Diva Dads! ‘Teen Mom’ Fathers Demand to Fly First Class to Reunion Special (EXCLUSIVE)

Some of the dads are getting demanding!

The cast of Teen Mom 2 (and some of the Teen Mom OG crew) is heading to Los Angeles this weekend to film the Season 8 Reunion and a few other specials, and, from what The Ashley hears, some of the show’s male stars have become quite demanding!

Multiple sources confirm to The Ashley that several of the show’s dads got a little too big for their britches last week, demanding that they be flown first class to Los Angeles to film the reunion/specials. (At least one of those dads even demanded that MTV pay to fly his significant other first class with him!)

A source close to production tells The Ashley that the men had their requests shut down by the show’s producers!

“The show pays for the guys to come to the reunion, and will pay for their significant other or guest to come as well,” the source says. “But the network said no way would they pay for first class for the guys, who are just supporting characters on the show.”

The girls on the show– Jenelle, Leah, Chelsea and Kail— were all given first class tickets, from what The Ashley hears. Their guest and children were in first class with them. (The Ashley is not sure if Briana flew first class or not.)

“That’s a relatively new things MTV is doing for the girls,” the source said. “They never flew them first class before, always coach or business.”

The source added that the upgrade is mainly due to the girls and their children being bothered constantly when they flew coach.

“The guys get a coach ticket, though, and that probably won’t change,” the source told The Ashley. “They are reminded that they are free to come out-of-pocket and upgrade their coach ticket if they’d like.”

The other supporting cast members– friends, parents, etc.– were also flown coach and The Ashley’s source says no one else gave the crew any problems.

“The guys who were demanding first class tickets at first said they wouldn’t attend the reunion if they didn’t get upgraded tickets,” the source added. “They were told not to come if that’s the case.”

The Ashley will only state that Adam Lind is not one of the dads in question. In fact, Adam is not attending the reunion at all. As The Ashley previously told you, Adam never signed a Season 8 contract, therefore he has not appeared at all this season.

Stay tuned– The Ashley will have a lot more ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion tea coming soon!

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  1. I’d say David is one of them. His abusive and jealous ass would never let Jenelle sit anywhere but right next to him.

  2. It’s not on here yet but I had to mention the meltdown special. So disappointing. Most of those wouldn’t even make the top 40 in my book!

  3. I’ll probably get flack for saying this, but ya know what, I’d probably request a first class ticket as well. They’ve been cast members for nearly a decade. Sure, the dads are getting paid decently to be on Teen Mom (nowhere near the moms, but that is understandable based on camera time), but MTV is making a FORTUNE off them, and is a massive network. I interned for a major airline for 2 years while in school. Originally started off thinking I wanted to go into marketing or some type of business. I know first hand many of the networks (and other major businesses) have deals where they end up paying a fraction of the ticket prices in exchange for doing all of their business/travel with this particular airline. They’re on a highly rated, incredibly long running TV show. If MTV won’t do it for the dads, at least do it for the sake of Gary’s future seat-buddy. You KNOW he’s the clueless type who will take up both the arm rests and snore throughout the entire cross country flight! 😉

  4. Nathan’s newest woman aka punching bag is in LA too…She will be the Brooke or Mack…loving that attention. She needs to get away from that abusive jerk.

  5. Ah, these shows really do bring out the best in their “cast”. So much for curbing teen pregnancy by showing how hard teenage parents have it.

    1. Right. I was in my 30s and married when I had all 3 of my kids {same father thank you } have a college degree my husband had a good job and we could not dream of living the way these TEEN MOMS live. We struggle to pay the bills from month to month like most Americans. No vacations to St. Thomas for this family

    1. That was my thought. Ryan and Mac all the way. Definitely Nathan as well along with his girlfriend, and possibly Jeremy.

  6. I was just struck by how many different baby daddies are in that photo for just 4 girls. And that’s not even all of them! The fact that these 4 teen Mom 2 girls have 10 baby daddies (7 pictured. Chris Lopez, David, and Jace’s Dad Andrew are missing) is insane to me.

    1. I just realized Gary was in that photo. But if we take him out and replace him with Adam, we still have 10 baby daddies for 4 girls.

    2. TMOG:
      Maci: Ryan, Taylor
      Amber: Gary
      Farrah: Derek
      Catelynn: Tyler

      Chelsea: Adam, Cole
      Kail: Jo, Javi, Chris
      Jenelle: Andrew, Nathan, Dave
      Leah: Corey, Jeremy
      Brianna: Deveon, the 2nd guy

      Between the two shows there are 17 baby daddies. @theashley should run the numbers for all of 16&P!

        1. Ryan- 1
          Jo- 2

          Total Baby Momma’s- 26

          Gotdamn. But in all fairness, there are 17 fathers, between 9 girls. So the ratio is about the same.

          1. WAIT. I forgot to factor in the fact that they are shared baby mommas between them, because I’m about as good at math as Farrah is at the English language. But the total I believe, between the 17 Dads, is 15 moms if I’m counting correctly? Too much of a cluster fuck. I’m not putting this nonsense into excel for an exact amount hahaha

      1. Of course, Brianna is a couple of years behind the others. Give her another year or two, and she’ll be in the TicTacToe* club, too.

        *Three by three, with “X”s all over the place.

      2. I didn’t even include Brianna on my numbers. I totally forgot her. Which maybe shows that her segments are totally forgettable and she wasn’t a good casting choice. But yeah, including her, just in teen Mom 2, there are 12 baby daddies for 5 girls.

  7. if the Diva Dad that demanded a first class seat for him and his partner coul dbe an OG dad, I say it was Ryan and Mackenzie…Ryan probably didnt demand it because he was probably passed out the entire flight but Mack did. Or possibly Matt and his guest was probably one of Farrah’s blow up dolls.

  8. If I saw tom hanks or meg ryani would still be too embarrassed to bother them for a picture. Who the hell would bother jenelle or kail?!? ??‍♀️

    1. You are obviously self aware and have class. I’d say at least 50% of the population is severely lacking those traits, as well as proper social boundaries. People show up at their houses, for goodness sakes. Ring the doorbell and think they are going to be invited in. Though I’m not sure what’s worse…the people who ask for photos with ‘celebs’, or those who take pictures of them doing things like sleeping on planes to post on social media for the views.

  9. I’d like it if MTV had the guts to fly the kids first class with the parent or parenting figures who actually give them the support they need to grow up in the public eye. Because it sucks that UBT gets first class for his treatment of Kaiser while the woman who parents the child who his wife signed away custody slums it in coach. And I feel like Kristina and Vee and Miranda earned an upgrade for the stable homes they provide those kids.

      1. David maybe. He would not allow Jenelle to be in 1st class without him. Or he would demand that she give up her 1st class seat and sit next to him in coach and obey his every word

  10. If I shelled out big bucks to fly first class, I’d be demanding to sit in the cockpit with the pilot if I got on the plane and Jenelle and UBT were sitting near me.

  11. First one that came up to my mind is Nathan. His new girl is commenting about the show so I bet she is fame hungry too. Although it could be Jeremy, he’s back together with Brooke. I don’t see Gary doing it, is Kristina even going with him? I bet she’s staying home with the girls, she isn’t fame hungry at all. Corey and Miranda? Nah, I don’t see it. Does Javi even have a new girl? (Although it could be Briana LOL, they seem to be fooling around, then YES, I’m certain they would both demand it) Jo and Vee? Again, I don’t see it.

    But I don’t know any of them personally so maybe, it could be anyone so you never know.

  12. Ok I’m going to say this and it’s bitchy, but kind of true. If they would have reproduced with someone they liked/knew/loved, they would all be in first class together. It says the girls and their children and guest got 1st class tickets. The supporting characters AKA the fathers, don’t. So I’m sure Cole would be Chelsea’s guest in first class & (I vomit in my mouth to say this) David is probably Jenelle’s guest. So those step dads/ dads don’t have a coach issue. Gary, Jo, Javi, Jeremy, Corey, Nathan…they have a coach issue because they have baby mama drama. I am not saying they guys or the girls are the bad guys. I’m just saying everyone should have and should now make better choices.

    1. Can you imagine buying first class tickets and being near Kailyn and her weird friends. Omg!

  13. Well MTV has created these monsters so I’m surprised they haven’t already demanded first-class. What a world. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  14. My vote is for Jeremy, Nathan, and Gary. I’m sure nathan was being the biggest asshole about it.

  15. Who would have thought out of everyone ADAM kept his word on not signing up for another season. That boy was not playing hahaha

    1. Well, he started using meth so he knew he had no choice but to quit because he would have to answer to Dr. Drew for that as well as being a shitty father.

      1. Yeah cause dr Drew really is about confronting people. Like he was to scared to ask David out last time but let Jenelle text him. Loser.

    2. Too bad he only opted out of another season after Chelsea and Taylor decided to make sure his child support obligations matched his Teen Mom salary. He was fine with being on the show when he was collecting those big checks and paying less than $500 a month for both girls combined but as soon as the new court orders were in effect, he suddenly had a problem with filming. Just one more way Adam proved what a horrible father he is! (But I’m happy not to have to see him anymore.)

  16. Pssh ! They’re getting too entitled and spoiled by MTV. MTV needs to fire All of them for a year..and guarantee they’d be Beggin them for a coach seat!

  17. It was obviously Nathan (with a small chance Javi), who demanded to fly first class with his girlfriend. David would of already been in first class with Jenelle. I can’t see Corey or Jo demanding that, and does Javi even have a new girlfriend?! It’s Nathan.

    1. I was thinking Jeremy – he seems to be a bigger prima donna than even Nathan and last I heard he’s back w/ Brooke. I don’t watch the reunions so not sure if he usually attends, though. He might opt to this time if he plans to shamelessly promote the stylin’ duds of CalvertWehr (if that’s still happening) though. Now he’ll have to compete with Cole’s line of patriotic socks ?.

      1. How many of the Teen Mom OG cast did go tho? Cuz if it was Ryan, I can DEFINITELY see Mackenzie demanding all the luxuries and Ryan goes along with it.

        1. I was thinking the same thing. If the TMOG dads are going, Ryan and his famewhore Mini Jen were definitely the ones demanding first class.

  18. I don’t know, as ridiculous as it is, I feel like I would also be annoyed if my baby mama got to bring our children and a “guest” on first class and I had to sit in the back.
    I am quite tall so economy always suuuucks (but as I am not a rich Teem Mom I have to just deal with it) and I can see why the dads would want to be treated the same way, as some of them deserve it more than the moms (looking at you, Jenelle & Kail) and while it’s a lot of money, I’m SURE MTV could cover the cost and not even notice a dent in their earnings from this shit show.

  19. Honestly I can see at least David, Nathan, and Jeremy being ones to do this. I think Nathan would demand a ticket for his girlfriend. I wouldn’t be surprised if Javi was part of it too but I’m not as sure of it as the others.

    1. But it says their guest and children were allowed in first class with them. There is no way Jenelle would have a guest that wasn’t David ip there with her.

    1. How many TEEN MOMs do you know that can fly first class ? When I was a young mom I was lucky to buy a ticket on a greyhound bus. Kids on my lap eating peanut butter sandwiches. Reality T V ? I think not

      1. Uh I’m 30 and I could get my husband and I first class, but not the kids too. They are demanding little creatures

  20. Has anyone else watched Teen Mom 2 Most Memorable Meltdowns? Sooooo many good ones! Back when the show had so much drama, I miss those days haha.

  21. I’m just calling it now, probably David. Also, possibly Jeremy, who has been vocal before about his issues with the show.

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