EXCLUSIVE! Sources Say Briana DeJesus Had a “Complete Meltdown” On Stage After ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion Fight: “She Was Screaming & Throwing Stuff!”

“You’re lucky David Eason didn’t leave his balloon-slashing knife lying around!”

The Ashley has already told you about the hair-pullin’ madness that went down last weekend on stage at the Teen Mom 2 Season 8B Reunion taping, but new info has surfaced regarding the “complete meltdown” Briana DeJesus had on stage before she was escorted off by MTV security guards!

Briana DeJesus told her Instagram Live followers on Tuesday that she was “done” with Teen Mom 2 and that she has quit the show. While it was reported that Bri and her sister Brittany DeJesus walked off stage after the fight, and Briana told producers she was quitting the show and then flew home to Florida, that’s not exactly how it went down, according to The Ashley’s sources.

“Briana and Brittany were TOLD not to come back on Sunday,” one crew source tells The Ashley. “It wasn’t their decision to not film. They got sent home.” (The Ashley wants to clarify, though, that Briana was not fired; she was just sent home from the Reunion taping.)

The Ashley has learned the reason the DeJesus girls were not allowed back on set was due to the violence they showed onstage. As The Ashley already told you, Brittany pulled Kail Lowry‘s hair during the on-stage altercation. However, a source told The Ashley that Briana was “acting like a madwoman” on stage and had to be tackled by MTV’s security.

“She was trying to get to Kail on the stage and when she couldn’t, she was screaming and throwing stuff. She threw a vase that was on-set!” one crew source stated. “The vase shattered and Briana was screaming like a crazy person.”

Multiple sources confirm that one of the largest security guards on-set came up behind Briana and put her into a bear-hug grip to keep her from throwing anything else.

“The guy is huge and he had her super tight, but Briana kept trying to wiggle out of his grip and was kicking [him] so she could be released,” the crew source said. “She ended up falling to floor and the security guard went with her.” (Bri even admitted to falling on set, telling The Hollywood Gossip, “I slipped and fell trying to get over the table to get to Kail and then my sister got into it.”)

“If you get blood on my Reunion blazer, I’m not going to be a happy man.”

Briana also suffered a “wardrobe malfunction” as a result of the fall.

“Her dress came up and her thong was totally exposed,” the crew source said. “Like, they’re going to have to blur out her butt if they show the footage. She didn’t seem too worried about it, though.”

“The best part of the entire thing is that the audience started chanting “Kail! Kail!” like [they do] on The Jerry Springer Show while it was all going on on-stage!”

Lights, camera, action ?

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Briana’s future on the show is still up in the air, though, as is everyone else’s.

“No one signed Season 9 contracts this [past] weekend like it was originally planned,” the source said.

If there is, indeed, a Season 9, The Ashley hears that the show’s producers are trying to think of a new way to do the Reunions.

“There is NO WAY they’re going to keep doing the reunions this way because it’s clearly an unsafe environment to have all of them together,” the crew source said. “Everyone saw her throw the vase, and were not OK with it. Now [the show’s producers] have to figure out how they’re gonna do the reunions going forward but it’s clear that it can’t stay the way it is anymore.

This is not the first on-stage fight that the DeJesus women have been involved in. Back in 2013, Brittany tried to instigate a fight with Briana’s first baby-daddy, Devoin Austin on stage, trying to get him to hit her. (Devoin had to be held back by a security guard.) Meanwhile, Briana’s mother, Roxanne got her high heels ready to chuck at Devoin.

Relive that Kodak moment by watching the ‘Teen Mom 3’ clip below. (You can read The Ashley’s recap of that 2013 episode by clicking here!)

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  1. HA Ha ha HA Ha ha ! Thanks for the laughs cause that’s the dumbest S^*t I’ve Ever read ! You are obviously watching a different show than the rest of the world who sees and Knows that Messy Brianna and Dips^*t, insecure, controlling Javi are the real problems here.

  2. Omg mtv throw out the trash already! Her and Jenelle need to go! I don’t know why they brought back this ratchet family anyway! I’d be so embarrassed if my family especially my mother acted the way these idiots do! I would never be seen with them! Clearly they learned this from their mom. They all need to go! Or this show just needs to go already! Mtv knows drama makes money so they live for this crap….

  3. That’s what upsets me most about her family’s behavior. The fact that these two beautiful little girls will reflect their actions. Nova is so polite, and sweet, and gorgeous and it literally breaks my hear that she’s around this stuff, and is old enough to understand what is going on.

  4. Ugh, you are what, 24?! And you want to act like a child who was a tantrum, grow up Briana and get lost! You are setting a horrible example for your two daughters! (Who will obv grow up acting like you if all they see is you being angry and throwing stuff

  5. How surprising. She’s usually so even tempered and classy……

    Honestly she is straight trash and so is her sister. The both of them should be ashamed. I have second hand embarrassment for them.

    They need to fire Briana and her trash sister from the show for attempting to physically assault other cast members, if they can even manage to keep the other girls to stay on this shit show.

    This little experiment of adding randoms from other seasons to one of the main shows was a spectacular failure. Really poor idea.

  6. For some reason I can’t see my comments when I’m on my iPhone, only on my kindle… (Why I posted my comment twice – sorryyy!!) And as of late i have to type my info in every. single. time. When I comment… Anyone else having commenting probs??

  7. What I don’t understand is this: any other adult human who acts like this gets their ass thrown in the clink. Does the law not apply to you when you are in a TV studio? MTV is reaping what they have sowed here. They felt the show was lacking drama because Chelsea got her life together so they brought back the trashiest group they could find, and well, now they have their drama.

  8. I’m sorry but this is just ridiculous.
    They wanted to play up the drama and it’s gone out of hands. Everything feels staged, forced and artificial (except that they are just that trashy in truth).

    This is just embarrassing to watch. I like to see evolution and things going positive. I really like Chelsea’s segments for that. I think I’m done with the franchise. Won’t watch this season when it comes out in my country.

    I’m fine with just reading the Ashley every now and then.

  9. Brianna should stop spending her money on plastic surgeries and instead take some anger management and a case of condoms

  10. I mean, TM2 was always Jerry Springer trashy, but not really Jerry Springer violent. Thanks, ladies. I hope they air this entire thing, sparring no details, and then cancel the show.

  11. Ahh, the age old “I wasn’t fired, I quit” story. Now she has an excuse when she does get canned.

  12. I think Brianna likes the drama and her sister just wants to be in the middle of everything why is she even there. And Janelle needs to wake up…her husband is a good for nothing excuse for a man. These are poor excuses for young girls to be watching.

    1. Janelle is always saying “we are so happy” blah blah. I think she’s trying to convince herself.

  13. LOL! I called it, I already knew Bri said she quit cause she was afraid she would get sacked.
    Not allowing them to film on Sunday is zero consequence for the Dejesus sisters MTV. Straighten these crazy cast members out by getting them where it hurts: fine them.
    It’s ridiculous that Leah, Babs, Maci and Chelsea basically receive less money cause the other cast members require so much security, attention and special expenses.

  14. This is the typically reunion format MTV uses for all their shows. It’s not the reunions that are the problem, it’s your entitled cast! MTV made this mess for views and they’re struggling to contain it. I cannot believe with how much money these girls are being paid that it’s not part of their contracts that they must appear at the reunion and act professional. They are not stars, they are employees!

    Who would have thought years ago when 16 & Pregnant first started that these teen moms would be making bank years later. MTV either needs to rein in these girls before someone gets seriously hurt, or they need to cancel this show. MTV and these moms should be ashamed at what this has turned into.

  15. This is the typical reunion format MTV uses for all their shows. It’s not the reunions that are the problem, it’s your entitled cast! MTV made this mess for views and they’re struggling to contain it. I cannot believe with how much money these girls are being paid that it’s not part of their contracts that they must appear at the reunion and act professional. They are not stars, they are employees!

    Who would have thought years ago when 16 & Pregnant first started that these teen moms would be making bank years later. MTV either needs to rein in these girls before someone gets seriously hurt, or they need to cancel this show. MTV and these moms should be ashamed that this show has turned into Jerry Springer.

  16. These girls are so ridiculous and childish your kids are going to be just like yall. My 5 year olds are more mature then these stupid asses. Its nothing but hoes and violence kail cheating on back with like 5 guys not good example for teenagers

  17. These girls are so ridiculous and childish your kids are going to be just like yall. My 5 year olds are more mature then these stupid asses. Its nothing but hoes and violence

  18. Did y’all notice a few episodes back when Javi and the boys were at supper in Orlando with the DeJesus girls and they were cussing up a storm in front of all the children? It’s so sad the example they set for the kids.

  19. Ugh! Not interested AT ALL in this JERRY SPRINGER VERSION OF TEEN MOM! What kind of ratchet message are they sending out to young teens!
    Get rid of the violence!
    Get rid of ratchet production team.
    Get rid of ratchet Briana and family ,
    or get rid of Teen Mom all together.

    1. Amber is the best of all of them And she is trying to turn her life around. She is doing a really good job at it too.

  20. Finally, someone who see’s its not all just Brianna.
    Kail has a lot to do with this mess too. She is an instigator & is allowed to talk shit,talk down to people like she’s way better, treat others like shit, and feel some type of way about things but nobody else can. I haven’t liked her since she was dating Jordan while still in Jo’s parents house & that was the only stipulation about staying there. She’s allowed to do what she wants & move on but everyone else is supposed to bow down and mope around about/around her!
    She’s the Farrah of TM2!

    1. I agree. She could do things to others that better not be done to her. She treated Javi like crap! But I would also like to add that Briana and her family absolutely drive me insane how they belittle and put down the dad’s of her children. No wonder they don’t come around

    2. HA Ha ha HA Ha ha ! Thanks for the laughs cause that’s the dumbest S^*t I’ve Ever read ! You are obviously watching a different show than the rest of the world who sees and Knows that Messy Brianna and Dips^*t, insecure, controlling Javi are the real problems here.

    3. HA Ha ha HA Ha ha ! Thanks for the laughs cause that’s the dumbest S^*t I’ve Ever read ! You are obviously watching a different show than the rest of the world who sees and Knows that Messy Brianna and Dips^*t, insecure, controlling Javi are the real problems here. Kailyn is an Amazing Mom and she did the right thing by divorcing Javi cause he’s an Idiotic Bitch Boy .

  21. Anything Devion does will never be good enough for Briana and her family. Do they not see that they a e the reason these men do not come around?

  22. Are Briana and Jenelle competing for title of of Trashiest Teen Mom? Even though Jenelle has always caused fights and instigated drama, the threats of violence and actual violence didn’t begin until the DeJesus Coven (and David) joined the fray.

    This needs to end. I don’t watch at this point because it’s just a huge dumpster fire (thanks for keeping me up to date. The Ashley!) and I can’t supprt the obvious child neglect and abuse. This show is way past it’s expiration date. It’s not entertaining, it’s horrifying.

    1. 100% agree I have stopped watching as well. I will just keep up w/ the Drew Springer Show on this site. And the comments, LOVE the comments.

    2. I couldnt agree more!! They need to cancel this show. Couldnt even sit through the episode this week. The show has become disturbing. Its unwatchable garbage.

    3. It would be a tie. They’re both equally awful. I feel sorry for all of those kids. Actually, I can’t stand Briana, Jenelle, or Kail.

  23. I never watched Teem Mom 3 but I knew bits and pieces of the Dejesus’ girls. When they were on VH1 trying to fix their family situation is when I learned more about them. They cry A Lot! I tried to like her/them while they were on this show but they’re too much for me. I feel Briana pops a lot of mess when she knows her sister and mother are close by. Her mother and sister fight her battles WAY too much. I like that they have her back as they should as a family but at times they need to stay in their place and let Briana handle her on own business with her kids fathers. She started this mess with Kail by telling someone who is close to Kail her intentions with Javi and she was all gitty, so that shows she was being messy from the beginning. She wanted this drama. Don’t get me wrong, Kail is a mess too and comes off rude but this drama started with Briana. And she should be fired.

  24. I mean, I’m not mad at it. Kail needs to get whooped in my opinion. She does vile stuff then cries the victim tears. She has a big mouth but no hands to back it up so… Plus, we all know that Caribbean blood runs hot. Don’t start none, won’t be none.

    1. Brianna started this whole thing by talking about Kail’s kids and Chris. Her relationship with him has absolutely nothing to do with Brianna. Yet there she is talking shit. That’s what made Kail mad.
      Brianna could have easily hit her when they were together wth no cameras around. Instead she decided to make a huge scene when the cameras were rolling, right in front of a pregnant girl. She could have hurt Chelsea with that vase. Wtf waste thinking.?
      Brianna and co are the definition of pure trash.

  25. You know they didn’t quit. After that “apology” from Brittany at the last reunion. “Please don’t fire us.” They are so fake. I’m still trying to figure out how they walk (waddle their fake asses) through life.

  26. MTV wants to put the blame on other people but it’s not. It’s all on MTV they wanted drama and now they got it. Dr. Drew asks questions from the mom about the other moms. Just like he did with Amber and Farrah. Just like he did with Kailyn and Vee. It’s all a mess. It’s not even about the kids anymore. Chelsea doesn’t get much air time because she doesn’t bring drama.

  27. Why do they have them on the show they dont know how to act like humans … It has never been this way till them crazys came on its sad ..

  28. The Ashley do you know if the girls sign waivers or anything so they can’t sue each other? I am just wondering because even though I do not care for Kailyn, I would love for her to file assault charges against whoever pulled her hair. I think it would be hilarious if Briana had to spend a weekend in jail or something 🙂

    1. That is a good question, because I’m shocked that Farrah didn’t press charges or try to get a restraining order against Amber when Amber swung at her that one reunion…I agree, if they can press charges, I hope Kail presses them against Brittany or Briana or whoever. Maybe then they’ll learn that attacking and hitting people is not cute or ok.

  29. The dejusus family belong on trash tv like jerry Springer even to trashy for bad girls club deff not sapose to be remodel for anybody they need to stop and remember they are raising 2 lil girl’s and they don’t want them to act like that.remember kids do what they see not as they are told.

    1. At least on the bad girls club (which i miss?) you knew what you were about to watch. When your watching a show called teen mom where they are now pushing thirty and are trying to kill each other with their babies flying all over the place its not cute.

  30. Briana and Jenelle,get them off the show already,no one deserves to watch the show and see these two crazy, demented people and their families, enough already!

  31. So….how is it that no one even considers involving the police in this? I do not know the extent of charges that could be filed but if this were to happen anywhere except the “reality” tv world someone would certainly call this in. Instead, they get to huff it back to wherever they crawled out of and start their list of demands to MTV. Basically, they got sent to time out instead of having to deal with repercussions for their behavior. Dr Drew-wow. Way to perpetuate this sort of behavior.

  32. Not only should Briana have been sent home, she and the rest of her Section 8 crew should have been FIRED on the spot. Period. Full stop.

    But only after MTV demanded that they pay for every last thing that was broken on the reunion stage, and/or any injuries sustained by their employees during Briana’s unholy shit fit.

    Honestly, with Jenelle already serving as their resident boiling hot mess (and Kail too) —would hiring MacKenzie McKee instead of the DeJesus gangstas have been so terrible?


    1. Lol at “DeJesus Gangstas”…at this point I would rather have Mackenzie than Briana….Mackenzie is just ditzy and naïve…I can handle ditzy and naïve….Briana is ditzy and violent. It’s not a good combination and too much. Plus Mackenzie’s mother is going through her battle with cancer right now, which I feel like a lot of people going through similar situations would be able to relate to ….what a lot of people cannot relate to is psychos throwing vases at people.

  33. This show is totally not anything like it used to be. It’s frfknk Jerry Springer now and I’m NOT here for it. I used to really love this show and now it’s hard for me to even watch. I think the only reason I do watch anymore is just because I have been watching since the beginning, so just for the sake of watching,.. if they do make another season I can see it being the last, and for the reunion they’ll do separate special “goodbye” things with each of the girls or something. I honestly just want it to end now so I can watch Juh nelle run out of cash and her and Lurch do something stupid to get locked up lol!

  34. Time for Briana to GO. She hasn’t even been there long, and she’s caused more chaos on stage than anyone in the entire franchise. Whats crazy is Briana to dumb to see how embarrassing this is. Throwing a vase? Seriously? Wtf was that supposed to do? Hurt somebody? Also throwing a vase while a pregnant woman is around, and kids in the other room?…Briana is a SCUM BAG….Well I hope it gets her fired, because I’m sick of these 3 jumping on furniture, throwing objects, playing dumb, making empty threats and screaming.

  35. It is sad that Briana gets an opportunity to come back to the show and the only message we have is that her whole family is delusional. Way to represent us Latina girls. If they don’t fire you, you should quit gracefully.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. They’re the only lead female minorities on the show and they’re making total asses out of themselves. As a minority myself, my second hand embarasement for them is at a 10. They’ve been given a second opportunity to make easy teen mom money…that never happens…just ask Mackenzie from TM3, I’m sure if she were on TM2 this would have never happened. It’s crazy Briana and co want to use this opportunity to make complete and total asses out of themselves. After the shows over, they’re going to need regular jobs…I know if I were an employer, I would not want to have people who act like that work for me.

  36. This was embarassing to watch. Brittney and the mom shouldn’t even be at the reunion. Nobody else’s sister or mom is there, with the exception of Barb but that is because she has custody of Jace. And because she is amazing! I bet Brianna wouldnt be so quick to get into it if her sister wasn’t there to fight her fights for her.

    Also, when are they going to start the normal episodes? So confused.

  37. This show is preventing these teen moms to grow up and be adults. It has triggered so many addiction and mental illness problems too. This show needs to cancel asap, because It is affecting the lives of the teen moms kids.

  38. Get rid of the Dejesus witches! What kind of role models are they to Stella and Nova? I have to admit I do like watching the show,to see the kids and see how far Chelsea has come so it would be a shame for it to be cancelled but since they brought on Brianna’s family it has just become unbearable! All they do is sit around in that apartment bitching, and at every available opportunity bully Stella and Nova’s Dads..Yeah they are pretty much deadbeats but she refuses to let Devoin or his family see Nova and bagged out Stella’s Dad for not having a job but as soon as he got a job as a long distance lorry driver, that wasn’t good enough either! Lots of Dads work away for log periods of time, sometimes thats the only way they can get a job. When Brittany was in the corridor shouting after Kail and her friend, did anyone else hear her say “what are you looking at you stumpy ass looking …….” just as Chelsea popped her head out of the door to see what was going on? I hope this wasn’t aimed at Chelsea! Also, Jenelle on this episode was rediculous..She does anything to create drama! That comment that David made to Kaiser when he said “dont let them scare you” just shows how manipulative the beast is! At that point I was actually routing for Nathan to punch him! I hope Doris comes through and rescues Kaiser and thank God Jace already lives with Barb.

  39. She was provoked by Kail. All for ratings. This is why I don’t watch this shit anymore. What is it, Jerry Springer? Send Kail home too. Instigator. Trifling little kids having kids. Sad.

    1. As someone who was AT the reunion. I can honestly say it was NOT kail who started this. It was Brianna and her big ass mouth. Kail asked for an explanation and Brianna had nothing so say.
      It was Brianna who went after kail at the stage. (Kail was under the impression they were no longer going to fight or argue) Brianna did it all bc there were cameras and her sister was there. When they were together in the room. Brianna refused to fight her. She was alone.

  40. The DeJesus women need to be left at the dump where they belong. Those poor kids deserve so much better than those awful human beings as role models.

  41. I think that the DeJesus’ thought that they could come in and pump up the violence and the producers would eat it up (which they have), but they didn’t expect the other gals involved in the franchise to react so negatively against them. After this, I really think Chelsea and possibly Leah are going to be done. Kail says she doesn’t want to be involved in a Jerry Springer-like show, but I know she loves it because her whole life has been nothing but drama, it’s like air to her and I honestly think she loves having an audience. Briana and her whole family are just way too over the top, I know there is a sense of entitlement involved here, but what kind of grown woman goes to her “Workplace,” starts throwing furniture, has to be subdued by security, gets so violent with him that they are both thrown to the floor and has no fear of any type of repercussions. If I were the other gals I would get my ducks in a row to prepare for a lawsuit again all the DeJesus banshees for creating a hostile work environment (which will ultimately lead to the demise of this show). Poor Briana is too slow and too entitled to know that she is throwing away the only chance at a decent livelihood for her and her family, they were about to move on up like the Jefferson’s from the TM2 money, but that’s going to end soon and we all know none of them have enough sense to have saved any of the money from the short time they were on the show. The only parties I feel sorry for are Nova and the new baby.

    1. Yea, Kail. The one who hit both her ex’s and supposedly ripped dreads out of Chris’ hair.

  42. Briana and her sister are pure street trash. No friggin brains or self control. This is my last season watching because TM2 has totally jumped the shark since this thirsty family was brought on board. Jenelle Evans needs to go too. She hasn’t really matured or grown since she debuted on the show. She’s just brought more innocent children (intentionally!!)into her continued downward spiral. She’s older, but she isn’t wiser. Can’t get wiser and mature emotionally when you’re always blaming others. Watching her and Dumber Than Dirt David is painful knowing that all those kids are getting mind f#cked and worse. Pull the plug, MTV instead of finding ways to work around and coddle the dysfunction.

  43. I’m human, people piss me off at times. While it may cross my mind how great it would be to just smack them, I’ve never done it. Why? Because resorting to physical violence is trashy and immature. As the mother of two kids, I would never, ever risk my safety or freedom assaulting someone, especially over something as lame as a guy I dated for two months. This girl is just the worst. I don’t even like Kail, but doing this is about as low class as it comes. Why don’t they ditch the body guards and hire CPS workers instead, then maybe somebody will care about the welfare of these kids….

  44. Complete trailer trash!This is not preventing teen pregnancy it’s condoning violence. With everything going on in the world with our teens this needs to stop! Fire anyone that shows aggressive behavior towards another cast member! Fire those that walk off set and refuse to film. Hit them in the pocket book and this behavior will stop!MTV thanks for firing David!

  45. My sister and I were the ones to start the “Kail Kail Kail” chant at the reunion.. hey it fit the part since it did feel like we were on the Jerry Springer show. You’re welcome anonymous source. 🙂

  46. I honestly think they are gonna cancel this entire shit show pretty soon. I really hope they do. The last episode that was on was so terrible and made me feel so bad for the kids specifically kiaser and jace. It literally disgusted me so much i changed the channel. That thing david is a monster!!!! and jenelle just follows him around like a dog that gets beat. Its literally stomach churning. My heart aches for those poor kids. Why is everybody failing them.

    1. Before they cancel it I hope someone saves kaiser and gets nova into court mandated therapy so she realizes their man hating/middle of the night bash sessions/ violent outbursts aren’t normal

  47. I don’t think the problem lies with the reunion setup, I think the problem is with the trash bags they employ. Jenelle, David, the entire DeJesus family.. They’re just dumb, obnoxious neanderthals who can’t handle anything. They’re Jerry Springer level entertainment and should have never made it this far.

  48. Jenelle, you’ve met your match on the turd-o-meter. This show sucks. These poor kids better have savings accounts for all of the PTSD therapy they’re going to need in the future. What kind of mother acts like a wildabeast in front of hundreds of people? I’d be totally embarrassed to show my face in public. And this is all over JAVI? ? I guess you’re just salty that Javi and Kail slept together after you split up. Gross! I’m all for Kail revenge f**king Devoin now. Keep it coming ladies!

    1. Right?!!!
      JAVI!!! He must be great in the sack if they don’t give a sh*t about the behavior they display. Absolutely no dignity, talking like big tough girls with big balls all while looking more and more pathetic. They are f*cking grown women with children! I can’t believe how disgusting they behave!
      Ugly ass women.

  49. I think if they are continuing reunions should be filmed at their homes with Dr Drew and MTV is going to have to pay to send Dr To each location for a sit down with each family. Half the dads don’t show up and most of the kids are never there. Shipping the girls to NY or LA to get into fights or not want to film seems pointless

  50. She’s quitting? Lightweight. Most teen moms film at least three seasons before making empty threats.

  51. This show is OVER! With the exception of Maci and Chelsea all the others are either ignoring their kids or just sitting on the couches. People talk about Farrah? What about Barbara and Jenelle. Last season Jenelle refused to tape with Barbra and Barbra actually said so you will never see Jace again. A little money and fame hungry Barbra??? Come on can’t they be like Randy!

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