived on their first date. UGH. Even in the modern world, when birth control and condoms are available, people are STILL so irresponsible. And then they are stuck with each other for the sake of child(ren). With no love left. (I’m not saying everyone feels that way, sometimes it is really love like with my parents but when someone you know says “then I got pregnant after a few months so we had to stay together” you just know she got pregnant “on accident” and has to be together with him now for the sake of the baby)

    ps. Jenelle would be proud of them tho lol, they even beat her records.

  5. He was an awkward weirdo on his season of that show. And, freakishly hairless with stupid t shirts (see pic above). They were a horrible couple.

  6. First off I will say hay I don’t watch this show at all so take my words with a grain of salt. I don’t get why some fans express anger at any of the 3 people involved. I mean the original couple met & married on a show called “Married at first sight.” If my understanding is right, that’s not even a dating show but rather a marriage show. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong but if it is a marriage show, then that tells me neither take this marriage seriously.

  7. Wellll…no honeymoon stage for them! Multiples are no joke! Exhausting first year. Good luck dude, wrap it next time. Sure babies are blessings but come on.

  8. This is the definition of an “oops”. Should be interesting to basically get to know someone/move in with someone while they are pregnant with twins. Pregnancy is no joke especially with twins. The stress will only get worse when the twins are born and the expenses begin. Wish them luck but they have some definite challenges ahead of them!

  9. this Sonia girl was irritating to me from the start. Btw if you dont want ppl to feel sorry for you, dont comment on shit like this and just stay silent.

  10. sorry but I don’t think he’s straight, probably just wants to live in California, and found a way to do it, It’s way more expensive than Florida.

  11. Soooo he finds a woman online, has unprotected sex immediately after meeting her, and is now expecting twins. Sounds like a solid relationship.

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