‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Mackenzie Edwards Resurfaces After Husband Ryan Edward’s Arrest: Calls Herself An “Ice Queen” & Lashes Out At “Bullies”

“‘Member me?”

Mackenzie Edwards has reappeared on social media, five days after her husband, Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards was arrested.

Although Ryan is currently still sitting behind bars, Mackenzie posted a photo to Instagram on Saturday, along with a message to the “bullies” who are criticizing her and her husband.

“She has a kind soul, but a cold [heart],” Mackenzie captioned a photo of herself that showed off her pregnant belly. “Edit: This isn’t a new revelation, I’ve always been the ice queen.”

Naturally, the photo and caption garnered a lot of comments–both supportive and negative–as this marked the first time Mackenzie has spoken out since Ryan landed in the clink.

“I am so sorry you are going through all this, especially, while being pregnant,” one person wrote.

“Ryan may be ill. But she is just dumb,” another person wrote about Mackenzie. “She is having a baby with him knowing damn well he is a junkie refusing to get help.”

Mackenzie’s friend, Christian George, whom Mackenzie allowed to take over her Instagram account for a short time, attempted to defend Mackenzie in the comment section as well.

“Mack is one of the most selfless people I know,” she wrote. “She sees the best in people and is SO freaking loyal it’s blinding. You don’t know her, and you don’t want to. This isn’t her fault, it’s her husbands who she loves. ”

While Mackenzie didn’t discuss Ryan’s arrest, she did address the nay-sayers in a comment to her Instagram page.

“These little phone bullies who have nothing better to do than comment ignorance on a picture can kiss my ass,” Mackenzie wrote. “Instead of drilling me with facts you think you know about myself and my husband, please go volunteer your services at your local clinic/hospital/medical school research team. I’m sure they’d be happy to have you and the breadth of your knowledge.”

Family ? It means everything ?

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As The Ashley previously reported, Ryan could be facing over two years in jail following this latest arrest, according to Nashville criminal attorney Ben RaybinRadar Online reported that Ryan’s arrest this week was due to him breaking his probation by missing a court date on May 21. A warrant was issued for his arrest the next day, and he was picked up by Red Bank, Tennessee police on July 23.

A spokesperson for the Hamilton County jail (where Ryan is currently being held) told The Ashley that Ryan will remain behind bars at least until August 6, which is when his court date has been set for.

Mackenzie has stated that she has about 10 weeks left in her pregnancy. Should Ryan get sentenced to jail time, there’s a chance that he could miss the birth of his second child. (Ryan’s father, Larry Edwards, previously revealed that Ryan and Mackenzie are expecting a baby boy.)

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

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  1. One thing I will say in defense of these two nutjobs, addiction is rough. Especially opiate addiction. It never goes away, truly. You have to strengthen yourself against the monster. And all the negativity doesn’t help. People really need to quit feeding and commenting into something they truly know nothing about. He may have been a junkie, but this stems from him missing a court date, not relapsing. Regardless of what you are shown on television, none of you or any of the “phone bullies” have a clue what you’re talking about. It’s ignorance to a subject you’ve probably never had to experience firsthand with a loved one. At least she’s supportive of her husband. Good for her. I still can’t stand her, but at least this shows she has morals and conviction, which I can’t say for most of the rest of the Teen Mom cast.

  2. “Kind soul” and a “cold heart”…? Don’t you feel those two things are kind of at odds with one-another, Mackenzie? What a moron.

    I am beginning to believe this girl isn’t just jealous of Maci and her strength in the face of adversity, she wants to BE her. It’s a little scary, honestly.

  3. Keep your head up Mack .. things happen Jen and Larry will be there for you until Ryan gets home. If he’s in jail at least u know hes getting help and he’s safe think positive. Stay strong

  4. Well I believe she is worse than an ice princess. And it is her fault that she allowed herself to bring a child into this world right now. She knew Ryan & what was going on though plays dumb admit it ice princess as you called yourself you saw an in for money so you took it! That’s not a mother!

  5. Too bad she is pregnant (for obvious reasons) but it mainly means she can’t get in the ring with Farrah in her boxing match. They are such staunch anti-bulliers (sarcasm) that it is just the match that Farrah has been looking for. However I would have no one to root for in the match.

  6. On the subject of bullies… Mack has repeatedly bullied Maci. I know, y’all. I know. She doesn’t see it that way. Mack and Ryan are the victims here. (Insert HUGE eyeroll.)

  7. If he gets sober, he will go out for diapers on night one and never return. If he’s smart he’ll get a vasectomy. That should be followed by suing everyone involved in that fiasco of a wedding for allowing him to enter into a marital contract in such a state.

  8. She’s so naive. Welcome to the world of addiction, go attend an al-anon meeting sweetheart.

    And to the momma who lost one of her kids to addiction, I’m so sorry for your loss.

  9. I feel sorry for Bentley. He has a b***** snake for a stepmother, and a drug addict for a father.

  10. A big sign of maturity is admitting when you’re wrong or were naive in a situation instead of continuing the same destructive decisions and calling people “bullies”. She’s taken no responsibility for the stupid and vile things she’s said and done. I’d be very surprised if she stuck around until after Ryan’s jail time is completed in 2.5 years or less. Mack has no MTV gravy train anymore.

  11. she is complaining about people’s comments but she also has to remember that she is the one that wanted to be on teen mom knowing full well that she was setting herself up for compliments AND criticism.

  12. Mack, you are extremely delusional and immature. give up the idea of having a happy little family, because it is not going to happen with Ryan. He is an addict, and you need to realize that. I feel sorry for the kids, because none of them deserve this. I also feel sorry for Jen and Larry. However, I do not feel sorry for you at all!

  13. Unless Ryan stays in jail long enough and can cut a lot of ties, his sobriety will never happen. Mack needs him to stay sick for her own purposes.

  14. Sadly Jen and Larry are enablers, as I was for a time with my children. My eyes were opened wide when I lost my daughter, and so I was forced to use tough love on my surviving child. He is now sober, 6 yrs later, Now I’m raising my only grandchild that lost her mom when she was only 13 months old. I truly hope they open their eyes and Ryan will man up and leave all the toxic people (cough cough Mack) and harmful things he was doing before his arrest. Maci has stood firm and never let the naysayers get in her way or wear her down. Maci is the real badass in all this. Raising not only Ryan’s child with her, but raising 2 younger children, running a business and having a good marriage and good relationships. Ryan and Mack are jealous and weak and deserve each other. Hopefully her son’s father will get custody and get him out of that dysfunctional home, and maybe she’ll give up the newest baby for adoption, that will be it’s best shot at a good life.

    1. Crimminy, @hessa, I’m sorry that you had to go through losing your daughter and that her daughter also lost her mom. Glad to hear your son is sober and doing well. Tough love is hard, but in certain situations, it’s the only thing that works.

    2. Hessa,

      I am so terribly sorry for your loss. You sound like an amazing person, and your granddaughter is clearly very lucky to have you. It’s wonderful your son is sober. Your comment was very insightful and true. There is a reason addiction experts/ interventionists are always firm about the “tough love” approach – it’s one of the only things that has a fairly high success rate at getting an addict to take the first step into treatment. It must be such a heartbreaking ultimatum to have to give, knowing they very well may chose to continue living the life they are over having their family and loved ones. It’s such a terrible disease that just destroys a person’s ability to think rationally.

      Funny that McKenzie proudly refers to herself as an “Ice Queen”- I agree with it, not because of the way she defines it, but because, like ice, she is see-through with crystal clear intentions: to mooch fame and make a name for herself, good or bad. She knows that without Ryan she would not have that, and she is obviously SO pathetic that instead of being an actual mother and wife and loving her husband, she will enable him so he continues to stay with her. Jen and Larry need serious, serious counseling. It doesn’t seem to me like they have fully accepted the realities of the disease Ryan has and the fact that they could be very close to losing him. Trying to keep up appearances kills.

  15. It’s honestly just laughable when Mackenzie tries to shade people. She is too pathetic to take seriously, and her bitchy attempts to “shade” people for talking about her life (which she chooses to splash all over TV screens across the world) is like Farrah trying to shade someone for speaking nonsense. Honey, it doesn’t make sense, and you look like a damn fool. Stop.

    I feel SO bad for this poor innocent child. A junkie dad and a bitch mom…

  16. Maybe I would have an ounce of sympathy for her if she hadn’t blamed Maci for Ryan’s issue, tried to turn Jen/Larry against Maci, or accused Maci of keeping Ryan’s addiction a secret from her and his family. She knew that to protect Bentley, Maci wouldn’t say on stage that Ryan had already been arrested. The arrest was a month before the wedding and Mack claims she had no clue before the wedding.

    And maybe I would still have sympathy for her if she hadn’t married a man who was clearly under the influence (and drunk at their vow renewal). Or if she admitted, just once, that Ryan has never been sober and that she was foolish to involve her child and an unborn baby in this mess.

    Loyal? Nope. She knew she was covering for an addict to line her pockets.She is a manipulative snake.

  17. My “comment” to Mack: Very simply, it often pays to know ALL the ramifications of exposing your entire life in front of a camera —before signing on for it.

    And as for volunteering my time to clinics and hospitals with “the breadth of my knowledge,” given the MTV paychecks you will no longer be cashing, I wish you the same success in placing your “job applications” with some of these same institutions.


  18. She’s loyal because a) she gets validation from it and b) it’s a lot easier than admitting she was wrong about a person. Not impressed.

    1. ‘Lock Him Up!’ [Temporarily]- Seriously though, depending on the facility time in jail might be good for him. If they have good resources he will be able to get counseling and start working a program, he won’t be around drugs, will recieve medical attention and most importantly be (temporarily) cut off from his enablers. You just never know- maybe all that time to think will help him evaluate and change his life. I am hoping for the best. Ideally when he goes to court, I hope instead of getting jail the court forces him into treatment. Statistically, he will have much better odds of success if this occurs, and thankfully many decent judges understand this and the research and more and more are substituting treatment in lieu of jail.

  19. This is reaching but I’m starting to think this girl is with Ryan to make herself look like a “strong bad ass woman who can handle the weight of the world without cracking”. The wrench in her plan is her lack of knowledge on heroin addiction. This girl is absolutely vile and posting this comment in wake of her husbands recent arrest just seems like she’s capitalizing on sticking it out in a shit situation. She has no regard for any of the children involved or his poor (enabling) parents who are watching their only child kill himself.

    1. Yep. There are plenty of people in the world who seek relationships with those who have physical and/or mental issues, so as to make themselves look better. It’s the manipulative and attention-seeking behavior of a person who typically is emotionally unstable and insecure, but with narcissistic tendencies. These people need to insert themselves into situations where they can play the role of hero. It’s how they prop up their very weak egos and identities. And they don’t give a rat’s ass about the people they are “rescuing”. It is only ever about themselves. They view people through one of 2 lenses: Is this person a threat to me? And if not, how can I can use them for my own ends? Ryan has no chance of getting sober with this woman at his side.

  20. Husband has been arrested for drug charges alongside a mugshot that clearly shows trackmarks… Quick to the ‘gram, I gotta make a statement! ?

    I truly hope Ryan gets the help he needs and if that means jail time then whatever. He needs to get away from mack attack and get help with whatever he’s trying to solve with taking substances.

  21. Ice Queen??!! You don’t give yourself that title. Titles like that are something you earn, not give yourself. Lol, little girl. You’ve got a lot to learn about life. One day you’ll look back and realize what a naieve little fool you are and you’ll feel embarrassed for a bit. Swallow your pride and listen to some of the good advice you’re getting now. Stop trying to be a kniw it all because you don’t know but it’s sad watching you pretend. Please just go back to obscurity. You’re making a fool of yourself. You got pregnant and the gravy train stopped. You were so busy being greedy at the expense of your husband’s life and health. You have your son in an unhealthy environment and you’re bringing another one into it. Stop and think girl. About more than just yourself. Your 15 minutes is up!

  22. Mackenzie, these are the basic rules to avoiding negative criticism…

    1. Don’t expose your private life on national television
    2. Don’t marry an active heroin addict
    3. Don’t lie about how you were unaware of his drug problem
    4. Don’t blame his baby mama for his f*ck ups
    5. Don’t lie about your husband’s sobriety
    6. Stay off social media

    It’s that simple.

    1. Yaaaaaaas Heather this comment all the way! She is so defensive about everything. Gee she must be alot of fun to hang out with :0 And how long is she going to keep up that tired story about how her “friend took over her instagram” ??? We all know it was her posting things as someone else. She’s such a bad ass! LOL the jealousy oozing from her over how much people respect Maci’s stance on Ryan’s sobriety and seeing Bentley, as opposed to hers, is funny as hell.

  23. Blah blah blah, I don’t believe a word this woman says. She KNEW VERY WELL before she got knocked up that her husband has a problem but she thought the best thing to do is to have his child. Selfless?! Don’t make me laugh, Maci knows just how “selfless” this chick is.

    All in all, poor baby boy Edwards is screwed with a crazy mother and a father who could go to jail. Mimi and Larry, are you ready to raise your grandchild?

  24. What does this caption even mean? Why is she switching between third and first-person? Why is she randomly looking off in the distance? So many questions for this poor gal. I will never understand these peoples’ need for adoration on social media so much. If you don’t want to deal with “the bullies” then disable the comments, or *gasp* stay off social media! At this point in time she had to know that she’s going to be inundated with comments about Rhine’s situation, she’s just looking for the pity comments to keep her warm at night. Well guess what kitty cat, when you marry a dude so high he’s practically floating, in the parking lot of a public park then commence to get pregnant shortly after, you’re probably not making wise decisions. I am so sorry for all of the children involved and Jen and Larry (despite the fact that they are enablers). The next couple of months are going to be interesting for the Edwards clan, my guess is Mack won’t be “supporting” Rhine this time next year.

    1. Nice grammar and yes that 3rd to 1st person, dim-wit. The little slut could have benefited from graduating high school, and not getting knocked up at 16 with the kid she’s so rude to.

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